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Special Collections, SC#109, Fred G. Hughes Collection. The correspondence and other papers of Fred G. Hughes. Hughes was the manager of the Joplin Globe Publishing Company from 1953-1986 and the first President of the Board of Regents of MSSU.

Collection Information

Collection Number: SC#109

Fred G. Hughes Collection


Collection Size: 
9 Boxes

Biographical History

Frederick George “Fred” Hughes Jr. was born on August 16, 1915 to Fred G. Hughes Sr. and Mary Jane (McKay) Hughes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fred Jr. had two sisters Helen L. Hughes and Barbara A. Hughes. Fred G. Hughes Sr. was employed by the legal department of the Pennsylvania Railroad until his death in 1922, Fred Jr. was six years old at the time. Barbara A. Hughes Mitchell, Fred Jr.’s Oldest Sister, died the next year in 1923. Mary Jane Hughes was then left in charge of caring for Fred Jr. on her own until her death in 1930, Fred Jr. would have been only fifteen at the time. Fred Jr. then went to live with his sister Helen. He graduated from Central High School in 1933. Hughes enrolled in the fall at the University of Michigan extension division in Grand Rapids for two years. Dr. Arthur Henry Rolph Fairchild, the uncle of Hughes and then chairman of the English Department at the University of Missouri, encouraged Fred to attend the University of Missouri. Mr. Hughes worked in the campus bookstore to pay for his schooling, earned an AB in Arts and Sciences, and eventually an LL.B. (Bachelor’s in Law) from the M.U. Law School. While attending the University of Missouri, he was a member of the Mystical Seven, Phi Delta Theta social fraternity and Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity. He was also what would be now known as the class clown because he always had a funny story to tell.

After graduation in 1939 he practiced law in Joplin in the law office of Robert E. Seiler. In 1941, a friend recruited him into the FBI. Hughes served in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Md., and various other cities before becoming the director of the Green Bay, Wisconsin, offices. 

On January 2, 1942 Fred Hughes married Miss Rebekah Blair of Joplin. Miss Blair was the Daughter of Clay Cowgill Blair of Joplin and Miss Rebekah Harris of Columbia. Mrs. Rebekah (Becky) Blair Hughes was a graduate of the University of Missouri Journalism School, which is where Hughes first met her. They had two daughters Sallie Elizabeth Hughes Taylor (who married Gregory Hobbs Taylor) and Mary Jane Hughes. At the conclusion of the war Hughes returned to Joplin to continue to practice law. Hughes first became connected with the newspapers in Joplin when he was retained to negotiate a newsprint contract. The Joplin Globe had been experiencing union difficulties with the firm supplying the paper for newsprint, an item of considerable importance to any newspaper. Hughes spent fourteen months traveling the United States and Canada contacting all major newsprint manufacturers. Hughes also went to Washington D.C. to testify before a congressional committee where he gave them firsthand information on the shortage of newsprint. A contract was secured with Abitibi Paper Company in Toronto, Canada.  He negotiated a settlement and continued to do labor-relations work for the publishers, eventually joining the company full-time as assistant to the general manager in 1951. He became general manager in 1956. Hughes later would become the president of the Joplin Globe in 1964.

Under the direction of Mr. Hughes the Joplin Globe had major changes. In July of 1965, a Monday morning edition was added to the Globe making it a seven day newspaper. Hughes felt the readers of the paper wanted a Monday edition, and advertising had increased to the point where the expense involved could safely be underwritten. The new morning edition also involved additions to the news staff and mechanical departments of the paper. The Sunday Globe featured “show times”, which was produced and an edited supplement that began in the spring of 1965. This sixteen page tabloid offered local entertainment, book reviews, record and travel columns, and television and movie features. Also in 1965, the Joplin News Herald was completely revamped typographically. It got a new headline type and layout format plus the addition of an editorial page. Under the guidance of Mr. Hughes, the Saturday editions of the Globe and News Herald were consolidated into one edition. The morning Globe increased its district news coverage and out of state news coverage. Considering Joplin is in the 4-state area (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas), both the Globe and News Herald served the districts in these states. Hughes made the Globe news coverage to make it more of a district paper.

The news and editorial columns of the papers were used to inform people of the value a four year college could have on the area. Under Hughes’ guidance, Joplin Junior College was separated from the Joplin School system and organized as Missouri Southern College. Mr. Hughes headed a voluntary money campaign which was organized. Three hundred thousand dollars was pledged by local businessmen to purchase a campus site on a two hundred and sixty-five acre estate east of town.

Mr. Hughes served on the boards of several civic and business organizations. He was active with his father in law Cowgill Blair Sr., in the organization of the Mid-continent Telecasting, Inc., and its television station, KOAM. He served as director and secretary of the corporation since its beginning in 1954. He served two terms as president of the Missouri Good Roads Association.  In 1965, he was elected President of the Inland Daily Press Association, in Chicago, Illinois, the largest regional press organization in the country at the time, and he served as chairman of the board. He was one of the original founders of the Missouri Southern State College and served as Chairman of the Citizens Committee, which worked in cooperation with the Missouri Legislature in establishing the school. He was appointed by Governor Warren E. Hearnes was a member of the first Board of Regents of Missouri Southern in 1964 and served as president of both the Board of Trustees and Board of Regents for the school. Hughes served as vice-chairman of the Missouri State Reorganization Commission. This Commission, over a two year period of study, developed a model bill to reorganize the executive branch of state government. The model bill was used by the state legislature in drafting the reorganizational legislation, which was passed by the General Assembly on February 1, 1974. He served several terms as a director of the Joplin Chamber of Commerce and was the president of that organization. He was also a director of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce. Hughes was also a member of the Joplin Rotary Club, Twin Hills Golf and Country Club, Joplin club, the First Presbyterian Church and the president of the local YMCA.

