MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: Mill and Mine Plant Plans and Equipment

Digital exhibits created by the MSSU Archives and Special Collections department.

Proposed plans for Crushing, Concentrating, and Storage Plants. Also mill plans and mining equipment rooms featured. 

Kansas Line Engine Room

Picture of the engine room. Bessmer gas engine can be seen in the foreground pulling the mill. These engines were two cycle running on natural gas and started on air pressure. In the background are two Chicago Pneumatic gas driven compressors. These were direct connected with the power cylinder on the front and the air on the rear, also two cycle engines. Both air and power pistons were on the same rod. 

Breaker Rolls - Vogey Mine

Breaker Rolls Vogey Mine. This was the secondary crushing operation

Crusher Room - Vogey Mine

Crushers by Webb City and Cartersville Foundry and Machine Works, Plant No. 1. Worker can be seen in the background. 

Jig Room - Coahuila Mine

The jig room for Lead and Zinc Mining Co. No. 2’s Coahuila Mine. Two workers can be seen posing for the photo over piles of lead and zinc waiting to be processed. Date unknown. 

Plan of Concentrating Mill: This building would separate the valuable ore from other minerals 

Plan of Crushing Plant: A crushing plant uses machinery to reduce the size of ore into a gravel consistency 

Mill Plans

Plan of Crushing and Storage Plant


  1. Ore Rec. Bins – Filled with minerals from the mine
  2. Apron Feeder - a mechanical feeder used in handing operations to transfer minerals to other equipment or extract minerals
  3. Roller Grizzly - Rollers for the coarse screening of bulk materials
  4. Blake Crushers - The Blake crusher is built in a rectangular frame with a crushing chamber at one end
  5. Primary Conveyor – Moves the ore Vibrating Screen - separates a flow of material into grades of size for processing
  6. Symons Crusher – A cone crusher that would grind rocks into smaller ones. The Symons Crusher was the first cone crusher of its time.
  7. Return Conveyor – Moves the ore
  8. Sample Cutter - Removes a sample of rock from the face for grade sampling.
  9. Storage
  10. Sample Conveyor – Moves the ore
  11. Weighometer - An appliance for weighing minerals on a conveyor
  12. Mill Feed Conveyor – Moves the ore
  13. No 1 Sample Crusher
  14. Receiving Hopper - Feeds material into the process line
  15. No 2 Sample Crusher
  16. No 2 Crusher
  17. Belt Feeder - Short belt conveyors that ensure the flow of minerals, and extracting minerals from one area and making sure that other equipment receives the correct volume
  18. Screens – Separates minerals into different sized groups
  19. No 3 Sample Cutter
  20. Conveyor – Moves the ore
  21. Sample Cutter
  22. Density Cone
  23. Elevator
  24. Cone Tailing Dewatering Screens
  25. Cone Tailing Conveyor-
  26. Wash Screen Sink
  27. Sink Conveyor
  28. Elev Sink
  29. Sink Cone Screen
  30. Rolls Sink
  31. Smitten Elevator
  32. Smitten Drag Classifier
  33. Cell Cleaner Jigs
  34. Dewater Cone – treats waste slurry to recycle water to be used in the plant
  35. Chat Elevator -
  36. Vibrating Screens
  37. Rolls
  38. Door Classifiers
  39. No 86 Marcy Mill Open ended rod mill
  40. Dorr Thickener - recovers water for reuse in the mill
  41. Diaphragm Pumps
  42. Wilfley Feed Pump
  43. Float Machine – Separates minerals
  44. Wilfley Tailing Pump
  45. Lead and Zinc Filters
  46. ^
  47. Zn. Conc. Conveyor
  48. Feed Drag
  49. Rougher Jig Elevator
  50. Rougher Jigs - Rougher jigs are used to separate the values from the material
  51. Dewater Cones
  52. Tailing Drag
  53. Tailing Conveyor
  54. Wilfley filter feed pump, lead
  55. “ “ “ zinc
  56. Jig Cone Sample Cutter
  57. Float Sample Cutter
  58. Coarse Concentrate Conveyor

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