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ENG 319: Teaching Writing in Middle and Secondary School (Petersen-Durden)

Teaching Writing in Middle and Secondary School Description

ENG 0319 - Teaching Writing in the Middle and Secondary School

Fall 3 Credit Hours For prospective teachers of English. Composition theory and pedagogy.

Prerequisite: ENG 0102 or ENG 0111.

Topics of Interest

Adolescent literacy ; Adolescent development, particularly cognition and affective dimension ; Designing ELA lessons for 5-12 students ; Lesson plan design ; Teaching genre, both reading and writing ; Writing assessment: formal and summative ; Writing conferences ; The writing workshop ; Antiracist pedagogy ; ELL learners ; Language acquisition ; Development of language skills—speaking, listening, reading, writing ; Teacher disposition ; Modeling (in general; writing; reading) ; Curriculum development ; Cognitive bias ; American dialects ; Cooperative learning strategies ; Writing process ; Responding to student writing ; Evaluating student writing ; Technology and education ; Cross-cultural understanding ; Writing as inquiry ; Collaborative learning ; Nonprint media literacy (film, tv, etc.)

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