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Special Collections Inventory: Home

A list of all the archival special collections at Missouri Southern State University.


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4-State Sports Show (Collection #128 – 1 Box)

Flyers, letters and newspaper clippings from the 4-State Sports Show in Joplin, Missouri from 1956-1957, and the Springfield Metro Club Sports Show in Springfield, Missouri from 1956-1959. These sports shows were commercial exhibits for sports and sporting related equipment.


American Association of University Women, Joplin Chapter (Collection #135 – 12 Boxes)

Meeting minutes, annual reports, correspondence and other papers from the Joplin, Missouri Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). This collection includes meeting minutes from the AAUW from the founding of the chapter in the 1920s through 2010.

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Bailey, Edward C. Collection (Collection #114 – 11 Boxes)

Correspondence, photographs and other papers of the Bailey family of Carthage, Missouri from 1940 to 1950, during World War II.

Baron, Elizabeth (Betty) Collection (Collection #18 – 5 Boxes)

The scrapbooks of Elizabeth (Betty) M. Baron, a former resident of St. Louis and Maplewood, Missouri. The scrapbooks contain information on clubs in the St. Louis area from the 1930s through the 1980s, including the Women’s Safe Driving School of the St. Louis Safety Club, the A.B.B.C. Coterie of the Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the Weaver of Dreams Story League.

Berry, Clyde Collection (Collection #19 – 2 Boxes)

Donated by Clyde Berry. Letters, records, and manuscripts on the Missouri and national socialist parties from 1904-1912.

Blalock, Paul and June Collection (Collection #142 – 1 Folder)

A collection of Paul Blalock’s World War II discharge papers. Paul Blalock served as a Technical Sergeant in the 365th Technical School Squadron. This collection also includes an interview with and photographs of Paul Blalock’s wife, June Blalock.

Bowman, Joyce Collection (Collection #38 – 1 Folder)

A flyer containing information about Robert M. LaFollette, former governor and senator of Wisconsin, the minutes and agenda from 1964 and 1966 meetings of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Frisco System Division #32 of Springfield, Missouri, and a page from “The Family Circle.”

Braeckel, Robert Collection (Collection #107, 1 Box, 4 Books)

Robert Braeckel was an architect in Joplin, Missouri. This collection ranges from the 1930s through the 1960s and includes various architectural books and pamphlets, specifications for various building projects in Joplin, for which Braeckel was the architect, (but no architectural drawings) 1949 zoning ordinances for Joplin, and various pamphlets from the University of Notre Dame, which Braeckel graduated from in 1929.

Brewer, Lena Collection (Collection #88 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Lena Brewer. This collection contains two postcards, one of Memorial Hall in Joplin, Missouri and the other of the Mines in the Tri-State District in Joplin, Missouri.

Buchanan, L.P. Lease Collection (Collection #14 – 1 Folder)

Information, analysis and maps from 1926 of the Buchanan Lease at Section 31 of Township 28, Range 33.

Bull, Marjorie Collection (Collection #161 – 1 Award, Plaque and Photograph)

This collection consists of the 1990 Annie Baxter Award, a plaque containing a biography of Marjorie Bull and a photograph of Marjorie Bull. Marjorie Bull was elected to the post of Jasper County Clerk, 100 years after Annie Baxter was the first woman elected to Jasper County public office in 1890. She was the first recipient of the Annie Baxter Award in 1990.

Burton, Frank and Clystie (Collection #55 – 1 Folder)

A photograph from the early 1900s of Frank and Clystie Burton.

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Carthage Cave (Collection #60 – 1 Folder)

Photocopies of newspapers clippings from local newspapers in the 1960s with information about Carthage caves, and two short papers about Carthage caves.

Carthage High School 1914 Class Reunion (Collection #58 – 1 Folder)

Photographs and newspaper clippings of the 1914 Carthage High School class reunion in 1954.

Chrisman, Raimonde B. (Collection #90)

Scans of the photographs and documents of Raimonde B. Chrisman, who served in the 255th Ordnance Company of the 184th Ordnance Battalion during World War II. This collection also includes a video interview with Raimonde Chrisman.

Citizens for Environmental Safety (Collection #149 – 19 Boxes)

Court documents from the 1990s about the case against the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and Southwest Missouri Regional Landfill by the Citizens for Environmental Safety.

Civilian Conservation Corps Camps Map, near Boise, Idaho (Collection #64 – 1 Folder)

A 1937 map of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps in the Boise, District, near Boise, Idaho.

Cole, Timothy Ledger Book (Collection #147 – 1 Box)

A ledger book written in the late 1800s by Timothy M. Cole (b. 1851-d.1901) of Cassville, Missouri.

Coleman, Glen Collection (Collection #155 – 1 Box)

Illustrations from Glen Coleman’s book The Man Who Fenced the West, signed by Coleman.

Conboy, Judy Collection (Collection #37 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Judy Conboy. A copy of the proposal of a name change of Broadway Street to Langston Hughes Avenue in Joplin, Missouri in 1976.

