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Joplin Business and Professional Women's Club Yearbooks

Curated by Kira Bortz, 2021-07

This set of documents includes yearbooks from the Joplin chapter. These yearbooks include a schedule of events, activities that were done that year, a list of state officers, the group's Federation Pledge and standing rules, and a list of all of the current members. Each yearbook includes roughly the same thing for each year it was done. These yearbooks are a physical time capsule of what was completed each year. 

This is the cover for the yearbook dating 1975-1976.

This is a list of meetings that were held from May-August. It is also listed where these meetings were held and at what time.

This is the group's Federation Pledge. It outlines what they pledge to do for the organization.

This is part of the list of members of some of the Standing Committees from 1983-1984.

This is the group's Legislative Platform for the years 1983-1984. This was what they decided as a group to work on that year at the government level.

This is a portion of the Standing Rules from this chapter.

This is part of the list of members from the Joplin chapter. This includes the names, addresses, and phone numbers of members.

This is the group's Federation Objectives which includes what this group aims to do for women in the United States.

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