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Find a Drug Article in a Nursing Journal

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  1.       Go to the library homepage:

2.      Click on the ‘A-Z Database List’ link in the Summon @ MSSU search box.

3.      Scroll down the page until you see ‘CINAHL with Full-Text’

4.      Click on the CINAHL with Full Text database title to open up the search interface of this one particular database.

5.      Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ link


a.       Type the name of your drug in the first search box.

b.      In the second search box type:  nurs*  and select ‘SO Publication Name’ in the drop down menu  (this will limit your results to journals with the variations of the word nurs – nurse, nursing, nurses – in the title.

c.       Further down the page limit your search to the current 5 years by putting the appropriate dates in the ‘Published Date from’ fields

d.      Click the search button

*additional limiter option you might decide to use is 'Author is Nurse'





7.      The above search brings back 166 results; some available full text in the CINAHL database and some not, but all about acetaminophen in Nursing journals.

8.      If the full text is not available in anything the library subscribes to you will see the below messgage:

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