Connor Hotel/Connor Towers Motor Hotel (Collection #30 – 1 Folder)

A site inspection of the Connor Towers Motor Hotel by Nancy B. Breme in 1977, along with photographs of the hotel taken in 1977 and newspaper clippings from the Connor Hotel’s collapse in 1978.

Conyers, Glen Collection (Collection #46 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Glen Conyers. Papers, agreements and photographs of Joplin, Missouri’s local union 322 from the 1940s through 1974, and an article of agreement for Pittsburg, Kansas’s local union 1201 from 1958.

Cornwell and McKinney and Associates (Collection #132 – 10 Drawers, 1 Box)

Architectural drawings of various buildings from the Joplin, Missouri area from the 1950s through the 1970s by Cornwell and McKinney and Associates.

Critical Issues in Education (Collection #77 – 1 Box)

Papers from the Critical Issues in Education workshop sponsored by the Missouri Council for Humanities held in October 1977 at Missouri Southern State College.

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Dainty, Mary Collection (Collection #80 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Mary Dainty. This collection includes a photograph of Kenneth Eugene Mauler from the early 1960's, a photocopy of a letter of his from 1941, a photocopy of his memorial service in 1967, along with two VHS tapes about Randall F. Dainty in World War II.

Delaney, Ed Collection (Collection #67 – 1 Folder)

The papers and minutes of the Missouri State Council of Machinists, a labor union, of which Ed Delaney was a member, from 1970s-1980s, as well as informational pamphlets about the union by International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

District Local 340 (Collection #68 – 1 Folder)

Issues of the "District Local 340 Reporter," the official publication of the United Food and Commercial Union for Joplin, Missouri, from 1978-1981.

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Eagle-Picher Corporation (Collection #118 – 1 Box)

Annual reports of Eagle-Picher Corporation of Joplin, Missouri from 1985-1995.

Economic Security Corporation (Collection #33 – 2 Boxes)

Papers of the Economic Security Corporation of the Southwest Area [of Missouri] through the 1970s and 1980s. The Economic Security Corporation of the Southwest Area was created as a not-for-profit corporation to serve the needs of low-income individuals and families residing in Southwest Missouri.

Edwards, Charles (Collection #113 – 1 Box)

Architectural drawings of Joplin buildings from the 1920s, by Truman Martini, donated by Charles Edwards.

Efird, Helen (Leonard) Collection (Collection # 123 – 1 Box)

Helen Efird worked as a secretary at the 1945 United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco. This collection includes the cards that admitted Efird to the conference and two books, “A Pictorial Record of the Delegates to the United Nations Conference on International Organizations” and “The Story of America.”

Empire District Electric (Collection #96 – 2 Boxes)

Annual reports of the Empire District Electric Company from 1980 through 1996.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha (Collection #150 – 2 Boxes)

Meeting minutes, correspondence, financial information and other documents from Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority, Rho Eta chapter, of Joplin, Missouri from 1949 through 1987.

Evans, W.O. (Collection #122 – 1 Box)

Photographs and newspaper clippings from W. O. Evans family from 1912 to 1974.

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Federal Election Commission (Collection #100 – 1 Folder)

“Candidate Index of Supporting Documents” printed by the Federal Election Commission for Missouri candidates for the House of Representatives elections from 1977 to 1984, including William Clay, Richard Gephardt, Ike Skelton and Gene Taylor.

Ferguson, Richard Collection (Collection #125 – 3 Boxes, 8 Books)

The Pearl Harbor collection of Richard Ferguson, who served with Battery “E” of the 64th Coast Artillery Regiment at Fort Shafter during the Pearl Harbor attack. This collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, magazines, and photographs collected by Ferguson from 1941 through 1993, about the Pearl Harbor attack, including a book of poetry written by Ferguson.

Forbey, Frank M. Collection (Collection #101 – 3 Boxes)

The personal letters from Frank Moses (F.M.) Forbey Jr., from his time in the U.S. Navy during World War II, written mostly to his parents and younger sisters, Dorothy and Anna Lou.

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Gibson, Arrell Collection (Collection #112 - 168 Boxes, 53 Shelves of books)

Dr. Arrell Gibson was a graduate of Joplin Junior College and taught history at the University of Oklahoma. This collection focuses on his authorship, including drafts of his novels, personal correspondence, and copies of the photographs and letters used in his writings. Dr. Gibson also donated a large number of books on the American West and American Indian history. Many of these books are now located in Spiva Library’s Native American Resource Collection in addition to those in the Special Collections department.

Gibson, Lorene Davis (Collection #50 – 1 Folder)

Donated by in Lorene Davis Gibson’s name by Arrell Gibson. This collection includes a copy of the “Joplin, Missouri: The City of Wealth, Industry and Opportunity” booklet from 1917 and an advertisement from Joplin Pure Food Company.

Gibson, Sam Collection (Collection #39 – 1 Folder)

This collection contains bulletins discussing the history of Kansas Agriculture and the history of Kansas State University from 1863-1963.