When asked what he considered the main function of the newsman to be, Hughes replied, “It is to keep the area aware of what’s going on through its news columns. It gets back to basics… we live in a democracy and the population has to be kept informed. At the same time, a good newspaper has to lead its community. It has to be in the forefront in leading ideas and supporting programs that are to the benefit of the community. The general public will look to a good newspaper for leadership and advice about how they stand on a particular issue. In our own case, we don’t try to tell people how to vote. But we present both sides of the issues; give backgrounds on candidates involved so that the people can make their own decisions on a given issue or a given candidate. However, there are occasions when we feel strongly enough about a particular candidate to support him.” On the issue of press censorship, he ventured, “The accent has been placed on the wrong place. The press itself is not what’s important - there are only 1750 daily newspapers in the entire country. What’s important is the proper dissemination of news. A Newspaper is merely a media for presenting information just as is radio or television. Too much emphasis has been placed on the rights of the news rather than the rights of the people. Any newspaper can exist on bland news and advertising, but then, they are not getting the job done for the people.”

Mr. Hughes believed a newspaper that merely prints news and advertising is only half a newspaper. In order for the newspaper to fulfill its true function, Mr. Hughes believed it must become actively involved in all issues and projects which affect public welfare both good and bad. Mr. Hughes says the papers should support issues that are good for the community and editorially oppose those which are against the best interest of the community. The globe and the News Herald have followed this policy. In the years following his ideas the papers became primarily responsible for a successful urban renewal program and a highly developed road program. The news and editorial columns of the papers were used to inform people of the value a four year college could have on the area. 

In later Years Fred Hughes would be remembered for by Missouri Southern in the form of the Football stadium being named after him. He dedicated most of his life to many different organizations. Any problem that came his way he would handle it with tact to prevent unneeded arguments. After he retired he became what you might call a world traveler, but after dedicating so much of his time to so many things he deserved a vacation, it is surprising he had any free time at all. Mr. Hughes was a very big Civil War buff. He had subscriptions to historical articles about the war, served on the council for the Civil War Roundtable, collected books and newspapers about the war, and he himself wrote many papers about the Civil War and those who were involved. Before and after Hughes retired he went to many Battlefield sites all over the U.S. Fred Hughes died on October 7, 1996 having lived a full and very happy life surrounded by a large family and large friend group.

Scope and Content

The Fred G. Hughes collection contains 9 boxes of Fred G. Hughes’ personal documents and correspondence as well as photographs and other items. The first two boxes of this collection highlight Hughes’ work at on the Board of Regents of Missouri Southern from 1964 through 1981. The documents in these boxes range from 1961 through 1987.

Boxes 3 through 7 of this collection organize Fred G. Hughes’ personal documents relating to various organizations. These documents are organized in alphabetical order based on the name of the organization.

Box 8 contains Fred G. Hughes’ personal correspondence with the people he was acquainted with. These letters and cards are organized in alphabetical order based on the names of the people corresponded with.

Box 9 contains all documents relating to Fred G. Hughes’ family and family history. This includes biographies of both Fred G. Hughes and his wife Rebekah Blair Hughes, as well as letters from family members and a detailed family history.


Fred G. Hughes

Acquisition Information

Donated in 2004 by Sarah Hughes, daughter of Fred G. Hughes.

Fred G. Hughes Exhibit Link

Fred G. Hughes Exhibit


In the Fall of 2020 Archives intern Lena Brewer processed and created an exhibit for the Fred G. Hughes Collection. View the exhibit at the link below!

Preview the Collection

Fred G. Hughes

Preview the Collection

1965 dedication of land that would hold Missouri Southern (Fred Hughes speaker)

L to R: Dr. Leon Billingsly, Gov. Gene Taylor, Fred Hughes

Dedication of the Fred Hughes Football Stadium at Missouri Southern in 1975

Dedication of the Fred Hughes Football Stadium at Missouri Southern in 1975

Preview the Collection

Preview the Collection

Fred and Rebekah (Becky) Hughes

Fred and Becky Hughes and (unknown) friends

Christmas 1985 that Fred and Becky spent with their daughter Sarah (Sallie), her husband Greg and their two sons.

