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Library Orientation: Getting to Know George A. Spiva Library

Learn about the library, its people, resources and services.

Library Staff

Library Director - James Capeci

  • Responds to compliments and complaints
  • Answers questions about policies and procedures
  • Handles budgetary and scheduling issues


Phone: 417-625-9806

Room: L-120



Assistant Library Director - Amber Carr

  • Creates displays, flyers, etc.
  • Fosters relationships between the library and local community/campus
  • Coordinates the Literary Lion's book club


Phone: 417-625-9335

Room: L-409




Collections and Content Services - Melissa Forsythe

  • Orders/evaluates library materials and collections (books, media, journals, etc.)
  • Works with librarians and faculty to develop new content/collections
  • Manages the library's Sharepoint, database/product trials, and accepts donations


Phone: 417-625-4039

Room: 329



Archivist Librarian - Whitney Hamm

  • Provides access to and maintains the MSSU Archives and Special Collections
  • Organizes, catalogs, and creates aids for archival and special collections
  • Assists in archival research and digitizes archival materials


Phone: 417-625-9552

Room: L-143



Library Cataloging Specialist - DeAnn Isenhower

  • Mends, catalogs, and processes library items in different formats
  • Provides general library and public service assistance
  • Supervises the library technical services department 


Phone: 417-625-9794

Room: 405


Part-time Administrative Assistant - Renee Stockton

  • Manages ordering and supplies
  • Creates invoices
  • Manages mail and deliveries


Phone: 417-625-9386

Room: L-118


Part-time Clerks - Evenings and Weekends

  • Provides staffing and services at all four public services desks
  • Provides research assistance using online library catalogs and databases
  • Answers general questions about library operations 


Phone: 417-625-9362

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