Gockel, Harry Collection (Collection #108 – 2 Box, 4 Bookshelves)

Correspondence and other documents of Harry Gockel who was a professor at Missouri Southern and Joplin Junior College from 1938-1972. This collection also includes Gockel’s collection of books.

Goldman, Meyer Collection (Collection #5 – 3 Boxes)

Minutes and papers from 1957-1978 dealing with the right to work law in Missouri. Also included are the papers from meetings of union locals. Meyer Goldman was a publisher for the “Labor Beacon Newspaper” in Kansas City, Missouri.

Goll, Charles Collection (Collection #52 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Charles Goll. Three pamphlets, including a reproduction of an 1894 Carthage Courthouse dedication program, “The First One Hundred Years of the Jasper County Circuit Court” from 1941, and an Ayer’s American Almanac from 1870.

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Hamm, Mary (Collection #158 – 1 Box)

Donated by Mary Hamm. Photographs from the early 1900s of people and places in the Joplin, Missouri area.

Hancock II (Amendment 7) (Collection #121 – 1 Box)

Newspaper articles and other papers about the Amendment 7 (Hancock II) Initiative which was defeated in Missouri in 1994.

Hayes, Eugene Collection (Collection #45 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Eugene Hayes. Newspaper clippings from 1939-1940, about Native American artifact finds and Native American history.

Holman Collection (Collection #54 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Tom Holman. The 1935 yearbook of the Federation of Home Demonstration Club for Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics of South Coffeyville in Nowata County, Oklahoma.

Hood, Harry Collection (Collection #106 – 4 Boxes, 11 Books)

Harry Hood was an author and historian from Webb City, Missouri. The topics of his writing were primary related to Webb City history and mining in the surrounding area. The Harry Hood collection includes small articles written by Hood on various local history topics, scrapbooks with photographs, postcards and newspaper clippings of places and mining in the area, several books, a collection of postcards from around the United States, and a collection of 1920s magazines. The items in the collection range from 1907 to 1985.

Hoover, Travis Collection (Collection #143 – 1 Box)

Travis Hoover was one of the Doolittle Raiders, who dropped bombs over Tokyo and three other Japanese cities on April, 18, 1942. This collection includes photocopies and scans of documents, photographs and newspapers relating to retired Air Force Colonel Travis Hoover.

Hughes, Fred G. Collection (Collection #109 – 9 Boxes, 7 Bookshelves)

The correspondence and other papers of Fred G. Hughes, in his capacity as the manager of the Joplin Globe Publishing Company, from 1953-1986. This collection also includes a collection of books about the Civil War and many other topics.

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Izaak Walton League Collection (Collection #115 – 2 Boxes)

The Izaak Walton League is a United States conservation organization. This collection includes meeting minutes, ledger books, financial information and various other papers of the Joplin Chapter 31 of the Izaak Walton League from 1942 to 1986.

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Jackson, Jim Collection (Collection #87 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Jim Jackson. Abstract of Title for property owned by Chas. M. Downs in the 1930s and a marriage certificate for Scott W. Noland and Marsha D. Smith from 1971.

Jones, Phillip and Betty Collection (Collection #76 – 2 Boxes, 7 Bookshelves)

Donated by Phillip and Betty Jones. This collection includes some papers of the Joplin Historical Society from the 1960s through the 1970s, photographs of congregation of St. Phillips Episcopal Church from the 1950s, other information about Joplin, Missouri area churches, correspondence from Phillip Jones in the 1960s about pumping water from Hyde Park, a guest book and program from a 1978 remembrance service for Evelyn Milligan Jones and a collection of books, some about Missouri and Joplin history.

Joplin Business and Professional Women’s Club (Collection #111 – 10 Boxes)

Correspondence, scrapbooks, financial information and other documents from the Joplin Business and Professional Women’s Club, a chapter of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, from the 1940s through the 1980s.

Joplin City Seal Postcard (Collection #42 – 1 Folder)

A postcard with information about the city seal of Joplin from the Joplin City Hall dedication on March 23, 2009.

Joplin Community Concert Association (Collection #81 – 1 Folder)

A news release from the Joplin Community Concert Association about their 1975-1976 membership campaign.

Joplin Council for the Arts (Collection #127 – 2 Boxes)

Correspondence, brochures, and other papers of the Joplin Council for the Arts from 1973 to 1971.

The Joplin Globe’s Progress Edition (Collection #103 – 1 Box)

Joplin Globe special edition newspapers from 1967 to 1984 dealing with business and progress in the four state area of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Joplin High School Commencement (Collection #70 – 1 Folder)

A program from the 1946 Senior High School of Joplin Commencement Exercises.

Joplin Little Theatre (Collection #63 – 1 Folder)

A program from a 1974 production of "Guys and Dolls" and a flier about the Joplin Little Theatre building campaign from 1989-1990.

Joplin Mineral Museum News (Collection #119 – 1 Box)

Copies of the “Tri- State Mineral Museum News,” a newsletter of the Tri-State Mineral Museum of Joplin, Missouri, from 1987 through 2000.