Collection Inventory

Box 1

  1. Junior College Districts Law and Proposed Area 1961
  2. Report on the Flint College, University of Michigan,
    1. Letter from Edward M. Palmquist to Fred Hughes possible walk through at Flint College in Flint Michigan
  3. Your University of Missouri, 1962
  4. History of MSSC
    1. Hand written speech by Fred Hughes, Possibly used in Missouri Senate as his reasoning statement
    2. Printed up plan by Fred Hughes and fellow MSSC founders to bring in front of the Education Committees of the Missouri State Legislature February 17, 1965
    3. Letter from Stanley P. Clay to Fred Hughes about Mr. Clay’s mother and her statement about the need for a college with a higher level education for Joplin
    4. The Memoriam for Mrs. Cora May Clay given to Fred Hughes  
  5. List of Starting Business Matters for Creating a 4-year College
  6. Signing over of property to JCJC pictures 1963?
  7. Education Policies of 1963
  8. Committee to Establish
  9. House Bill No. 173, 72nd General Assembly, January 21, 1963 and Correspondence
  10. Bills Related to MSSC
    1. House Bill No. 157 68th General Assembly, May 26, 1955
    2. House Bill No. 210, 73rd General Assembly, 1964 or 1965?
    3. House Bill No. 339, 73rd General Assembly, February 3, 1965
  11. Why A Four-Year University Branch for Southwest Missouri? Pamphlet (5 copies) & additional documents about it
  12. Letters to Fred Hughes From People Who Want a 4-year College
  13. Higher Education Needs in Southwest Missouri
  14. Board of Trustees DuPont Stock July 14, 1964
  15. Board of Trustees Elections 1964
  16. Joplin Junior College first Board of Trustees photo 1964
  17. Board of Trustees Meeting Correspondence 1964
  18. Board of Trustees Funding Documents 1964
  19. Option to Purchase/Real Estate Contract, The Wallower Estate, signed 7-20-1964
  20. Possible Land for MSC
  21. Dorothea B. Hoover Letters to Fred Hughes on the name for the College
  22. Report of Visitation Trip to Selected Mississippi, Florida and California Junior Colleges, Pearce and Pearce, Inc. and Notes August 28, 1964
  23. Pledges for Junior College District of Jasper County campus site, 1964-1965
    1. This holds a list of donors to helping create MSSC
    2. Stock Exchange receipt’s
    3. List of people who later had buildings on campus named in their honor
  24. Letters of Monetary Support for JJC
  25. Newspaper Articles on the Creation of MSC
  26. Hearnes Hall Correspondence
  27. Architecture Documents (possible companies)
  28. MSC School Research
  29. Contract Examples MSC
  30. Architect Price Sheets
  31. Applications and Resignation Letters to Fred Hughes and Leon Billingsly
  32. Fred Hughes Written Notes
  33. Board of Trustees Correspondence and Documents 1965
  34. Address to the Education Committee of the Missouri State Legislature, 2-17-1965
  35. Board of Regents Meeting Minutes and Papers 1964-1966
  36. Joplin Junior College Salaries 1963-1965
  37. The Chart, Vol. XXVI No. 6, 1-15-1965
  38. Master Plan Report: Jasper County Junior College, Joplin, Missouri;
    1. Prepared for the Junior College District of Jasper County: Dr. Leon C. Billingsly, President of College;
    2. Tanner, Linscott and Associates, Architects; Hare and Hare, Planners and Landscape Architects, Kansas City, Missouri; February, 1965
  39. The Junior College Districts of Jasper County, Missouri Dedication April 30, 1965
  40. MSC Campus Dedication photos April 30, 1965
  41. College Appreciation Day Program July 22, 1965
  42. Board of Trustees Correspondence and Meeting Documents 1966
  43. Audit Reports and Budget Justification Documents 1965-1967
    1. Joplin College District of Jasper County, Missouri, Joplin Missouri: Audit Report for the year ended June 30, 1965
    2. Missouri Southern College, The Junior College District of Jasper County, Joplin, Missouri: Audit Report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1966
    3. Missouri Southern State College, State of Missouri: Budget Justification Document 1966-1967 Year
  44. Jasper County Junior College Estimated Income and Expenditures 1964-1966
  45. First Coordinated Plan for Missouri Higher Education, Missouri Commission on Higher Education, September 1966
  46. Breaking Ground at MSC February 3, 1966
  47. Graduation Commencement June 6, 1966
  48. Signing of House Bill 210 by Governor Hearnes Photos 1966
  49. Missouri Southern College Dedication Program 1967
  50. MSC Dedication Sunday October 29, 1967 photos
  51. Commencement June 6, 1967
  52. Superintendents of Schools, Joplin, Missouri, 1883-1967
  53. Joplin Historical Society, Joplin, Missouri Newsletter
    1. November 4, 1967
  54. Institutional Budget 1966-1967
  55. George A. Spiva Scholarship Documents 1967
  56. Board of Trustees Correspondence and Documents 1967
  57. Employee Roster 1967-1968
  58. MSC Scholarship Documents
  59. Joplin Junior College/Missouri Southern Enrollment Trends, 1937-1968
  60. MSC Board of Trustees Documents and Correspondence 1968
  61. Senior College Status Dedication May 10, 1968 MSC
  62. Commencement June 2, 1968
  63. MSC Commencement Photos June 2, 1968
  64. Correspondence & List of Donors for the Lauren R. Reynolds Jr. Scholarship 1968
  65. Institutional Budget 1968-1969
  66. Phi Theta Kappa Honors Banquet Correspondence 1969
  67. Commencement June 1, 1969
  68. MSC Sports Documents
  69. Disgruntled Letters to Fred Hughes
  70. Booster Club
  71. Missouri Southern Policies
  72. Speeches Sent to Fred Hughes
  73. Jasper County Junior College, Estimate of Cost of Site Work for 1970 Requirements
  74. Bills Related to MSSC 1970’s
    1. Senate Bill No. 12 76th General Assembly, Filed January 6, 1971
    2. House Bill No. 118 76th General Assembly, Filed January 7, 1971
    3. House Bill No. 476 76th General Assembly, Filed January 27, 1971
    4. House Bill No. 96, 77th General Assembly, Filed December 1, 1972
    5. House Bill No. 102, 77th General Assembly, Filed December 1, 1972
    6. Senate Bill No. 50, 77th General Assembly, Filed December 18, 1972
    7. Senate Bill No. 50, With written notes from Fred Hughes
    8. Senate Bill No. 114, 78th General Assembly, Filed December 3, 1974
  75. Address from the 84th Annual ANPA Convention April 21, 1970
  76. Charles O. Gosch Award Documents 1970
  77. Spencer Bartlett Award 1970
  78. Tuition increase news clippings January 14, 1970
  79. Real Estate Contract with Mr. and Mrs. Carter May 14, 1970
  80. Board of Trustees Correspondence and Documents 1970-1971
  81. Expenditures and Income Documents 1970-1972
  82. Report by North Central Association March 5, 1971
  83. Honors Banquet 1971
  84. U.S. Army Field band Concert 1971

