MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: Group Photographs

Digital exhibits created by the MSSU Archives and Special Collections department.

Group Photographs

Group photos including mining workers in their working conditions or in front of the mining mill, along with unknown group photos of well-dressed men.

Four men, one being Daniel Stewart, posing in front of a car on a prospected land for a mine.

Four men, including Daniel R Stewart, looking at mining product that was produced from the mill behind them.

View of a windlass used in the Tri-State Mining District. One miner in the center is standing on a board placed over the shaft hole. On the windlass itself, you can see the hemp rope and ore bucket that would be lowered into the shaft to be filled with ore by a miner below. Unknown location and names of the men. Looks like two of them are not workers and the third man on the right is the operator.

Blacksmith job most likely on the same unknown mining site as the Jig room, overseen by Woodchuck Mining Co. 

Employee photo in front of the mining mill overseen by Independence Mine Co. 

Daniel R. Stewart with four other men, either prospecting for a potential mining spot, or visiting a mining spot. 

Daniel R. Stewart standing on the end, with six other men. This group has been pictured multiple times together. 

What could be a windlass pully system operated by the horse, along with three unknown men on the Dare Dig mining site.

Jig Room, on an unknown mining site, overseen by Woodchuck Mining Co. 

Four mining workers, in front of the backside to an unknown mining mill. 

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