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ENG 202: Writing and Research in English

Exploration of research materials for literary text analysis and completion of Dr. Kumbier's Literary Quest Assignment

Choosing your Literary Text

You will need to select a literary text or literary topic you are interested in learning more about.

You will be presenting an analysis of research materials available for a literary text of your choosing - a novel, a poetry collection by one author in book form, a single book-length poem or a drama.

It is to your advantage to choose a text that interests you.  It is much easier to research something that intrigues your rather than one that you don't find particularly compelling.

Don't have a particular text in mind?

Browse our collection of Critical Heritage authors by doing a keyword search below:  Critical Heritage

OR in the 'Search by:' drop down box select Title or Author to search for a particular work or author you may have in mind

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When choosing your text, keep in mind...

...that works which are too current, considered popular/light reading only, or have an author who is unknown or considered unworthy of scholarly consideration might not have literary criticism or other information such as reviews or author biographies available. If you are unsure what work to pick, choose something that is considered a “classic” so that a variety of resources and information will be available to you.

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