Box 2

  1. Graduation 1971
  2. MSSC School Improvement Research and Correspondence
  3. MSSC Funding Documents
  4. Master Plan 1972
  5. Graduation May 23, 1972
  6. MSC House and Senate Funding Bill Newspaper Clippings 1971-1972
  7. Board of Regents Correspondence and Documents 1972-1974
  8. Aviation Scholarship Fund in memory of Ralph Nolan 1973
  9. Graduation May 22, 1973
  10. Board of Regents Funding Letters and Documents 1970-1975
  11. Stadium Dedication Saturday September 20, 1975 photos and photo from art building
  12. Governor Bond Signs full Funding June 26, 1975
  13. McIndoe Insurance Agency 1976
  14. Ozark Engineering Company 1976
  15. Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 197
  16. Graduation May 21, 1976
  17. Graduation Speaker Robert A. Burnett Photo 1976
  18. MSSC Graduation photo May 21, 1976
  19. MSSC Performing Arts Center Dedication News clips May 9, 1976
  20. Board of Regents correspondence, documents, and news clippings 1975-1977
  21. Honors Banquet March 7, 1977
  22. Commencement May 6, 1977
  23. Fred Hughes lionbacker and creation of the Hughes Stadium 1975-1980
  24. Fred Hughes commencement speech May 19, 1978
  25. Dr. Rhodes Case 1978
  26. Fred and Becky Hughes Scholarship 1978
  27. Tognascioli and Gross and Jarvis architects 8-25-1978
  28. Discussion Draft: Masterplan III for Post-Secondary education in Missouri October 1978
  29. Tenure Policy and Promotion policy 1978- 1979
  30. Bachelor of Science Proposal 1978- 1979
  31. Board of Regents correspondence and documents 1978- 1979
  32. Leon Billingsly building naming 1978 and dedication 1979
  33. Presidents Reports to the Board of Regents 1979
  34. Student Instructional Report 1978- 1979
  35. MSSC search for a new president 1978-1979
  36. Teacher Evaluation Study  1979
  37. Proposed job description for the Director of the MSSC foundation June 1979
  38. Faculty personal committee 1979
  39. Faculty study conference 1979?
  40. Proposed policy- academic Rank February 7, 1979
  41. Gene Taylor dedication June 23, 1979
  42. Board of Regents case for Dr. Zuger 1979
  43. Academic policies committee form II: for dropping a class 1979
  44. Board of Regents correspondence and documents 1980
  45. The Chart newspaper December 11, 1980
  46. MSSC Community Humanities Committee
  47. Matthew Hall Dedication October 15, 1980
  48. Graduate program proposal 1980
  49. Chi Alpha Constitution 1980’s?
  50. Sigma Tau Delta Constitution
  51. Constitution of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (preamble)
  52. Constitution of the Newman Community at MSSC
  53. Presidents Reports 1980
  54. Letters wanting to end unfair faculty evaluation 1980
  55. Architect Interviews 1980
  56. MSSC dedication to Billingsly and Fred Hughes stadium dedication 1981
  57. Advanced Owner’s Mechanics Class 1981?
  58. Presidents Reports 1981
  59. Board of Regents correspondence and documents 1981
  60. Report of visit Commissions on Institutions of Higher Education April 6-8, 1981
  61. Proposed Staff Grievance procedures May 1981
  62. Brent Blue Court Case April 6, 1981
  63. MSSC National Education Association
  64. Letters to faculty and staff 1981
  65. Presidents Reports 1982
  66. Dr. Julio Leon becomes President of MSSC December 17, 1982
  67. President Search Committee 1982
  68. Board of Regents Correspondence and documents 1982-1984
  69. Missouri Elections Commission
  70. Missouri Campaign Finance and disclosure law manual
  71. Proposed policies for use of College Facilities
  72. Program in recognition of James K. Maupin
  73. Photo of Leon Billingsly used to create portrait
  74. Southern Lantern Society Banquet April 12, 1985
  75. Map of MSSC 1986
  76. SRI Research Study March 1987

Collection Inventory

Box 3

  1. AAA Auto Club of Missouri
  2. Abitibi Service Inc.
  3. Action Appliance Service
  4. Alert Centre
  5. Allen McReynolds and Cowgill Blair Jr. Law offices
  6. American association of Junior Colleges Convention Honolulu 1970
  7. American Cancer Society: Business contribution in Joplin
  8. American Express
  9. American Newspaper Publishers Association
  10. American Newspaper Publishers Association Convention
  11. American Telephone and Telegraph Company: M.K. Kearns
  12. Amoco Oil Company
  13. Arkansas Custom Travel
  14. Arlington Hotel and Baths
  15. Armco Steel
  16. Arizona State University
  17. Atlantic Advertising Inc.
  18. Award of Appreciation from Republican National Committee
  19. Baird, Kurtz and Dobson: Earl Moore
  20. Baker Street Shirtmakers
  21. Bankers Trust Company
  22. Barnes Hospital
  23. Barnes and Noble
  24. BBB Membership
  25. Beakes Travel Service, Inc.
  26. Berry Travel 1953
  27. Best-In-Books: Nelson Doubleday, Inc.
  28. Bishop and Verdier law offices
  29. Blair and Blair Law Offices: Newell Blair
  30. Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Glenn E. Gavin
  31. Boone County National Bank: Albert M. Price
  32. Bowater Paper Company Inc.
  33. Boyland
  34. Breck’s of Boston
  35. Brooks Brothers Clothing
  36. Brown’s Hotel
  37. Burgess Cellulose Company: B.E. Fishburn
  38. Business Cards, RSVP’s, and Postcards
  39. Buyers Guide
  40. Cable Car Clothiers
  41. Cablecom: Joe M. Becknell
  42. Camp Lake Hubert for girls
  43. Camp Minaki
  44. Trips to Canada
  45. Carona Daily Independent
  46. Carthage Chamber of Commerce
  47. CBS-TV
  48. Central High School Yearbook 1933
  49. Central High School Class of 1933 Reunion: Folder 1
  50. Central High School Class of 1933 Reunion: Folder 2
  51. Chamberlain
  52. Chamber of Commerce
  53. Charles Floral Selections: Charles Edwards
  54. Chase Manhattan Bank: Nils B. Gustafson
  55. Cheshire Lodge Motor Hotel
  56. Chicago Bears
  57. Chicago Daily News: John S. Knight
  58. Chicago Passport Agency
  59. Chillicothe Newspaper Inc.: W.E. Beeler
  60. Christman Dry Goods Company
  61. Christmas Decor
  62. Christmas 1974
  63. Christmas Party 1982
  64. City of Joplin and Joplin City Water Works MSC Correspondence
  65. Civil War Battleground Travel Sites
  66. Civil War Continental
  67. Civil War 100 Years After: Folder 1
  68. Civil War 100 Years After: Folder 2
  69. Civil War Maps / Re-enactments
  70. Civil War Newspaper Articles
  71. Civil War Notes and Stories