Joplin Mineral Museum Project (Collection #120 – 7 Boxes)

Papers from the Joplin Mineral Museum Project of 1985. This collection includes copies of articles about mining from the Joplin Globe and Joplin News Herald, copies of land abstracts, work projects and correspondence, as well as some recorded audio interviews of Joplin residents about the history of the area.

Joplin, Missouri EF-5 Tornado, May 22, 2011, Collection (Collection #157 – 3 Boxes)

Newspaper articles and official reports from the National Weather Service, the State of Missouri, and the City of Joplin about the EF-5 tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011, and the aftermath of that disaster.

Joplin, Missouri History (Collection #53 – 1 Folder)

Various articles and other papers about the history of Joplin, Missouri, including a timeline detailing Joplin history through the 1960s and an informational packet about Joplin from 1980.

Joplin Tri-State Chapter, National Association of Accountants (Collection #17 – 1 Box)

“Joplin Tri-State Chapter, National Association of Accountants Chapter Manuscripts,” Volumes 1 and 2, a collection of papers written by members of the Joplin Tri-State Chapter of the National Association of Accountants from 1965 to 1982 and published May 1982.

Joplin Union Depot (Collection #66 – 1 Folder)

A copy of a 1987 letter with illustrations proposing a project to renovate Joplin, Missouri’s Union Depot.

Joplin’s 1973 Centennial Celebration (Collection #34 – 1 Box)

Calendar of events and newspaper articles from Joplin’s 1973 Centennial Celebration.

Junkins, Merrell Collection (Collection #32 – 1 Box)

Donated by Merrell Junkins. Merrell Junkins was a Missouri Southern Psychology professor. This collection includes copies of reports from the Community Profile Project by the Office of Economic Opportunity in the 1960s, covering various counties in Missouri, including Jasper County, McDonald County, Newton County and Barton County. This collection also includes economic statistics for the area from 1959 through 1966, a poverty analyses for various counties in Missouri, including Bates County, Henry County, Cedar County, Vernon County, and St. Clair County, by Merrell Junkins.

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“A Kansas Mining Town” (Collection #62 – 1 Folder)

A 1897 newspaper article from the Kansas City Star titled “A Kansas Mining Town,” on Galena, Kansas.

Knorpp, Charles W. Collection (Collection #145 – 1 Box)

The correspondence, photographs and other documents of Charles W. Knorpp, who served in the United States Navy on the U.S.S. Wiley during World War II.

KODE Tapes Collection (Collection #160 – 2 Boxes, multiple shelves of tapes)

Broadcast tapes of news segments from KODE-TV news in Joplin, Missouri from the 1980s through the 2000s.

Ku Klux Klan Collection (Collection #98 – 1 Box)

Fliers, newspaper articles and student papers about local KKK chapters, copies of photographs from the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921, a photocopy of the Constitution and Laws of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from 1921, and copies of fliers and publications of the national Ku Klux Klan.

Kuhn Collection (Collection #95 – 1 Box)

A collection of baskets varying in size and make of unknown origin.

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Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Cape Girardeau (Collection #40 – 1 Folder)

A program for the event “Children’s Entertainment,” by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church. The event took place at the Opera House, Monday, March 2, 1896. Listed is the song names and performers and what order they would go in. Cape Girardeau written on the back of the program.

Langston Hughes Celebration Collection (Collection #152 – 2 Boxes)

A collection of correspondence, programs, flyers, newspaper articles and other documents from the Langston Hughes Celebration held annually in Joplin, Missouri from 1981 through 2007.

Leggett & Platt Annual Reports (Collection #116 – 1 Box)

Annual reports of Leggett & Platt, Incorporated of Carthage, Missouri from 1986-1999.

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Mann, Bob Collection (Collection #15 – 1 Box)

Donated by Bob Mann. Minutes and certificates of affiliation of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butchers Union or North America, Local 303, of Joplin and Springfield, Missouri from 1951-1967.

Markman, Dr. Robert Collection (Collection #29 – 1 Box)

Donated by Robert Markman. Union labor publications from national and Missouri labor organizations from the 1950s through the 1980s, including labor and union organization manuals, labor pamphlets, and local labor meeting fliers.

Mattes, John Collection (Collection #131 – 4 Boxes)

Maps, drill logs and reports on mining and mining companies in the Tri-State Lead and Zinc Districts. This collection was donated by John Mattes of Mattes Brothers Construction Company.

Matthews, Norval (Collection #116 – 1 Box)

Copies of drafts of portions of Norval Matthews’ books, An Amazing City: A Mini Account of Webb City, Missouri and The Promise Land: A Story of the Ozark Mountains and the Early Settlers of Southwest Missouri.

McKee, Lee Collection (Collection #28 – 1 Box)

Donated by Lee McKee. Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other papers from and about the Democratic Party of Southwest Missouri in the 1970s.

