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Goblin Threat Plagiarism Game - Lycoming College

It's a quiet day at Lycoming...When suddely the campus was taken over by plagiarism goblins who want to destroy its academic integrity.  You are the only person left who can destroy the goblins and restore order to the college.

Find and click on earch goblin hidden in the room.  You will be asked one question for each goblin.  If you get the questin right, the goblin will be eliminated.  After you clear each room of its goblins, then you will be able to move onto the next room. 

We're counting on you to save the day!


The Goblin Threat game was created by Mary Broussard with assitance on question writing from Jessica Urick Oberlin.

Inspiration came from Dream Chronicles (available for purchase), and escape games such as Escape Artist.

Almost all sound effects from Free Sound Project

Homer Simpson's "d'oh" sound effect from:

Image inspiration:

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