MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: Picher, Oklahoma

Digital exhibits created by the MSSU Archives and Special Collections department.

For more than 100 years, Picher, Oklahoma was one of the national centers for lead and zinc mining.

Picher, Oklahoma

Photograph of Picher, OK looking North from Premiere Mine. This photograph shows the Kansas, Oklahoma mining field. In the distance are large piles of chat and mills. 

Piokee Mine

Thirty miners gather for a photo outside of Eagle Picher Mining and Smelting Co. Piokee Mine in Picher, OK on June 1, 1948. In the center is Guy Wright, the Ground Boss for Piokee Mine. To the right is Jerrey Anderson, Cokey Herder. All other workers’ names are unknown. “We Use Safety Signs” are shown. 

Looking South from Kansas Line

Looking South from Kansas Line towards Picher, Oklahoma. Mill buildings and piles of chat can be seen in the background. 

Overlook of Picher, Oklahoma

Overlook photo of Picher, Oklahoma in the early 1900s. Early cars can be seen driving on the road, along with a horse pulling a wagon, hauling some type of equipment. The mill building and large piles of chat can be seen in the background. 

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