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WCTU Hillsboro Scrap Book

There are four scrapbooks from the Montgomery County Woman's Christian Temperance Union, located in Hillsboro, Illinois.

1941 WCTU Hillsboro Scrapbook

This page details the September 26, 1941 Montgomery County Woman's Christian Temperance Union Annual Convention at the Presbyterian Church in Raymond, Illinois. An article also ran in the Hillsboro Journal about the Annual Convention.

April 5, 1942 Newspaper article, W.C.T.U Scrapbook

This April 5, 1942 article is the kind of article that would be shared at a W.C.T.U meeting. The article details how the population of Waynesville, Missouri, near Fort Leonard Wood, exploded in population. From the article "Waynesville before the deluge had no saloons or juke dens. Now it has 20..."

August 25, 1949 Photographs, WCTU Scrapbook

The W.C.T.U. also volunteered in their local communities and participated in community events. On the above scrapbook page there is a photograph of Mrs. A.V. Smith the Director of Soldiers and Sailors Work for Illinois, Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

Below are photographs from a float for the Montgomery County W.C.T.U. in Old Settlers Day parade on August 25, 1949.

WCTU 1962 Old Settlers' Day Festivities

Above is a photograph of the WCTU 1962 Old Settlers' Day parade float, with an article about the parade and scriptures attached to the page.

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