Library Orientation: Getting to Know George A. Spiva Library: Floor Plans

Learn about the library, its people, resources and services.

First Floor

Archives Collection

Technical Services Office

Circulation Desk #2

24 student workstations

B&W/color printer

B&W Copier


Music CDs

University Java

Big Screen TV and lounge   

Vending machines

Library Director's office



Third Floor





Main Circulation Desk                     Reference Desk and Collection

Lion Card Value Port                      Periodicals (journals and newspapers)

53 Student Workstations                Fireplace

2 B&W copy machines                  1 color copy machine

1 B&W/Color printer                       1 Scanner

Numerous Study Tables                 Comfy couches & chairs

Resource Development Center        Feature Film DVDs

International Semester Books        Graphic Novels Collection

Grant Bookshelf                            New Books

Reserves                                     Muslim Journeys Books

Colbert Report Books                   Daily Show Books

Second Floor

Main Collection                    Career Services  Office

Private Study Rooms            Recreational Reading

Public Study Areas              Non-fiction DVDs

12 Student Workstations       B&W/Color Printer


Fourth Floor

Audio Visual Center

Law collection

Education collection

Childrens Award Books

Juvenile and Young Adult Books

Curriculum Materials & Kits

Government Documents

Native American Collection


Belk Quiet Room

Faculty Reading Room

Microform Viewing and Storage Area

12 Student Workstations

1 Scanner

1 B&W/Color Printer

TV Viewing Room

Relay Video Phone for the Deaf

Adaptive Technology Software

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