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ENG 202: Writing and Research in English

Exploration of research materials for literary text analysis and completion of Dr. Kumbier's Literary Quest Assignment

Evidence of how the Work was written


Are manuscripts of the work available?  Where are they?  What do they or might they show us about the work?  Did the work go through several drafts before publication?  Are there alternative versions of the work?

Literary Quest Assignment Sheet,
Dr. Kumbier, Spring 2012

Dictionary of Literary Biography (Print Series)

A page from the manuscript of "Frankenstein"

Harris-Fain, Darren. "Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (30 August 1797-1 February 1851)". British Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers Before World War I. Ed. Darren Harris-Fain. Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 178. Detroit: Gale Research, 1997. 222-228. Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online. Gale. MOREnet Missouri Southern State University. 5 February 2012 <>.

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