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International Molders' and Foundry Workers' Union

Curated by Emily Evans and Emilee Miller, 2023-07

Charles W. Wilkerson devoted his life to working for and serving the International Molders’ and Foundry Workers’ Union. Appointed as an organizer in 1906, and then named vice president in 1912, Wilkerson eventually stepped down from his vice president role in 1928 to become assistant financer of the union. He worked as assistant financer from 1928-1944, living in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Charles Wilkerson, June 7th, 1947 (Scrapbook page 60):

"The longest time I was away [from Springfield, Missouri] was 19 years, three in Kansas City Mo and 16 in Cincinnati where I was working in the Office of International Molders and Foundry Workers Union of N.A. [North America] which I was an official for 38 years, resigning May 1st 1944 and returning to Springfield where I have been ever since."

Official Credential Card

International Molders & Foundry Workers Union Official Credential card for Charles W. Wilkerson. Wilkerson was first named Assistant Financer of the Union in 1928. 

Official Staff of the International Molders Union of North America Journal (Charles Wilkerson- Assistant Financier) July 1939

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