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Guide for training of Library student workers

Web-Based Training Modules

Each module is designed to be completed during a normal desk shift or less, and completing modules will earn you rewards and online badges you can display on your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles for future employers. 

  • You're Hired! Now What? ​​

Start with the Training tab and make your way through until you take the quiz at the end. Then do the same with the Departments of the library tab. Once you finish both quizzes you are done!

  • Customer Service Basics. 

How to deal with people professionally, providing an excellent experience.

  • Emergencies Basics. 

While we hope emergency situations never come up during your time at the university, here are the suggested ways to handle serious emergency situations as a federal work study employee.

Job Board

Jobs that need to be done around the library! Please see the supervisor of each department before starting the task to make sure the process is done correctly. 

Thank you!


  • AVC
  • Circulation
    • Shelf Reading Main Collection
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Reference
  • Technical Services

Working for Spiva Library

Student Workers

All student workers must apply through the student employment office in addition to the Library. Student workers cannot exceed 20 hours per week during fall, spring, and summer semesters. Student workers may work up to 40 hours during intersessions with the approval of their supervisor. There are two types of student workers:

  1. Work-study: federal work-study eligibility is determined through the financial aid office
  2. Student help: students not eligible for the federal work-study program


All student workers:

  • Are scheduled to work around their classes
  • Morning, evening, and weekend flexibility is required
  • Students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week and are paid bimonthly 

Circulation and Resource Sharing Specialist


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