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ENG 202: Writing and Research in English

Exploration of research materials for literary text analysis and completion of Dr. Kumbier's Literary Quest Assignment

Critical Survey of Long Fiction

Contents and Scope

Critical Survey of Long Fiction provides in-depth profiles of 678 novelists representing more than sixty countries and the literary history of long fiction from the tenth century to the early twenty-first century.

The first nine volumes contain essays on novelists likely to be studied in most high school and undergraduate courses in the English-speaking world.

Essays are arranged alphabetically by author's last name.  Following full data on alternate or birth names and dates and places of birth and death, the ready-reference top matter provides a list of the author's "Principal Long Fiction" that includes the original title and date of publication and the the English title in translation and translation date as applicable.

The brief overview of the "Other Literary Forms" places the author in a larger literary context.  Two longer sections, "Achievements" and "Biography," follow.  The former summarizes the author's innovations and contributions to literature as well as noting any major honors and awards.  The latter chronicles the author's basic life events, from birth and upbringing to death (or the present day -2009, for living authors).

The last third of voulume 9 and all of volume 10 are devoted to 61 surveys of long fiction, arranged in four sections:  Long Fiction in History, World Long Fiction, North American Long Fiction and Genre Overviews.

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