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Biological Literature: Overview


Use this introductory page to learn biological sciences, read about current discoveries in science, and begin thinking about possible research ideas of your own. 

The remaining pages of this research guide (tabs above) correspond to some of the different concepts your instructor wishes you to understand about writing a scientific article and finding, evaluating, and ethically using the scientific writing of others.

Right now you are part of the scholarly conversation where you read, listen and report by investigating what others in your field are researching.  Once you conduct your own research and begin sharing your findings, then you join the conversation by communicating what you have to say about the subject.

What is Biological Sciences?

The biological sciences encompass a wide range of objects and problems—from cells to whales, from eating to evolution. The degree to which these studies have been perceived as a cohesive science, or even as a federation of sciences, has varied greatly over time. Americans participated significantly in the shaping of many biological sciences from the early nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth. Some areas of biology were among the first regions of science in which Americans became world leaders. Knowledge imported and developed by American biologists had substantial impact, both through its application in medical and agricultural technologies and through its influence on ways that Americans thought about themselves and their relations with the natural world.

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