Miami Tribal Library Interviews (Collection #153 – 1 Box)

Video interviews conducted between 2007 and 2008, to gather information about tribal governments, tribal culture, family life and veterans’ experiences, and sponsored by the Miami Tribal Library in conjunction with Missouri Southern.

Mining Directory of the Tri-State Field (Collection #59 – 1 Folder)

Photocopies of the January 1924 Joplin Globe article ‘A Mining Directory of the Tri-State Field.’

Missouri Senate and House Bills (Collection #137 – 3 Shelves, 2 Boxes)

A collection of various signed Missouri Senate and House Bills, some framed, from 1999-2016.

Missouri State Guard Manual (Collection #56 – 1 Folder)

A Missouri State Guard Manual from 1944.

Missouri Highway Department (Collection #97 – 1 Box)

A photograph album of Missouri Highway Department road and bridge construction projects in various counties in Southeast Missouri in the early 1920s.

Mitchell, Nancy Margaret Collection (Collection #105 - 3 Bookshelves)

The book collection of Margaret Mitchell, who was the Registrar at Joplin Junior College and Missouri Southern State College from 1950 through 1968.

Molitor, Stephen (Collection #148 – 1 Folder)

Correspondence from Stephen Molitor to his family from 1942-1943. Stephen Molitor served in the United States Navy during World War II.

Montgomery, James R. Collection (Collection #73 – 1 Folder)

Publications and newsletters of the Constitution Party of the United States from 1980-1981, including an information bulletin by the Constitution Party, endorsed by 1980 presidential candidate James R. Montgomery.

Moore, Neal Collection (Collection #16 – 3 Boxes)

Donated by Neal Moore. Photocopies of labor papers, minutes and cases in southwest Missouri. These papers include the Ozark Labor Society’s constitution and minutes and photocopies of information on the streetcar strike in Springfield, Missouri in 1916-1917 taken from the Springfield utility files. There are also editions of the “Springfield Labor Record” from 1978-1986 and the “American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations News” from 1987-1988.

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Neosho Airport (Collection #25 – 1 Box)

Letters and papers from 1929 through 1939 about the planning and construction of the Neosho Airport.

Neosho, Missouri Collection (Collection #83 – 1 Folder)

Two brochures about Neosho, Missouri, including the Neosho “Historical Walking Tour”

Newman, Rex Collection (Collection #51 – 1 Folder)

Transcriptions and taped interviews with Rex Newman, who was a reporter and editor for the Joplin Globe from 1918-1969. These interviews explore the history of the Joplin Globe and of Joplin.

Newton, Frank Collection (Collection #31 – 1 Folder)

Newspaper articles from the 1920s-1980s from the Joplin Globe, Joplin News Herald, The Southeast Missourian, and Tri-State Tribune about highway engineering and about Frank Newton, a highway engineer.

Nodler, Senator Gary Papers (Collection #139 – 65 Boxes)

Correspondence, information on legislation, committees and other papers of former Missouri Senator Gary Nodler. Gary Nodler served as the senator for Missouri’s 32nd district from 2003-2010.

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Oral History Project (Collection #138 – 2 Boxes)

Oral history interviews, mostly with local (Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma) residents, by students from Dr. Schmidt’s History Research class and Dr. Virginia Laas’ Women in History class at Missouri Southern. The interviews were recorded in 2003, 2004 and 2008.

Osterloh, T.W. Collection (Collection #9 – 1 Box)

Letters and correspondence of the Osterloh family. T.W. Osterloh was a Joplin businessman, who ran the Osterloh Bookstore in downtown Joplin. 1897s-1970s

Owen, Thomas Collection (Collection #12 – 1 Box)

Donated by Thomas Owen. Various, government documents, pamphlets and other material from Washington, DC, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Illinois from 1854-1931.

Ozark Gateway Regional Planning Commission (Collection #24 – 2 Boxes)

Official publications, minutes and other papers from the Ozark Gateway Regional Planning Commission from the 1970s and 1980s, including a Joplin Community Development program from 1975-1976 and a Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development plan from 1975.

Ozark Playgrounds Association (Collection #13 – 1 Box)

Papers, photographs and newspaper clippings dealing with the Ozark Playgrounds Association from 1928 to 1961. The association promoted tourism in the Ozark region.

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Peace Church Cemetery Association (Collection #75 – 1 Folder)

Copies of papers from the Peace Church Cemetery Association, a group of volunteers that helped to clean up the Peach Church Cemetery in 2001. This collection includes information about the cemetery and a list of people buried in the cemetery.

Peterson, Russell Collection (Collection #6 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Russell Peterson. Photocopies of the Second Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor from 1887, The Official History of the Great Strike of 1886 on the Southwestern Railway System from 1887, the 1939 charter for the construction for the General Laborers Union Number 319 of Joplin, Missouri and an edition of the 1947 Tri-State Labor Newspaper.

Phillips, Bob (Collection #159 – 1 Box, multiple shelves of tapes)

Videos from the 1980s through the 200s from the "Phillips File" news program that ran on KODE-TV in Joplin, Missouri.