Box 4

  1. Civil War Notes and Photos
  2. Civil War Roundtable: Folder 1
  3. Civil War Roundtable: Folder 2
  4. Civil War Roundtable: Folder 3
  5. Civil War Roundtable: Folder 4
  6. Civil War Roundtable: Folder 5
  7. Civil War and Reconstruction
  8. Trip to Colorado
  9. Cocktail Party 1953
  10. Colonial Williamsburg
  11. Columbia Country Club
  12. Columbia Record Company
  13. Commerce Bank
  14. The Commercial News: Robert J. Burow
  15. Commission on Higher Education
  16. Concord Products
  17. Consolidated Supply Company: Ralph E. McCormack
  18. Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co.: Charles E. Smith
  19. Continental Pictures: Don Nix
  20. Coordinating Board For Higher Education
  21. Cope’s Fine Carpets
  22. Copies of Articles
  23. Copeland and Scott Law offices
  24. Cornwell, McKinney & Associates
  25. County Court of Jasper County
  26. Craig Estate and Business Planning Company
  27. Credit Card Service Bureau
  28. Credit Card Sentinel
  29. Crowder Pest Control and Termite Service: J.T. Crowder
  30. Custom Audio Engineering Co.: Harry W. Pearson
  31. Dallas Morning News
  32. Dan Stanley Ford
  33. D’Arcy’s
  34. Davis Sandblasting and Waterproofing Co.: C.L. Kirkpatrick
  35. The Dazey Corporation
  36. Dedication of I-70
  37. Delta Democrat Times
  38. Department of Printing
  39. Department of Revenue
  40. Department of State
  41. Depot Sales
  42. Dierks Paper Company: Fred M. Dierks
  43. Do It Yourself Parking: Connor Wise
  44. Dooly and Co.: Harry S. Grannatt
  45. Dow Jones and Company, Inc.: Warren H. Phillips
  46. Duckwall Alco Stores
  47. Duff and Repp: Mrs. Jo Inman
  48. The Duncan Banner: Byron Abernathy
  49. Dupont
  50. Dutch Market
  51. Eagle-Picher Company
  52. Electronic Security Systems, Inc.
  53. Empire District Electric Company
  54. Epworth Assembly Renter’s Agreement
  55. The Equitable Life Assurance Society
  56. Exceptional Services, Inc.: L.B. Myers
  57. Faust Hotel: Clairce Labrot
  58. Fay Supply Company: Bob Flay
  59. Fellowship Lodge No. 345: Mark E. Whitaker
  60. Fidelity Education Foundation
  61. Figi’s, Inc.
  62. Financial Federal
  63. First National Bank
  64. First Presbyterian Church
  65. Floating Trip Pictures 1967
  66. Frankin Technical School: Robert (Bob) W. Baker
  67. Fred Hughes Creative story
  68. Fred Hughes Expense Account: Folder 1
  69. Fred Hughes Expense Account: Folder 2

Collection Inventory

Box 5

  1. Fred Hughes House repairs 1953
  2. Fred Hughes 1954
  3. Fred Hughes- Certificate of Death/Social Security #/ Department of Revenue
  4. Fred Hughes Joke Collection
  5. Fred and Becky Hughes Tax Income Information
  6. Freeman Hospital Foundation
  7. Gas Service Company: Carl H. Jenkins
  8. Gazette Telegraph: Harry H. Hoiles
  9. General Motors Corporation: H.P. Grenda
  10. Geo. O. Sutton and Meredith M. Daubin Law Offices
  11. Gleaner and Journal Publishing Co.
  12. Glidden Lodge: Ewald Schmock
  13. Globe Fence and Improvement Co.: Roy Grainger
  14. Globe Handbook
  15. Grand Forks Herald
  16. Grand Haven: Mrs. Carroll Munshaw
  17. Grand Oaks Realty
  18. Grand Teton Lodge Co.
  19. Green Bay Packers: Dan Devine
  20. Green Bay Press-Gazette: Dave Yuenger
  21. Haller, Raymond, Brown Topp Industries
  22. Hamilton Lake
  23. Handley Adams Inc. Insurance Counsellors
  24. Hardy Sheet Metal, Inc.: James B. Hardy
  25. Harmonic Reed
  26. Harris, Upham and Company: Lee Lockridge
  27. Harzfeld's
  28. Hearing Associates
  29. Helen Gallagher Foster House
  30. The Hertz Corporation
  31. Higher Education Committee of the Missouri Senate
  32. Hilton Inn: Carole Pivac
  33. History Newspaper Articles
  34. Historical Newspaper Articles by Fred Hughes
  35. Holiday Inn
  36. Home Savings and Loan Association: Brady Stevens
  37. Hotels
  38. Hotel Continental
  39. Hotel Missouri
  40. Hotel Valley: Robert Soehl
  41. Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge: Les Proctor
  42. Hutchinson Daily News: Jack Harris
  43. Inaugural Committee
  44. Industrial Commission of Missouri: Erman V. Edwards
  45. Inland Daily Press Association
  46. Internal Revenue Service Center
  47. International Order of Old Bastards
  48. International Paper Sales Co.: Adrienne J. Marr
  49. Insurance Center Associates
  50. Investors Diversified Services
  51. Investors Variable Payment Fund
  52. Trip To Jamaica
  53. Jasper County CourtHouse
  54. Jasper County Development Association
  55. JCPenney
  56. Jefferson Electric Company
  57. Jokake Inn: Ed Bailey
  58. The Jones Store
  59. Joplin Achievement Program
  60. Joplin Boys and Girls Club
  61. Joplin Chapter American Red Cross
  62. Joplin Chamber of Commerce
  63. Joplin Churches Relations
  64. Joplin Community Concerts Association
  65. The Joplin Globe Publishing Co.
  66. Joplin Globe Publishing Employee Retirement Plan
  67. Joplin Globe News Articles
  68. Joplin Little Theatre, Inc.
  69. Joplin News Heralds
  70. Joplin Police Department
  71. Joplin Public Library
  72. Joplin Public Schools
  73. Joplin Rotary club
  74. Joplin Transit Corporation: Joe Mack
  75. Joplin Typographical Union
  76. Joplin Venetian Blind Manufacturing: W.B. Coles
  77. Joplin Y.M.C.A.
  78. Kansas City Custom Garment, Co.
  79. Kansas City Life Insurance Company
  80. The Kansas City Star: Ernest Mehl
  81. Kansas Insurance Company
  82. Kansas Press Association: Larry Miller
  83. Kansas State Telephone Company: John F. Baker
  84. The Katz Agency, INC.
  85. Kiplinger Washington Agency
  86. Kiwanis Club
  87. KOAM-TV
  88. Knott’s Berry Farm
  89. Krehbiel-Bolitho Newspaper Service: Robert N. Bolitho and Marion R. Krehbiel
  90. Lafayette Journal and Courier: J.R. Lyon
  91. Laner Paper Company
  92. Lawrence Daily Journal-World: Dolph Simons
  93. League of Women Voters
  94. Leadership Institute Morton Blackwell
  95. Lebanon News Publishing Company
  96. Leggett and Platt: Harry M. Cornell Jr.
  97. Lesco Corporation
  98. Lions Club of Joplin
  99. Little Joe Wisenfeld Company
  100. Little Photo Gallery: Cliff Edom
  101. Lloyd-Thomas Company
  102. L.L. Bean, Inc.
  103. Magazine Collection Bureau
  104. Manuscript-News Articles
  105. Marshall Field and Company
  106. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
  107. Mass Mutual
  108. Maytag Dairy Farms: Donn M. Campbell
  109. McIndoe Insurance Agency: Evan D. Godfrey
  110. Medford Mail Tribune: Stephen W. Ryder
  111. Mercantile Bank
  112. Meredith Corporation (Robert A. Burnett) Letters to Fred Hughes
  113. The Mexico Ledger: Robert M. White
  114. MFA Insurance Company: William A. Toler
  115. Michels Motor Court: Vern Michel
  116. Mid-Continent Telecasting Inc.
  117. Milligan Sheet Metal and Heating Co.: Joe N. Milligan
  118. Miramar Resort Hotel
  119. Missouri American Water Co.: D.W. Proctor
  120. Missouri Bar Administration Enrollment Fee
  121. Missouri Covered Bridges
  122. Missouri Department of Agriculture: Patterson Bain
  123. Missouri Good Roads Assn.: Fred Hughes (President)
  124. Missouri Life Magazine
  125. Missouri Press Association
  126. 1957 Missouri Legislation
  127. Mobil Oil Credit Corporation
  128. Monitor-Index: James Todd

