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ENG 202: Writing and Research in English

Exploration of research materials for literary text analysis and completion of Dr. Kumbier's Literary Quest Assignment

Contemporary Authors Series in Print

Varying editions – there are three variants of the same series of this work in our library; this can be confusing but the source can still be useful! The unique purposes of these different series are as follows:

  • MSSU Reference Z1224.C58 ---New Revision Series, 184 volumes – this series provides completely updated information on authors listed in previously published volumes of Contemporary Authors original series; any sketches from the original set needing significant updating were corrected and published in this series.

  • MSSU Reference Z1224 .C6 ---Contemporary Authors (original),  278 volumes – tens of thousands of writers (many of whom are usually overlooked and hard to find) in bio-bibliographical sketches; each new volume, as a new volume is compiled every year or so, contains full-length sketches on authors not previously listed in the series.

  • MSSU Reference Z1224 .C62 ---Permanent Series, 2 volumes – the bio-bibliographical sketches of authors who are deceased or who are no longer writing new works; their blurbs have been transferred into this permanent collection, after being carefully revised, and will no longer appear in the other, constantly revised edition.

How to Use the Gale Literary Criticism Print Series

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To use, simply look up your author’s last name in the index (listed alphabetically), figure out what series and volume number he is located in, and go to that source.

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