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PSC 120: Government: US, State and Local (Dr. Nicoletti)

Helpful research materials that can be used to complete Policy Decision Memo assignment for Dr. Nicoletti's PSC 120 course sections.

Websites that fact find the latest news stories


Checks the truthfulness of news stories' and politicians' claims and comments.

" is your nonpartisan guide to money's influence on U.S. elections and public policy."

Your go-to source for email rumors and urban legends.

Project Vote Smart

A non-partisan organization which provides information on political candidates at all levels of government, including biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finance, speeches, public statements, and interest group ratings.

A non-partisan organization researching and targeting inaccurate comments by politicians, candidates, and partisan groups.

Political Websites and Blogs

A mix of blogs and online news sources from non-partisan, left and right perspectives. Warning: The information in these blogs may have varying degrees of accuracy. Use the CRAAP test to evaluate the information you find.


Political Wire

The National Review Online

Slate's Political Coverage


The Weekly Standard

Roll Call

Guardian's Blogs (U.K newspaper)

Salon's Political Coverage

The American Spectator

Huffington Post

American Conservative

Talking Points Memo

Websites with Public Opinion Polls

Search for Reports by Political Science Think Tanks


A think tank conducts research and often makes policy recommendations. Think tanks often have a political perspective (right or left), but may also describe themselves as non partisan. Keep this in mind and evaluate your results! The think tanks in this search were culled from the University of Pennsylvania's "Global Go-To Think Tanks" rating index.

Book of the States

Federalist Papers

United States Government Manual

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