Phillips, John E. Collection (Collection #71 – 1 Folder)

Scans of the photographs of John E. Phillips, who served in Company B of the 61st Armored Infantry Battalion of the 10th Armored Division during World War II.

Pierce City, Missouri Collection (Collection #79 – 1 Folder)

This collection includes various papers from or about Pierce City, Missouri, including a visitor’s guide, a program from "Ragtime Bob" Darch performance in September 1960 and two Vernon Smith for sheriff flyers.

Pilot Club of Joplin Collection (Collection #144 – 2 Boxes)

Scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs and newspaper clippings from the Pilot Club of Joplin from 1969 through 2004.

Prince, Russell B. Collection (Collection #48 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Russell B. Prince. Photocopies of documents from Spencer Chemical Company of Pittsburg, Kansas, Joplin, Missouri Local Union 363 and Kansas Local Union 244, from the 1960s.

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Renner, Gail Manuscripts (Collection #140 – 5 Boxes)

This collection contains information about the Mineral Mining Museum as well as several different drafts of Gail Renner’s book, Joplin: From Mining Town to Urban Center.

Rogers, Fred H. Collection (Collection #133 – 1 Box)

Donated by Julie Riley. The financial papers of Fred H. Rogers, relating to his mining business in the Joplin area from 1899-1912.

Rollins, Harry Collection (Collection #35 – 1 Box)

Donated by Harry Rollins. Copies of photographs of old prints of Carthage, Missouri, including the Carthage square, firemen, the Harrington Hotel, and the Carthage light guard.

Roosevelt, Theodore Portrait (Collection #156 – 1 Box)

A framed illustrated portrait of President Theodore Roosevelt, signed by him on December 11, 1908.

Ruhl, Otto Collection (Collection #130 – 7 Boxes)

The papers of mining engineer Otto Ruhl, donated by John Mattes. Otto Ruhl worked as a mining engineer for the United State Bureau of Mines, in the Tri-State region, through 1953. This collection includes drill logs of the prospecting work done on various mines in the region, mining maps, reports on mines written by Otto Ruhl and others, and correspondence.

Rutherford, J.M. Collection (Collection #7 – 1 Box)

Papers and photographs from 1893 to 1937 about Asbury, Missouri, including photographs of the Bank of Asbury, and J. M. Rutherford, the founder of Asbury, Missouri.

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September 11, 2001 Articles (Collection #136 – 1 Box)

Newspaper and magazine articles from various news outlets, printed directly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Shaner, Dolph Collection (Collection #8 – 1 Box)

Papers, letters, and articles written by and about Dolph Shaner a local historian and Joplin realtor and insurance agent. Shaner was the author of the book “The Story of Joplin.”

Sheet Music (Collection #134 – 1 Box)

Sheet music from 1917 and 1947, including the official song of Neosho High School ‘The Black and the Gold.’

Shember Collection (Collection #6 – 1 Box)

Photographs of miners and mining in the Tri-State area and photographs of relatives of the Shember family, donated by Carlene and Jim Shember.

Singleton, Senator Marvin (Collection #110 – 42 Boxes)

The papers of retired Missouri State Senator for the 32nd District, Marvin Singleton. Dr. Singleton served as state senator from 1990-2003.

Small Business Administration Papers (Collection #124 – 5 Boxes)

Correspondence, memos and other papers of the Great Plains regional office of the Small Business Administration from 1989 through 1992.

Smith, George Collection (Collection #41 - 1 Folder)

Donated by George Smith. Papers relating to agriculture in Wisconsin and Missouri from 1917-1944, including 1926-1927 record of a Wisconsin dairy herd and War Production Program farm plans from 1943-1944.

Smith, Robert Collection (Collection #11 – 1 Box)

Donated by Robert Smith, b.1937-d.1994, a former history professor at Missouri Southern State University. This collection includes maps, periodicals, pamphlets, postcards, and a syllabus from a World War I class. Most of the collection is pamphlets and periodicals about Japan, China and Korea from the 1930s-1950s. There is also a copy of a photograph of Civil War veterans of the republic taken at Purdy, Missouri [ca.1890].

Southwest Missouri Labor Council (Collection #69 – 1 Folder)

A program from a legislative conference on September 25, 1976, sponsored by the Southwest Missouri Labor Council and an invitation to a labor meeting on July 14, 1985.

Southwest Missouri Newspaper Articles (Collection #61 – 1 Folder)

Information on Diamond City and the Neosho fish hatchery, and photocopies of newspaper articles about Racine and Seneca, Missouri.

Spring River Inn (Collection #85 – 1 Folder)

A promotional card for the Spring River Inn of Riverton, Kansas, that gives a history of the area where the Inn was located.

Spooklight Collection (Collection #82 – 1 Folder)

Pamphlets and copies of magazine and newspapers articles about the Spooklight, or Hornet Spook Light, in Newton County, Missouri, including "The Hornet Ghost Light: One of Nature's Unexplained Mysteries,"; published by the Neosho Chamber of Commerce in the 1960s.

