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Spiva Library Floor Plans: Home

How to Use the Floor Plan Info

The information on the left pane is a list of collections and service areas that can be found on each floor of the library.

The information at the center is mainly created for the purpose of locating a specific item by call number (e.g., HV8073.T55 2006) and by collection.

As the call number ranges in the floor plan look small, please click the image to enlarge it in your browser.

Floor Content

First Floor

  • Collections

         - Archives collection

  • Service areas

         - Cataloging Services

         - Circulation desk #2

         - Coffee shop and lounge

         - Computer workstations

         - Director's office

         - Printer & Scanner

         - Vending machines

Second Floor

  • Collections

        - Main collection


  •  Service areas

        - Career Services 

        - Computer Workstations

        - Printer

        - Study rooms


Third Floor (main floor)

  • Collections

        - Audiobooks

         -Collaborative Collection

           - Feature Film DVDs

        - Grant Book Shelf

        - Graphic Novels

        - International Semester Books

        - Music CDs

        - New Book Shelf

        - New Magazines and Journals

        - Non-Fiction DVDs

        - Periodicals

        - Reference Books

        - Reserves

  • Service areas

       - Circulation Desk

       - Computer Workstations

       - Copy Machine

         (Black and white or color)

       - Lion Card Value Port

       - Printer & Scanner

       - Reference Desk


Fourth Floor

  • Collections 

        - Awarding-winning Books

        - Big Books

        - Curriculum/Curriculum Kits

        - Government Documents

        - IEP Test Prep Books

        - International English Program Books

        - Juvenile Books

        - Law collection

        - Microforms

        - Native American Resource Collection

        - Young Adult Books

        - Teachers of English Speakers of other Languages (TESOL)

  • Service areas

        - Computer Workstations

          - Mac Lab

        - Quiet Room

        - Audio Visual & Government

          Document Desk


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