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War Production Board

Curated by Emily Evans, 2023-07

Charles Wilkerson became a member of the War Production Board during WWII. The War Production Board was created from Executive Order 9024 on January 16, 1942; and the goal of the board was to convert civilian industry to war production.1

War Production Board Pin & C. Wilkerson Photo Tag

“Important Information for Person Serving on a Without Compensation Bias” booklet

Charles Wilkerson served on the War Production Board without compensation from the U.S. government. He was reimbursed for any business travel expenses and given an allowance not exceeding $10 per day for any time spent away from his official station. 

Photo of Charles Wilkerson and Sam Doerner

Charles Wilkerson and Sam Doerner photographed in conversation at the War Department’s Conference with Industrial, Labor and Newspaper Leaders, Washington D.C., September 27-28, 1943. 

Travel Request Form

Official request for travel. Wilkerson was to consult with industrial officials and labor representatives on clarification of employer-employees relationships in industry. 

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