St. Clair, Annetta Collection (Collection #74 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Annetta St. Clair. Pamphlets and other papers on third party candidates, independent political parties in the United States and the Republican Party from the 1950s through the 1980s, including pamphlets on Ed Clark of the Libertarian Party, John B. Anderson, the Natural Law Party, the Benjamin Franklin Party, a copy of "The Cause" newsletter for American political items collectors and a copy of "The Joseph R. McCarthy Songbook."

St. John’s Regional Medical Center (Collection #26 – 1 Box)

Annual reports on St. John’s from 1983 and 1986, a long-range plan from 1981, copies of the St. John’s magazine “Lifecare” from 1988-1993, a newsletter about St. John’s 75th Anniversary, a booklet on St. John’s first one hundred years, copies of the St. John’s Hospital Personnel Policy from around 1979.

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church/St. Peter’s Church (Collection #43 – 1 Folder)

Documents on St. Peter’s Catholic Church of Joplin, Missouri, including a history of St. Peter’s parish from 1985. There is a 75th anniversary publication on the Sisters of Mercy in Joplin and some photos of the original McAuley High School building in 1985.

Stephens, Rolla Collection (Collection #47 – 1 Folder)

Rolla Stephens was a Joplin real estate agent. This collection includes pictures and postcards of Joplin, Missouri and a book written by Stephens, telling his life story.

Stevens, Paul Collection (Collection #146 – 1 Box)

Photographs and information about retired Captain Paul F. Stevens documenting his military career as a United States Navy aviator during World War II.

Stewart, Daniel Collection (Collection #129 – 5 Map Cases, 19 Boxes, 4 Bookshelves, 4 Filing Cabinets)

Daniel Stewart worked in the Tri-State District (MO, KS, OK), as a geologist, for over 21 years. His collection consists of over 1,000 maps, reports on mining in the Tri-State District, books relating to geology and mining and mining equipment and rock samples. The collection has a lot of information on lead and zinc mining of the area, particularly to mines operated by the American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Company.

Strong, Francis Wilburn Collection (Collection #27 – 1 Box)

The correspondence, financial information, pamphlets, booklets, and postcards of Francis Wilburn Strong, who was an evangelical minister for 40 years and founded Ozark Bible College (Ozark Christian College) in 1942.

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Taylor, Congressman Gene Collection (Collection #1 – 789 Boxes)

Gene Taylor served in the United States House of Representatives as the representative of Missouri’s 7th District, from 1973 through 1989. This collection includes Congressman Gene Taylor’s papers from 1972 to 1988. Categories of materials include speeches, general correspondence, departmental correspondence, & legislative correspondence. Also included are letters addressed to Congressman Taylor from government officials, including Presidents of the United States. The Congressman’s correspondence to and from his constituents is also included.

Taylor, Gene VHS Tapes (Collection #1 – 1 Box)

VHS tapes of Gene Taylor, including political commercials. Donated by Harry Lightfoot who helped make many of the commercials.

Thompson, A. Paul Collection (Collection #10 – 1 Box)

Papers, correspondence, and city council minutes from 1942-1962. Some of the papers are on zinc and mining in the Tri-State area. A. Paul Thompson was director of research at the Eagle Picher Company, and served as a Joplin City councilman.

Tipton Ford Motor Car Wreck, 1914 (Collection #49 – 1 Folder)

An article by Larry A. James from 2008 titled “A Fiery Inferno: The 1914 Tipton Ford Motor Car Wreck.”

Tri-State Mining Collection (Collection #2 – 16 Map Cases, 4 Filing Cabinets, Microfilm)

Donated by the Bureau of Mines of the United States Department of the Interior. This collection includes maps and drill logs for lead and zinc mines in the Tri-State Mining District, which includes Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, from the 1860s through the 1960s. The maps are divided by section number, state and mine names, and provide detailed locations of mine shafts and drilling activities in the area. The drill logs in the collection detail the prospecting work done in the area prior to mining.

See scans of this collection on the Missouri Digital Heritage website

Tri-State Mining Reports (Collection #21 – 1 Box)

Mining contract reports from 1983 by the Bureau of Mines of the United States Department of the Interior titled, “Study of Stability Problems and Hazard Evaluation in the Missouri [Kansas and Oklahoma] Portion[s] of the Tri-State Mining Area.” Included are maps of mining in the area and a special report on the Tar Creek area. The reports describe possible pollution and collapse probabilities of the area.

Tri-State Reports of Investigations and Information Circulars (Collection #126 – 4 Boxes)

Copies of Information Circulars and Reports of Investigation of Mining of the Tri State area by the United States Bureau of Mining of the Tri State area by the United States Bureau of Mines from 1949 to 1950.

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United States Geologic Survey Maps and Reports (Collection #104 – 2 Boxes)

Maps and reports from 1918 through 1957 by the United States Geologic Survey on the geology of various locations in the United States and Canada.

USO Oronogo (Collection #154 – 1 Box)

A video reel titled ‘USO Oronogo’ and labeled October 10, 1943.

