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An Introduction to Islam

This guide was created to offer some introductory materials about the Islam faith, Muslims, Islamic society, etc.

Shari'a and Fiqh

Shari'a is a broad term for Islamic law, literally meaning the "path" that Muslims should follow. Shari'a is derived from the Qu'ran and the Sunnah, by techniques broadly defined as fiqh, Islamic jurisprudence.

A definition of shari'a and fiqh

Illustrated Manuscript


1.       Editor: Muhi al-Din Lari, “Futuh al-Haramain (Description of Holy Cities) of Muhi al-Din Lari  folio 10 recto: the mosque in Mecca with the Kaaba in the middle (the black building)” Ottoman period (c.1280-1924), Mid-16th century, Attributed to: Turkey, The Metropolitan Museum of Art  Rogers Fund, 1932; Courtesy of ARTstor.

Notable Persons in Law

Below, you'll find an abbreviated list of notable Islamic fuqahah and commentators:

Abu Hanifa

Malik Ibn Anas



Ibn Hanbal

Jafar al-Sadiq



Books on Shari'a

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