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ENG 202: Writing and Research in English

Exploration of research materials for literary text analysis and completion of Dr. Kumbier's Literary Quest Assignment

Where to Find other major Works by your Author

You have several options to look for other titles written by the author of the literary work you are researching.  Depending on who you author is, your search may have to expand out to see as comprehensive of a list of works by your author as possible.

  1. Spiva Library catalog (SWAN)
  2. MOBIUS Union catalog (includes collections of over 60 Missouri Libraries)
  3. WorldCat - searches thousands of library collections worldwide
  4. Dictionary of Literary Biography Series (Print or Online)

No matter which option you choose, you will want to search by 'Author' instead of 'Keyword'

Dictionary of Literary Biography (Print Series)

WorldCat Search - Large

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>
  1. Click on>> link above.
  2. Then Click on, Advanced Search to see 'Author' field.

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