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Veterans History Project (Collection #141 – 6 Boxes)

This collection contains interviews conducted with local veterans as a part of the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. These interviews were conducted by Dr. Robert Markman and others from 2005 through 2017.

Vinyl Record Collection (Collection #99 – 1 Box)

Three phonograph vinyl records from the early 1900s, including "Noreen Mavourneen," which won the Paris Grand Prize in 1900, "On Wings of Song," sung by Lotte Lehmann in 1927 and "There Shall Be Music When You Come," sung by Lauritz Melchoir in 1942.

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Wallower, Frank Collection (Collection #3 – 4 Boxes)

Papers, maps, photographs and business records from 1895 to 1952 by Frank Wallower. This collection deals with business and mining activities of the Tri-State area. Frank Wallower’s college diploma from Princeton University, which is signed by President Woodrow Wilson, is included.

War Ration Book Four (Collection #78 – 1 Folder)

War ration book four, produced by the USA Office of Price Administration, issued to Fay B. Dabbs of Stella Missouri in 1943.

Warren, Nancy Collection (Collection #22 – 1 Box)

Donated by Nancy Warren. Various local newspapers, including the “Joplin Globe” and “Joplin News Herald,” from 1918-1969, featuring headlines of important events of the time, including the end of World War II and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Webb City, Missouri History (Collection #65 – 1 Folder)

Information about Webb City, Missouri history and a city map and information for new Webb City residents from the 1979.

Weems, David Collection (Collection #84 – 1 Folder)

Donated by David Weems. Two letters from unknown authors from 1864 and transcribed copies of letters to Isaac M. Carter, a Confederate soldier, from 1864. This collection also includes copies of a various other papers and photographs from the 1860s through the 1890s.

Wilkerson, Charles W. Collection (Collection #4 – 3 Boxes)

The papers, letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings of Charles Wilkerson (1874-1950), a national labor leader from the Springfield, Missouri area. This collection includes a scrapbook about Charles W. Wilkerson, created by her daughter, Betty Baron. See also Baron Collection

Williams, Rose Ann Collection (Collection #89 – 1 Folder)

Found at an auction in southern Arkansas or northern Louisiana in the mid-1990s. These loose materials are attributed to Rose Ann Williams, who was an alumni of Joplin Junior College. This collection includes a copy of The Chart, where Ms. Williams name is underlined in multiple locations, a scene from the play “The Purge of the Prairie,” floor plans for a home, the poems “Life to a Housewife!” and a Christmas poem, and other writing.

Williams-Wyrsch, Rhonda Collection (Collection #44 – 1 Folder)

Two booklets, “The Story of Saturnin Bena” and & “The Story of the Three Buchanan Brothers,” created by Rhonda Williams-Wyrsch in 2005 about her family history. Collection contains copies of photographs and information on the Buchanan Brothers and other family members from Missouri.

Wilson, Homer M. Collection (Collection #151 – 1 Box)

The correspondence, classroom work, reports and other documents of Homer M. Wilson, who got his degree from the Missouri School of Mines in Rolla, Missouri in 1915 and worked as a miner in various places in the United States from 1912-1914, before getting a job as a mining engineer for American Lead, Zinc and Smelting Company of Carterville, Missouri, who he worked for from 1915-1917.

Wing Collection (Collection #20 – 1 Shelf of books)

Robert Wing was a geologist from Carthage, Missouri. This collection includes books and pamphlets about mining and the geology in the Tri-State area of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma from the 1960s through the 1980s and correspondence to and from Wing in his capacity as ‘consulting geologist’ for a proposed landfill site near Carthage in 1971. This collection also includes an official program from Centennial Celebration of the Carthage Courthouse in 1994 and a reproduction of the 1894 program from the original dedication of the courthouse.

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Illinois (Collection #102 – 2 Boxes)

Donated by Linda Gardner. The meeting minutes, with the names of members and meeting notes, of the Nokomis Illinois Woman’s Christian Temperance Union from 1905-1962; records of the annual convention of the Montgomery County WCTU, 1945-1978; pamphlets and papers with information about the regional and national WCTU; and scrap books with newspaper clipping and photographs.

Women of Distinction (Collection #57 – 1 Folder)

An event program from the June 3, 2000 Girl Scout Council of the Ozark Area's Sixth Annual "Women of Distinction" event. This event took place at Missouri Southern in the Connor Ballroom.

Woodward, Florence Collection (Collection #36 – 1 Folder)

The correspondence and papers written to Florence Woodward, an antiques and rare book dealer in Golden City, Missouri, from friends and family. Includes an expenditure journal from 1930 to an unknown date. The collection also includes papers on McGuffey History. Alexander and William McGuffey were the authors of the McGuffey school readers from 1930 to 1949.

Wyatt, Helen Collection (Collection #72 – 1 Folder)

Donated by Helen Wyatt. Flyers, pamphlets and other papers on the Democratic Party and the George McGovern campaign in Missouri in 1972, including an "Official McGovern Handbook," for campaigners.

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