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Special Collections, SC#12, Thomas Owen Collection. Various, government documents, pamphlets and other material from Washington, DC, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Illinois from 1854-1931.

Collection Information

Collection Number: SC#12

Thomas Owen Collection


Collection Size: 
1 Box

Scope and Content

Various, government documents, pamphlets and other material from Washington, DC, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Illinois from 1854-1931.


Government Printing Office

Acquisition Information

Donated by Thomas Owen in 1981.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1

  • Folder 1
    • March 24, 1874 – “Interstate Commerce. Speech of Hon. Charles W. Willard, of Vermont, in the House of Representatives,” Washington: Government Printing Office
    • Feb. 19, 1876 - “The Financial Problem! Speech of Hon. William D. Kelley, of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives” Washington
    • Feb. 1879 – “Speech of Hon. S.S. Cox, of New York, in the House of Representatives” Washington
    • 1885-1886 – “Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of North Carolina, for the Scholastic Years 1885 and 1886.”
  • Folder 2
    • 1869 – “The Influence of Liberty on Taste, in the Ages of Augustus and Louis XIV by James Pech, Mus. Doc., of New College, Oxford.” New York: Hurd & Houghton
  • Folder 3
    • “Constitution and By-Laws of the Gridley Anti Horse Thief Association
    • Jan. 1858 – “Annual Report of the Adjutant General to the legislature of the State of Louisiana” pamphlet
    • 1877 – “Farmer’s Memorandum Book for 1877. Descriptive of Corn Sulky Plow, Marsh Harvester and Marsh Wind Mill. Presented by J.D. Easter & Co.” New Orleans: John Claiborne, State Printer
  • Folder 4
    • March 18, 1854 – “Report of the Committee on Mining and Smelting” pamphlet
  • Folder 5
    • “Ninth Annual Report of the Female Orphan Association of Baton Rouge, LA. Organized Aug. 21, 18-48 – Incorporated Feb. 5, 1850” Baton Rouge: J.M. Taylor, State Printer
  • Folder 6
    • “Fifty-Fourth Annual Report of the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, for the Fiscal Year 1876-77, made to the General Assembly. At the Regular Session, 1877-78”
  • Folder 7
    • July 1889 – “Bond List Blake Brothers & Co. 28 State Street, Boston. 5 Nassau Street, New York” Members of the Boston and New York Stock Exchanges.
  • Folder 8
    • “United States Circuit Court of Appeals Sixth Circuit. The Coca-Cola Company, Appellant, vs. The Gay-Ola Company, Appellee. Brief of Candler, Thomason & Hirsch and Lehman, Gates & Martin, Attorneys for Appellant” Appeal Pub. Co., Atlanta, GA
  • Folder 9
    • “Twenty-Second Year Railway Statistics of the United States of America for the year ended December 31, 1924 Compared with The Official Reports for 1923 and Recent Statistics of Foreign Railways prepared by Slason Thompson Bureau of Railway News and Statistics Chicago, ILL.” Tucker-Kenworthy Co., Printers, Chicago
  • Folder 10
    • June 13, 1874 – “Forty-Third Congress. Congressional Directory, Compiled for the Use of Congress by Ben: Perley Poore, clerk of printing records. Fourth Edition” Washington: Government Printing Office
  • Folder 11
    • June 20, 1931 – “Before the Interstate Commerce Commission – Petition of the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company, et al. for the Suspension of Rates on Canned Goods, as Proposed by the Transcontinental Railroads” Frank Lyon, Attorney for Petitioners, Press of Byron S. Adams, Washington, D.C.

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