MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: Mining Stories & Documents

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Mining Stories and Documents

There are two stories one by Leonard J. Black and the other by Joseph C. Arundale. These stories are on the mining “treasures” found and how to find them. Along with miscellaneous documents from different areas of the Tri-State district that describe different land statements, letters, and general statement documents.

General warranty deed for lots three, four, five, six, and seven in Granby Mining and Smelting Company's Second Addition to Oronogo. This is what all deeds to different mining lands looked like, when switching owners, they would sign an additional paper that came with the General deed know as Transfer deed.









Letter for abstract for 6-25-30 of an unknown mining area in Carterville. Many of these locations spoke through letters.  

















General acceptance letter for a tract in Newton County revolves around the legal description of acquiring this land. Acquiring this land would also be taking over a previous sunken in shaft. 









This General Statement report is over the Newmont Partnership Exploration Project. This partnership agreement goes into extensive detail on what all comes with the land, what areas would be used for what, prospecting details, drilling logs, and geophysical research. 



Written by Joseph C. Arundale about the fabulous “treasures” that are mined in the Ozarks. His fascinating story revolves around where the most treasure is found, how it was used and how to get it. 

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