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Faculty Services @ Spiva Library

A guide explaining information literacy across the curriculum and the role the library plays in helping students learn how to acquire, manage, analyze, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically to be successful in their careers and life.

Remember to Log In

To access fulltext articles or eBooks from off-campus you must be a current MSSU student, faculty or staff member with a Username and PIN.


Your Username and PIN is the same one used to log onto campus computers.


Username:  doej001 (first half of your mymail email)
PIN:  ****** (6 random character PIN assigned with your S#)

You can find out your university email address via LioNet (

If you do not know your PIN please contact the Information Service Technologies helpdesk @417-659-4444 or


Use your Active Directory logon or wireless logon to access library resources from off campus.


Contact the Library Reference desk.
Phone: 417-625-9342

Off-Campus Access

How to access library databases, ebooks, and ejournals off-campus?

When accessing from off-campus, you will see the EZproxy login page below. Enter your username (first half of your email extension) and PIN to access the databases, ejournals or ebooks. After signing in, you should have full access to library subscription.

I am never prompted for an ID, and instead encounter a problem.

If you receive any of the following problems in your browser, it normally indicates there are firewall or DNS issues:

  • Page cannot be found

  • Cannot find server or DNS

  • Remote browser waits and waits for every resource I try to access

If you administer your own personal firewall such as Norton Antivirus, then you will have to make an exception for “ezproxy.” and ""

If you are at a place of work with a local area network, the local network has a firewall or internet security settings that could interfere with EZproxy.  You will need to talk to your network administrator at your place of school or business.

One thing you can try: remove the number 2048 at the beginning part of  the URL at the address bar. For example, if your URL begins with "", you can manually remove ":2048" and hit enter.  

When I login in the EZproxy page my name and password don't work.  What's wrong?

You must be a current MSSU student, faculty or staff to use the library subscribed electronic resources.

  • If it says your login is incorrect, we recommend you try to log into LioNet first and test your credential.

  • If you have forgotten your login or have problem with your login, you need to email or call 417-659-4444.

  • Please include your LioNet ID number, name, contact number and a description of your problem.

My initial login is accepted, but I can't get any further to access resources?

Step 1: please try different browsers first.

Step 2: If none of the browsers works, please check the following settings in your browser:

 After making changes suggested above, you will need to relaunch your browser and retest.

I use my laptop on campus and see the “this page cannot be displayed” message when I try to access library subscribed resources.

You need to check which wireless network you are connecting. The public wireless network (SouthernGuest) on campus does not allow unauthorized access.  Please connect to the MSSU secure wireless network (Southern) first before you access library restricted resources.

I got a Hostname error?

This means the database or website has not been configured through MSSU EZproxy. Database vendors often change domain names, or pull content from new computer hosts without ever informing libraries.  Thus, when a hostname error occurs, EZproxy's configuration must be updated to include the new host.  Please send the Systems Librarian, Kayla Reed ( an email that includes the error message.

Who can access  subscribed/restricted databases, ebooks, and ejournals from off-campus?

All faculty, staff and students who are currently enrolled in MSSU are allowed to access the library electronic resources through EZproxy with a valid username and PIN.

What is EZproxy?

EZproxy provides off-campus access to the George A. Spiva Library electronic resources. EZproxy is an authentication system. It verifies that the users are current MSSU students, faculty, or staff members. It works independently from operating systems and commonly used browsers.

Why do I have to go through the EZproxy before accessing subscribed electronic resources off-campus?

Many journals, ebooks, and databases that the Library subscribes to require this verification for off-campus access because of license agreements between the Library and its content providers. But EZproxy connectivity is not needed for library resources freely available to anyone on the Internet.

When do I use EZproxy?

When you click on a link to an electronic resource off-campus, you are accessing the EZproxy.  EZproxy checks whether your computer is within allowed IP ranges, off campus or wireless and whether you are an authenticated user. If you are on campus or on the campus secure wireless network (Southern), you should bypass EZproxy and be sent directly to the resources.  If you are off-campus, you will be required to authenticate prior to gaining access to the resources.

 If you are using the correct log on and still have problems accessing the article databases, please try clearing any cookies on your computer.

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