MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: MSSU Photograph Collection

Digital exhibits created by the MSSU Archives and Special Collections department.

The MSSU Photograph Collection encompasses a vast array of images, ranging from the institution's humble beginnings as Joplin Junior college, to late 1990s Missouri Southern State University.

Throughout this journey, these photographs depict a lively, ever-growing and evolving campus; displaying MSSU's roots as JJC, construction of the current campus, along with the institution's administrative history, everyday academia and campus life. Within this collection, you will see Missouri Southern State University not only as an academic institution, but a home to its students, faculty, staff, and a host to the extraordinary people and events that have occurred across the university's history.

On any of the pages within the collection, all images may be clicked on, this will navigate the user to the item's repository for acquiring further information.

Exhibit curated by Joshua Newhouse, with the assistance of Whitney Hamm, 2021-07.

All images are the property of Missouri Southern State University. Contact for reproduction and use rights.

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