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Tobacco & Smoking Cessation @ MSSU: Apps

Stop smoking and tobacco use with help from the varied resources available from your library and other campus partners.

Recommended Apps

There are many apps available for your mobile device that can help you quit smoking. Many provide encouragement, help identify your cravings and triggers, and track your progress. The apps highlighted here are available for free though some may have premium content that can be purchased in-app. Try out a few to see which works best for you.

Smoke Free by David Crane
Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Log your cravings to identify patterns and get tips on dealing with them. Progress updates show you how how many cigarettes you've avoided, how much money you've saved, and how your health has improved. Optional pro (paid) content offers daily missions to keep you on track.


QuitGuide by
Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android

Record cravings and slips by times of day and location. Track your mood and smoking triggers and get tips for dealing with cravings and bad moods. Journal entires help monitor your progress and inspirational messages keep you focused and motivated on your smokefree journey.


Quit smoking - QuitNow! - by Fewlaps, S.C.
Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android

Track the days/hours/minutes you've been smoke free, the number of cigarettes you've avoided and the money you've saved. Also provides indicators on your health improvement process. QuitNow! is also a social app that allows you to connect with other quitters to chat, share tips and tricks, and support.


LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach by Demand Media, Inc.
Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Create a personalized plan to help you quit smoking. Choose to quit smoking right away or gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake—tracking the times you smoke and have nicotine cravings along the way. Motivational tips and progress charts  provide quit smoking help and keep you on track while achievement badges reward you for progress.


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