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Faculty Services @ Spiva Library

A guide explaining information literacy across the curriculum and the role the library plays in helping students learn how to acquire, manage, analyze, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically to be successful in their careers and life.

Request a Customized Course or Research Guide

What content can I expect to see on a LibGuide customized for my class?

  • Material that supports and enriches the course content conveniently located in one place
  • Information about resources helpful in completing a specific class assignment
  • Links to full text articles taken from library databases
  • Citations to articles held in print in the Library
  • Links to library owned eBooks
  • Recommended quality websites
  • Streaming video tutorials


To request a customized LibGuide for your course, please fill out THIS form

Student Comments on customized Course or Research Guide

Assignment by Amanda
Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 11:14 AM 

I am uber happy about this feature for our assignment, thank you Dr. Kumbier and Nancy. :)))

Thanks by Les 
Friday, Feb 8, 2013 10:51 AM 

Thank you for this excellent feature. It helped with this assignment so very much!

So well done! by VBrandal
Thursday, Sep 12, 2013 10:13 AM 

What a delightful surprise to find this while researching a topic of interest!

Thanks by Rachel 
Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 12:06 PM 

Can I just 'like' the other comments? Because, I agree-- this is a classy and helpful site!

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