Faculty Services @ Spiva Library: Library Liaisons

A guide explaining information literacy across the curriculum and the role the library plays in helping students learn how to acquire, manage, analyze, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically to be successful in their careers and life.

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James Capeci
Voice: 417-625-9806
Room: L-120
E-mail: capeci-j@mssu.edu





Engineering Technology

Radiologic Technology



Access Services Librarian

Kayla Reed
Voice: 417-625-9687
Room: L-323

E-mail: reed-k@mssu.edu

English & Philosophy

Social Work

Student Success Center


Archival Librarian

Whitney Hamm
Voice: 417-625-9552
Room: L-143
E-mail: hamm-w@mssu.edu





Political Science


Emerging Technologies/Systems Librarian

Lucy Wang
Voice: 417-625-3184
Room: L-421

E-mail: wang-x@mssu.edu


Chemical and Physical Sciences


Computer Information Science

Instruction/Reference Librarian

Nancy M. Crabtree
Voice: 417-625-9729
Room: L-306
E-mail: crabtree-n@mssu.edu

Criminal Justice



Teacher Education


Marketing & Outreach Librarian

Amber CarrAmber Carr
Voice: 417-625-9335
Room: L-409
E-mail: carr-a@mssu.edu


Accounting / Finance / Economics

Marketing & Management 

International Business

Serials/Reference Librarian

Robert Black
Voice: 417-625-9310
Room: L-307
E-mail: black-r@mssu.edu

Biology & Environmental Health

Dental Hygiene

Emergency Medical Service


Respiratory Therapy


Technical Services Librarian

Hong Li
Voice: 417-625-9550
Room: L-109
E-mail: Li-h@mssu.edu

Modern Languages


International English Program

Library Liaison Program

A liaison librarian is assigned to work with each academic department. The role of the liaison is to collaborate with faculty in the selection, evaluation, and utilization of library resources.

Liaison services include:

  • acquisition of new materials
  • de-selection of obsolete materials
  • development of LibGuides
  • demonstrating of specific database or technological innovations that can be used in teaching or research
  • class information literacy instruction
  • collaboration with students and faculty on research projects

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