Box 6

  1. Monsanto Company
  2. Mount Hope Cemetery Association
  3. MP Construction Co.
  4. Muelebach Hotel
  5. Municipal Court Kansas City
  6. Mutual of Omaha Co.
  7. Myers, Baker, Rife, Den Ham Accountants
  8. Name List
  9. National Council for Accreditation of Teachers
  10. National Foundation for Underprivileged children: John W. Swallow
  11. National Spelling Bee 1954
  12. Neale, Newman, Bradshaw, and Freeman law offices
  13. NEA Service Inc.: Eli Minton
  14. The Neosho Miner and Mechanic: Joe Taylor
  15. Neosho United Fund: Corley Thompson, Jr.
  16. The Nevada Daily Mail: Ben Weir
  17. Nevada Publishing Company
  18. The Newark Advocate: Frank W. Spencer
  19. Newspaper Printing Corporation
  20. News Times
  21. News Tribune Company
  22. Newton’s Distinctive Jewelry
  23. New York Life Insurance: Ozark Branch Office
  24. Nine O Five Stores, Inc.
  25. Old Golf Course and Country Club
  26. Old Kent Bank and Trust Company: Herbert R. Boshoven
  27. Oldsmobile Motor Company
  28. Olympic Kelly Technical Coatings
  29. Omaha World Herald
  30. ONI Medical Report: John S. Goodreds
  31. Oppenheimer and Co., Inc.: Glenn C. Hirt
  32. Ottaway Newspaper, Inc.: James H. Ottaway – Folder 1
  33. Ottaway Newspaper, Inc.: Folder 2
  34. Ottaway Newspaper, Inc.: Folder 3
  35. Overland,MO. Police Department
  36. Owen Bros. Commission Co.
  37. Owensboro Publishing Company: Lawrence Hager
  38. Ozark Playgrounds Association: Marie Kolb
  39. Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis, Inc.: F. Steve Schneider
  40. Pan American World Airways System: Walton H. Jones
  41. Paper Manufacturers Co.: F. J. Walker
  42. Patten Monument Co.
  43. Patent Trader: Carll Tucker Jr.
  44. Peck, Scott and Shine law offices
  45. Perma-Power Company
  46. Personal Cards
  47. Peterborough Examiner: W.J. Garner
  48. Photographs: Folder 1
  49. Photographs: Folder 2
  50. Piney Ridge Lodge
  51. Pittman and Davis, Inc.
  52. Pittsburg Publishing Company
  53. Political Newspapers 1954
  54. Pontiac Motor Division
  55. Prentice Hall Inc.
  56. Project 26
  57. Pur-Gas Inc: Rex Newman
  58. The Quaker Oats Company
  59. Radio Station KFSB: Bill Clark
  60. Radio-TV Station KODE: D.T. Knight
  61. R.A. Esterly Correspondence Attorney for Central Nation Bank
  62. Rainey Roofing
  63. Rancho de los Caballeros: Dallas C. Gant, Jr.
  64. Ranch Resort Motel: Cecil Thornhill
  65. Random Documents
  66. Rauch and Hess Orthodontics
  67. Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  68. Real Estate Contract
  69. Realsilk Inc.
  70. Rebel Yell Brigade Supply
  71. Red Cap 49 Union Station
  72. Republic National Bank: George J. Watts
  73. Reinholdt and Gardner
  74. Rex Terrace: A. P. Wagner
  75. Richfield Oil Corporation: William H. McCloud
  76. Riviere Moisie
  77. Robert W. James Architecture
  78. Rochester Sentinel
  79. Rolla Stephens Realtor Documents sent to Fred Hughes
  80. Roto Rooter Sewer Service
  81. Rubens Hotel
  82. Rubert G. Martin Attorney at Law
  83. Ryley, Carlock & Ralston Law Offices
  84. Salt River Project
  85. Sarasota Terrace Club: Harry R. Nash
  86. Satterlee Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Co.
  87. Scottsdale, Arizona Documents
  88. Scores Hotel
  89. The Scroll: Bill Dean
  90. Sears, Roebuck and Co.: Loyd Colner
  91. Sea Castle Vacation 1954
  92. Sedgwick Forbes: E.D. Armstrong
  93. Seiler, Blanchard, Van Fleet, and Robertson Law Offices
  94. The Schulte Plumbing and Heating Co.: Harry Sattterlees
  95. Shangri-La
  96. Shepherd of the Hills Realty: R. Layne Morrill
  97. Shubert Theater
  98. Smith’s Paint Store: Charles A. Veteto
  99. Society of Former Special Agents FBI
  100. Southern Methodist University
  101. Southwestern Appraisal Co.: George Frye
  102. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co
  103. Southwestern Sash and Door Company: Carroll Fay
  104. Spencer, Scott, Dwyer Law offices
  105. Springfield Chamber of Commerce: C. Harold Gurley
  106. Springfield Newspaper Inc.
  107. Standard Oil Company: R.B. Acker
  108. St. Anne Power Company
  109. St. Margaret’s Guild
  110. State Farm Fire and Casualty Co

