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Open Educational Resources

A guide for instructor basic understanding of Open Educational Resources (OER), including how to find, evaluate, use and adapt OER materials for their own curriculum.

Tips for searching OER

Reviewing OER materials is very similar to how you would evaluate traditional resources for your classroom use. There are a few differences, so here are some tips to provide aid in reviewing OER materials:

Check for Peer Reviews:

Many OER have been used or viewed by professionals in your field of study. Check and see who is using this material and what they have to say.

Check the License:

Depending on the license you may be able to use just part of the material or to re-work it to fit your class. One of the benefits of OER is that you are rarely required to use the entire work. There is room for flexibility. 

Check for Advanced Search functions:

Many sites will have advanced search functions. Some include Subject areas, Conditions of use, and Resource Evaluation Criteria. These functions can help you evaluate the materials. 

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