MSSU Archives & Special Collections Exhibits: General Federation of Women's Clubs

Digital exhibits created by the MSSU Archives and Special Collections department.

GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs)

Founded in 1890, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs is one of the oldest women’s volunteer organizations. The GFWC “seeks to build global communities where people unite in diversity and dedicate their service to changing lives” and, “celebrates the engagement of people of all backgrounds and believes in fostering an inclusive, equitable climate and culture where community members can thrive.” The ABBC Coterie was accepted into the GFWC in 1940.

GFWC Headquarters

Inside GFWC Headquarters

This map shows thousands of club locations across the nation circa. 1941-1944.

The GFWC was actively involved in supporting the U.S. and servicemen during WWII.

Pamphlet prompting others to support and financially back the war effort.

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