PSC 352: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Nicoletti): Getting Started

A selection of resources to help in the completion of the final research paper in Dr. Nicoletti's Comparative Politics course sections.

Guide Contents

The tabs (found above) of this guide are based upon the assignments students are required to complete over the semester .

1. Choose a country

2. Develop a thesis or set of hypotheses

3. Gather supporting evidence

      a. books    

      b.  articles, reports, documents

      c. statistics

      d. opinion polls

      e. organizations

      f. political news

4. Citations

      a. ASPA Style Manual

Overview of semester assignments and final paper

Each student will choose a country and identify what they believe is the largest problem facing that nation today. Based on initial research, students are required to develop a series of questions pertaining to the problem they have identified within their chosen nation-state - I suggest 2 to 3 important questions regarding your topic. Once these questions are identified, students will develop a thesis or set of hypotheses (answers) regarding the questions they have identified. In order to develop answers to the identified questions, students will need to research the political landscape within that county in great detail. This research project is designed to be an in-depth case study of a nation-state’s significant obstacles, using research on its political institutions, electoral system, political economy, and political culture.

Nicoletti, Nicholas P. PSC 352 Intoduction to Comparative Politics, Syllabus.  Missouri Southern State University, Fall 2014.

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