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APA and MLA Citation Game - Presented by Univerity of Washington TRIO Training

Welcome to the Citation Game! Here you will play an interactive game and learn how to correctly format APA or MLA citations for some of the most commonly used citation types.

You won’t find every type within this game, but you can always go to the resources listed below for more information.

We will add more types of citation, so be sure to come back and play often.

Before you begin, please print out the two Review sheets: the APA review sheet (or as a pdf) and the MLA review sheet (or as a pdf) to use while playing this game.

  1. Using the Citation Game Index box on the right, click on a citation formation that you would like to learn.
  2. Drag and drop the citation pieces in the correct order for that type.
  3. When you think your answer is correct, click the Check button.
  4. If your answer is incorrect, you can click the Restart button or move the pieces around and click the Check button again.
  5. If you need help, click the Hint button and it will tell you what is right.
  6. If your answer is correct, click the forward arrow to move to the next citation or click Index to choose a different citation type.

Note: You won't be scored on the alignment. In APA and MLA citations, the first line of each citation should be left-aligned, and subsequent lines should be indented five spaces. This game is based solely on the order of the citation elements, and not on alignment.

To learn more about citation, go here for more sources: APA and MLA Citation Sources


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