Collection Inventory

Box 7

  1. State Historical Society of Missouri: Floyd C. Shoemaker
  2. State Motor Vehicle Unit: Mary Johnson
  3. Stead’s Ranch
  4. Stines Construction Company: Sherman Stines
  5. St. John’s Regional Medical Center: Robert J. Fanning
  6. St. Joseph News Press: David R. Bradley
  7. Stop Tours
  8. Strathmore Distillery Company Limited: John B. R. Turner
  9. Superior Offices Supply Company: Richard M. Smith
  10. Table Rock Lake Lodge
  11. Tailhookers
  12. Tanner, Linscott & Associates (Architects)
  13. Tartan Corner: Don Edson
  14. Terry Elliott Company
  15. Texaco
  16. Theater Reservations by Hughes
  17. Thompson’s
  18. Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary: Cecil A. Thornhill
  19. Tidelands Motor Inn: Chas. M. Reaves
  20. Time-Life Records
  21. Times Mirror
  22. T.J. Raney and Sons Inc.: Mike Murphy
  23. Topeka Capital-Journal: S. H. Stauffer
  24. Traffic Safety Committee
  25. Trans World Airlines, Inc.
  26. Treasury Department
  27. Triangle Motor Company: A.L. Gurley and Guy D. Moore
  28. Trip Itinerary
  29. Trip Folders/ Collector Stamps/ Ads
  30. True Value
  31. Tulsa Tribune: Jenkin Lloyd Jones
  32. Tumbling River Ranch
  33. Twin Hills Golf Club
  34. United Airlines
  35. Union National Bank
  36. United States District Court Virginia
  37. U.S. District Court
  38. US Government Correspondence
  39. United States Golf Association
  40. U.S. Time Corporation
  41. Unitog Company: Dutton Brookfield
  42. University of Arkansas
  43. University of Kansas
  44. University of Missouri Alpha Alumni Association Phi Delta Theta: Folder 1
  45. University of Missouri Alpha Alumni Association Phi Delta Theta: Folder 2
  46. University of Missouri Law School
  47. University of Missouri Law School Foundation (membership)
  48. University of Missouri Law School Class of 1939 Reunion 1954: Folder 1
  49. University of Missouri Law School Reunion class of 1939: Folder 2
  50. University of Missouri Law School Class of 1939 Reunion: Folder 3
  51. University of Missouri Mystical Seven Alumni
  52. University of Missouri Correspondence and Sports Documents
  53. University of Missouri Columbia
  54. University of Oklahoma
  55. Valley National Bank of Arizona
  56. Valley Presbyterian Church
  57. Vital Record: Division of Health
  58. The Waldorf- Astoria
  59. Washington Evening Journal: Bill Shannon
  60. Watkins & Watkins Law Offices
  61. Watson,  Richart, and Titus Law offices
  62. Wayne Donham Painting
  63. Webb City Bank
  64. Webb City junior high
  65. Western Adjustment and Inspection Company: Wade H. Wanglin
  66. Western-Southern Life: James L. Kuethe
  67. Western Union Telegraph Company: R. B. Standard
  68. Whiting’s Natural Aged Cheese Inc.
  69. Whitlock and Company Inc.
  70. Who’s Who In America
  71. Wilderness Guest Ranch
  72. Wildwood Ranch Auction September 12, 1956
  73. Willard Inter-Continental
  74. William Woods College: Larry D. Miller
  75. Wing’s Camera Center
  76. Win Schuler’s Gift Shop
  77. Woolf Brothers
  78. The Wyatt Company
  79. X-Ray Examination
  80. Young Mens Christian Association: F.W. Steinback
  81. Ziegfeld Theatre: Billy Rose
  82. 866th Transportation Port Company: Gregory S. Davis

