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Business and Professional Women's Club Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

Curated by Rick Brewer, 2021-07

Every great organization comes with vast amounts of rules, regulations, and procedures. The Bylaws listed in this collection helped structure and establish the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs across the globe. The National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club, or BPW for short, was founded on July 16, 1919, in Kentucky by Lena Madesin Phillips. Today the federation has spread to over 48 of the States as well as 23 countries across the world. Starting with a standard set of rules and procedures, the following collection has altered significantly over the last century due to the Women’s Rights and the Civil Rights Movements. The following collection encompasses all the rules, regulations, and procedures for the organization and their various alteration leading all the way up to 2012. As you view this collection, please keep in mind that some of the old bylaws are outdated and a reflection of their times.

BPW Welcomes You

BPW Welcomes You, Club and Federation Pledge

The above picture is the Pledges that new members are required to learn and memorize for their initiation test.

1967 Paperback edition of Robert’s Rules of Order

The book is a guide on how to proceed with Parliamentary Procedure. These are widely considered the standard for establishing procedures, regulations, and bylaws. In 1876, US Army General Henry Martin Robert published is first take on the rules brought over by early colonists from British Parliament. After President Thomas Jefferson established the 1st book on parliamentary procedure in 1801, the further revision with Cushing’s Manual in 1844, General Harding adapted the procedures making them easier to comprehend and understand. Harding’s take became widely popular and accepted creating the basis for the same rules most clubs use today.

BPW Treasures Manual (1988-1989)

Specifically for the Missouri Region. Contains all local chapters in Missouri and their governing hierarchy for each on. There is a listing of all former cabinet members. It explains all the local bylaws for the Missouri region’s chapter.

1973 Approval Letter

An approval Letter sent to Miss Shirley Kennedy, Joplin Chapter President commending the chapter for trying to revise their Bylaws. Sent by Mrs. Reitha Chairman, State Bylaws Chairman, 1972. This was the only item of its origin in the collection. We can use this as a basis for how formal letters were between local chapters and State governments.

By-Laws (Revised 1959)

This was the earliest rendition of the Bylaws with revisions implemented.

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