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MSSU Honors Program

"The Honors Program at Missouri Southern State University is intended to encourage academic excellence by providing special opportunities and challenges for exceptional students." 

"In their senior year, students in the Honors Program produce original research or a creative project in their field of study, under the guidance of a professional faculty mentor."

Honors Program students are required to give their Honors Senior Theses Presentations and submit a Word document of their theses to the Honors Program.  

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Senior Honors Thesis

The Spiva Library made an agreement in 2010 with MSSU Honors Program to make seniors' theses available online through the SWAN catalog.

Senior Honors Program students fill out a consent form to have their theses made freely available online.

You can search and view the full text of the honors theses in the SWAN catalog.

You can also browse and view the honors theses by year in below.


MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Bolte, Ethan Chemical lab safety at Missouri Southern State University
Kidd, Jaclyn V. Creating sexual assault awareness at MSSU by anonymous public participation in an art exhibit
Sweet, Rachel Determining an association between non-ionizing, non-thermal radiation emitted from cellular phones and the growth of brain tumors : a meta-analytic approach
Burkes, Sarah C. Disabled YouTubers and user gratifications : a content analysis of YouTube communities
Henry, Chelsey Division II athlete motivation and scholarship status
Teeter, Nathan The effect of a price increase on the total revenues of Ansulex
Marion, Chelsie The effect of deontology and ethics on tax evasion
Stokes, Steven The effect of health insurance market concentration on premiums
Ikerd, Alec Examining label accuracy in probiotics
Brewer, Alyssa Examining teacher preparation for educating exceptional learners
Nwogu, Osinachi Financial benefits of cloud computing: the effects of cloud computing on the technology expenses of regional universities
Lin, Sara Follow the leader : factors affecting athletes' leadership style preferences
Rodriguez, Luzarianna Galindo Food insecurity in student athletes at Missouri Southern State University : does distance away from home affect food insecurity in student-athletes?
Tool, Kennedy Heartworm disease in shelter dogs in Joplin Missouri
Moore, Jane Human empathy for animals in fictional stories
Pederson, Toby Intrinsic properties of ceramics from Tatebo Ozark Technical Ceramics
Crosby, Michelle Leggett & Platt and the TCJA: a case study
Pederson, Claire Patterns of MRSA in health care workers
Pederson, Claire Patterns of MRSA in health care workers
Brock, Caitlin Preferences for learning resources in educational settings
Murphy, Rachel A qualitative study investigating EMS professionals and emotional labor in the workplace
Ray, Rachel Relationship between social and environmental factors and life expectancy in blue zone communities
Reich, Heidi The role of threat on the weapon focus effect
Pekarek, Garrett Skin deep : race, visible tattoos, and social perception
DeCampa, Richard R. N. The social correlates of war
Drendel, Ryan Social media and the self : using creative nonfiction to consider empirical English
Hayes, Kyle Too taboo : determining if gender of athletic trainers and coaches is a barrier to communication concerning Amenorrhea

MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Clark, Sarah The art of being centered : exploring Zen Buddhism in ceramics
Degani, Karissa A comparison of A1C levels of type II diabetic patients between the uninured and the insured
Fraser, Kaitlin A comparison of wellness in undergraduate health and non-health majors
Ames, Bethany Confidence, knowledge, and the use of Career Services : professional development competencies of university students
Nwogu, Chioma The effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the choice between Traditional and Roth IRAs : an after-tax break-even analysis
Provence-Harmon, Christian Effectiveness of a community asset map in relation to Joplin’s empowerment levels
Bramwell, Nikki Effects of highlighting and summarizing on reading comprehension
Burken, Elizabeth Effects of organ donation education on nursing students’ confidence in caring for potential organ donor patients
Warstler, Alyvia Empowering charitable nonprofits to strengthen collaboration for greater effectiveness
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MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Flowers, Sarah Influence of various sporting activities on circulating cortisol levels
Hayes, Trent Implementation of Bitcoin in the Joplin Market
McDonnell, Madison E. The long-term benefits of turnover considering job satisfaction : a millennial perspective
Millard, Emily The impact of skilled therapy services on ICU patients
Presley, Johnny Lee, Jr. Maximizing the quality of life in our last days : the major decisions facing the victims of pancreatic cancer
Gray, Sierra Photographic gender representations : a content analysis of athletes on the International Olympic Committee website
Stiles, Dana Individualistic and collectivistic cultures : encouraging MSSU students to study abroad
Ward, Garrett Quantification of formaldehyde concentration : an inquiry based laboratory in gas chromatography
Young, Lauren A. Mooving to the music : music's effect on milk production
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MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Altvater, Michaela The Great Game of Education : recommendations for implementation
Christensen, Mackenzie Life After Destruction : Dystopia and the Trials of High School
Hamilton, Kendra Implementing Growth Mindset in the Classroom : the Importance of How Students Learn
Harp, Jacob Millennials and the Independent Christian Church
Loncarich, Holly Decoding the oil price shock : do lower oil prices lead to lower domestic production?
Messer, Jacob The effects of invalidated personality testing on team cohesion and task satisfaction in the workplace environment
Quattlebaum, L. Elyse Going underground : creating an online culture for young adults in Northwest Arkansas
Suso, Kuta New insight to an old problem : Influenza A Virus and Streptococcus pyogenes superinfection in a mouse model
Tomlinson, Justin The Correlation between an Active Lifestyle and Testosterone Levels in College-Aged Males

MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Bang, Neha Measuring the Relationship between S. Mutans Levels and Dental Caries Severity in Patients at the MSSU Dental Hygiene Clinic
Clark, Breana The Impact of Industry Certifications on Hiring Practices in the Four-State Area
Conner, Lindsey Closing the Out-of-School Opportunity Gap: Practical Methods for the Classroom Teacher
Cooley, Aubrey The Relationship between Parenting Style and Moral Reasoning on Adolescent Helping Behavior
Cristy, Ceirra Teaching Multiplication Facts: Using Kinesthetic Movement and Crossing the Midline
Gooch, Cara Hiring Patterns in the C-suite: Female vs. Male CEOs
Hanna, Kristen Constructing Racial Identity as a Biracial Individual in the United States
James, Blake The Family and Medical Leave Act: Compliance Among Employers
Malone, Justin Measuring the Enjoyment Younger Players Feel for Aesthetically Older Video Games
Ratliff, Holly Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Suggestions for Improving the Mindsets of Crime Scene Investigators
Roarty, Claire Assessing the Water Quality in Costa Rica and Applicable Waste Management Techniques
Severns, Danielle Willingness for Whole Body Donation: Associations with Participation in Cadaver-based Anatomy and Blood/plasma Donations
Starks, Alexandra Recommendations for Improved Infrastructure for Vaccine Distribution in Angola
Walker, Dillon The Effects of a Flat Tax on Employment at Certified Public Accounting Firms

MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Adams, Jansen Business Plan for Missouri Southern State University's Intramural Sports Program
Chambers, Sarah Echoes From the Past: The Kalevala's Cultural Significance in Present-day Finland
Henson, Chasity Tornado Climatology of the Joplin Area
Meyer, Chelsea Incorporating Global Best Practices in the American Classroom
Paullus, Emily A Model Character Education Program: A Month of Hidden Curriculum
Walters, Eryn The MSSU Consumer: Apple vs. Samsung
Wright, Jordanne Genetic Homology Among Local Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Strains

MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Baker, Jeffrey Raising a Financially Uniformed Generation: A Guide to Removing the Albatross Around Our Necks
Boles, Holly Monsters in the Basement: Gothic Literature and Critical Thinking
Daoud, Leslie Does a Total Knee Replacement Improve Range of Motion in Patients Over 80 Years of Age, as Compared to 50-70 Year Olds?
Frost, Andrew Strategic Initative: A Business Plan for ASPIRE of Southwest Missouri
Jeng, Aji Determination of Genetic Differences for Antibiotic Resistance in Escherichia Coli Using Oxytetracycline
Jones, Jacob Effects of Motivation on Player Retention in Video Games
Lauffer, Jordan Correlation between Motivation Type and Barriers to Engagement on Progress in Occupational Therapy
McGriff, Lydia Character Education Common Practices of the 2012 and 2013 National Schools of Character
Moore, Kayce Day Shift Nurses vs. Night Shift Nurses: Sleep Deprivation and Circadian Rhythm Affecting Night Shift Nurses to Commit More Medication Errors
Moore, Shayla Lesson Design with Brain-based Learning in Mind: Defining and Applying the Strategies
Prisock, Ryan Factors that Predict the Probability of Student Success at Missouri Southern State University
Rheinecker, Renee Are Your Eggs Broken? A Study of Chromosomal Breakages in Irradiated Chicken Embryos
Thompson, Peter Why Read Al Aswany? Social Oppression and Hierarchy in Egyptian Writer Alaa Al Aswany's Fiction
Vanderplow, Maegan Smoking Practices and Attitudes Among Respiratory Therapy Students and Nursing Students
Wakefield, Jessica Pathogen and Treatment Comparison of an Organic Dairy in the United States and an Organic Dairy in the United Kingdom as it Effects the Physical Well-being of the Dairy Animals
Walden, Diana A Play in Progress

MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Adams, Landon An Examination of the Contributed Major League WAR by an Organization's Top Prospects and Baseball America Farm System Rank
Bramwell, Nathan What Works in a Commercial: Measuring Effective Frequency Within a 30 Second Commercial
DuMond, Morgan A Comparison of the Durability and Longevity of Dental Amalgam and Dental Composite in the Restoration or [i.e., of] Posterior Teeth
Epperson, Kristen An Analysis of the Impact of Education and Experience on Ethical Reasoning in the Accounting Profession
Fischer, Kylie The Effects of Positive Affect and Verbal Encouragement on Success
Gallemore, Brandon A Small Molecule Synthesis of Oxazole Cores: With Possible Applications of the Dakin-West Reaction and the Robinson-Gabriel Synthesis
Heiskell, Amber Design in Sports Brand Advertisements: An Original Sports Brand Company Collection Designed with People in Mind
Lee, Joanna The Effects of Ambivalent Sexism on Academic Performance
Price, Michael Mitochondria Localized BCL-XL Acts as an Apoptosis Inhibitor
Rakes, Cassie Characteristics and Outcomes of WIC and MCB Patients

MSSU Honors Theses



Author Title Link
Bulgurova, Olga Testosterone Effects on Mood, Energy Level, and Libido of College-age Females
Clark, Kisa Not an Ordinary Kansas Garden: A Documentory Exploring the Grassroots Art and Town of Lucas, KS and a Huge Learning Experience for an Undergraduate Broadcasting Student
Clouse, Ashlee Outside Factors in Student Success
Dhans, Lauren Organ Donation: An Assessment of Views and Misconceptions at MSSU
Fust, Axel Illuminating Paths: The Intertextual Relationship between The Count of Monte Cristo and Gankutsuou
Hobbs, Amanda A Temporal Analysis of Ozark Folklore
Holt, Melissa The Effects of Music on College Students' Study Habits and Test Scores
Klugh, Josh A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Written Instructions and Multimedia Tutorials for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Lewis, Sara An Analytical Comparison of United States and French Culture and Accounting Values: Applying the Hofstede-Gray Framework
Reed, Alexandra Montessori Kindergarten Center - Joplin
Reed, Caleb Poetic Accessibility
Reid, Charity The Contact Hypothesis and Interracial Sports Team Involvement
Smith, Caitlan Women's Education and Demographic Development: A Case Study of Guatemala and Costa Rica
Swadley, Kristen Managing Motivation in the Workplace: A Demographic Dissection of the Four Drive Theory
Zimmerman, Kevin Why Men Aren't Teaching: Perceptions of Male Teachers in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Abel, Brianna The Journey of Visual Communication
Ahles, Austin The Influence of Amyloid Precursor-like Protein 2 and Invariant Chain on the Cell Surface Expression of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class 1 Molecules
Borgard, Shannan Comparisons of Phsical Self-perception of Weight Status and Actual Measure of Body Composition in University Female Athletes and Non-athletes
Wood, Alexis Perspectives of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Spirit Possession Among Senior Nursing Students



Author Title Link

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