Box 8

  1. Bruce Adamson: First Community Bancorporation and Shearson American Express
  2. Al and Marge
  3. Louis F. Aitken
  4. Jane Albee
  5. Mrs. Arthur Aldrich
  6. John Antonello Agency
  7. Armstrong, Teasdale, Schlafly, Davis Attorneys and Counselors
  8. Dennis Arnnoborg
  9. Mr. and Mrs. B.C. Ashworth
  10. Thomas E. Atkinson
  11. Dorothy Attwood Assessor
  12. Spencer Bartlett
  13. Henry B. Bass
  14. France and Victor Baxter
  15. Carol Beatty
  16. Bruce H. Beckett
  17. Thomas Hart Benton
  18. Bert and Lois
  19. James A. Beresford
  20. Leon C. Billingsly and Fred Hughes Correspondence
  21. Thomas E. Bishop
  22. Blanchard, Van Fleet, Martin, Robertson and Dermott Law Offices
  23. Marshall Bliss
  24. Christopher S. Bond
  25. Herbert and Sally Boshoven
  26. Terry E. Borg
  27. Robert A. Boyce
  28. Bob and Deb
  29. Bob and Beth
  30. Collin E. Brooks Attorney
  31. Fred A. Brownwell
  32. Robert D. Buchanan
  33. G. Fred Bullard
  34. Paul Bumbarger
  35. Bill and Evelyn Canfield
  36. Ronald L. Cansler
  37. C. Jimmy Carter
  38. Dwight M. Cheever Attorney at law
  39. Ardyth M. Chevrier
  40. Stanley P. Clay Attorney at law
  41. Francis L. Clayton
  42.  Dr. C.G. Cohagan
  43. Editor Philip Coldren’s Death
  44. Red Cooper
  45. Gene Conklin
  46. Lester E. Cox
  47. Sam Cowan
  48. Sue Todd Crawford
  49. Barbara Crowe
  50. Rosemary Keefe Curb: Story and Letter of resignation
  51. Anne and Ron Dalby
  52. Irvan H. Darnall
  53. Donald Darnton Correspondence with Fred Hughes
  54. Lou J. DeLamarter
  55. Herbert and Marjorie de Lalla
  56. Dr. Bruce E. Douglass: Mayo Clinic Diet
  57. Herbert Douglas Attorney at Law
  58. Cary E. Drake
  59. Don Draper Ozark Hills
  60. Elizabeth, Bob, Ella
  61. Letters From Elmer Ellis and Governor John M. Dalton to Fred Hughes
  62. Phil Emrich
  63. Robert S. Ersted
  64. Mr. and Mrs. Leclaire Rogers Estes
  65. Debbie Finley
  66. Lyman L. Fishburn
  67. James E. Fitsgerald
  68. Gerald and Betty Ford: White House
  69. Richard S. Fowler
  70. Ray Ferguson Realtor
  71. John H. Gassaway
  72. Lewis N. Goff
  73. Donald L. Goforth
  74. Harry P. Gough
  75. Carl and Margaret Greene
  76. Mrs. Nellie Hughes Hale
  77. Sam D. Hales
  78. Congressman Durward G. Hall letters to Fred Hughes
  79. Robert F. Hall
  80. Mel Hancock: Congressman
  81. Morris J. Harris
  82. John S. Harris
  83. Harry and Judy
  84. Ella and Lindsey Hatchett
  85. Marjorie Hatfield
  86. Ruth and Paul Haviland
  87. Governor Warren E. Hearnes
  88. Digest Sketch of Missouri’s 46th Governor Warren Hearnes
  89. Governor Warren E. Hearnes and Fred Hughes Photos
  90. Robert S. Hendrix
  91. Virginia Hewitt
  92. Larry Hickey
  93. Oliver Wendell Holmes poem
  94. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hotchkiss
  95. David Hoover
  96. Jean and Bob
  97. James A. Hufnagel
  98. John K. Hulston
  99. Mrs. William Jack
  100. Beverly Jackson: Cape Cod Times GM
  101. Jack and Norma Jackson
  102. Jim and Cindy
  103. Jim and Ruth
  104. Alton and Pauline Jones
  105. J.T. Jones
  106. Walton(Walt) and Helen Jones
  107. Louis Kanakis
  108. William(Bill) F. Kerby
  109. Jack S. Kitchen
  110. Secretary of State James C. Kirkpatrick
  111. Julio S. Leon
  112. L.E. Lines (Curg)
  113. Lee L. Lockridge
  114. Senator Edward V. Long Correspondence with Hughes
  115. Ellen E. Lowe
  116. Lynn and Jim
  117. Mrs. Frank H. Mackie Jr.
  118. Vincent J. Manno
  119. C. Bates Manning Architect
  120. Marge and Jack
  121. Mary and Earl
  122. Harry Marshall
  123. Charleene Martinie
  124. Norval M. Matthews
  125. Bert E. Maybee D. D. S.
  126. Pamela McClain: sales rep. Raphael of Kansas City
  127. Ralph McDonald
  128. Addison McMechan
  129. Allen McReynolds, Flanigan and Flanigan Law Offices
  130. Norman L. Merrell
  131. Sandie Morgan
  132. Mrs. Morle N. Mirts
  133. Jim and Judy Molloy
  134. Barbara and James(Jim) Moore
  135. Lu. P. Monroe
  136. Saundra Morrison
  137. F.W. Mueller
  138. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Myers
  139. Margie and Richard Newlin
  140. Greg Nico
  141. Ralph Nolan
  142. Mrs. J.E. O’Neal
  143. Tip O’Neill
  144. John A. Park Jr.
  145. Parky and Ellie
  146. Pepper, Bodine, Frick, Scheetz and Hamilton Law Offices
  147. Bill Perry: United Technologies carrier Transicold
  148. B.J. and Albert Pickerall
  149. Mrs. Polluck
  150. Earl L. Proctor
  151. William C. Putnam
  152. Charles H. Rehm
  153. Timothy T. Reynolds
  154. Mr. and Mrs. Siert Riempa
  155. John Rippe
  156. Soo Roberts
  157. C. Otis Robinson and Fred Hughes Correspondence
  158. Hugh and Katherine Rogers
  159. Lang Rogers
  160. Elizabeth McReynolds Rozier
  161. Rudy
  162. Bloor Schleppey
  163. H.W. Schooling Letters to Fred Hughes
  164. Richard and JoAnn Secord
  165. Janet seres
  166. Spencer Shore Letters to Fred Hughes
  167. Dewey Short
  168. Thomas F. Simon: Clerk of the Supreme Court
  169. James M. Skahan DDS
  170. Dennis W. Smith MD
  171. Reverend John Walker Smith
  172. Death of Louie Smith
  173. Richard M. Smith
  174. Rusty Smith Scholarship Fund Hamilton College
  175. Dosha M. Sneed
  176. Larry and Dana Snyder
  177. Lucie and Jim Somers
  178. George A. Spencer Attorney
  179. Philip V. Spooner
  180. Marge and Robert Sprague
  181. Edward Staples
  182. William M. Stewart
  183. Frederick C. Stiles
  184. C.R. Stribling Letters to Fred Hughes
  185. Susie and Jack
  186. Dr. Richard L. Sutton, Jr.
  187. Senator Stuart Symington Letters to Fred Hughes and Leon C. Billingsly
  188. Gene Taylor
  189. Thomas E. Taylor and Fred Hughes Correspondence and Documents
  190. Joseph P. Teasdale Governor
  191. Norm Thompson: Department 81
  192. A.M. Tighe: Christ King Church
  193. Secretary of State Walter H. Toberman
  194. Mrs. Doris Gant Tracy
  195. Charles D. Tudor Attorney
  196. Paul and Jeanne Verseput
  197. Charles and Barbara Veteto
  198. Representative Robert P. Warden
  199. Warten, Fisher, Lee, and Brown Law Offices
  200. Senator Richard M. Webster
  201. William L. Webster
  202. James A. Wells Letters to MSSC
  203. Jerry E. Wells
  204. Robert(Bob) and Dottie Wellington
  205. Jean and Spike(Warren) Wheeler
  206. Brenda Whelan
  207. Charles(Kitch) and Del White
  208. Glenn D. Wilson: Teledyne
  209. J. Conner Wise
  210. Warren P. Woodworth
  211. Robert and Beck Wood
  212. Thomas C. Wood
  213. Mrs. A. Janssen Wooldridge
  214. Karen Worley
  215. State Representative Robert Ellis Young
  216. Mary Ann Young

Collection Inventory

Box 9

This box contains the Hughes and Blair family cards and letters to Fred and Becky. It also contains biographies of both Fred and Becky Hughes, with a few speeches that Fred Hughes delivered to different organizations. The box will also contain a family tree from the Hughes side of Fred’s Family and a detailed history of his mother’s side of the family the Mackay’s.

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