MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: Group Activities, Dances and Dinners

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Group Activities, Dances and Dinners

The ABBC Coterie would frequently hold dances, dinners, barbeques, holiday parties, etc. to entertain servicemen during WWII.

Fifty clubwomen sponsored by the ABBC Coterie to act as hostesses for servicemen at a party at the YWCA.

Halloween Party Poster

Installation Dinner Invitation

Photo of clubwomen with men at a dinner, names are unknown.

Photo of clubwomen dressed up for Halloween party and news articles reporting the masquerade party to be held for servicemen.

Photo of clubwomen with servicemen at Halloween Party

Servicemen playing a game at ABBC Coterie event

ABBC Coterie MFWC War Service Record, 1941-1945

Describes the ABBC Coterie’s war service hours and the social events they held for servicemen during WWII

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