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Archive Collections Inventory: Home

A full list of all collections in Missouri Southern's University Archive.

Many Missouri Southern State University Archive collections are now uploaded at the website linked above!

These collections are fully keyword searchable, just click search 'text contents' before searching the collection.


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1967 Dedication Program, Missouri Southern (Collection #2 – 1 Folder)

Program from the 1967 dedication of the current Missouri Southern campus.

50th Anniversary, Missouri Southern (Collection #82 – 4 Boxes)

Files on Missouri Southern’s 50th Anniversary in 1987, including promotional items such as keychains and a collection of pewter. [Pewter on loan to the Alumni Center]

50th Anniversary Time Capsule (Collection #83 – 1 Box)

Information about Missouri Southern’s 50th Anniversary time capsule, including duplicates of some of the items in the time capsule and a list of all items added to the time capsule.

60th Anniversary (Collection #193 – 1 Folder)

Stickers commemorating the 60th anniversary of Missouri Southern State College in 1997.

75th Anniversary, Missouri Southern (Collection #154 – 1 Folder)

Papers from Missouri Southern’s 75th Anniversary in 2012.

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“A New Look at General Education” (Collection #76 – 1 Folder)

A paper on the study of institutional goals in order to revise the general education curriculum at Missouri Southern, by Dean Edward S. Phinney.

Academic Achievement Recognition Ceremony/ Honors Convocation (Collection #44 – 1 Box & 1.33MB)

Programs from the Academic Achievement Recognition Ceremony/Honors Convocation from 1977, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1985 to the present, including lists of honor students at Missouri Southern.

Academic Affairs (Collection #80 – 2 Boxes)

Publications of the Academic Affairs office, 1983-2014

Academic Policies (Collection #90 – 7 Boxes & 70 volumes)

Papers and minutes from the Academic Policies Committee at Missouri Southern State College, from the 1970s through 2010.

Academic Standards Committee (Collection #239 – 1 Folder)

Academic Standards Committee meeting minutes from January 23, 1967.

Administrative Council (Collection #132 – 1 Box)

Minutes and papers kept by the Administrative Council from 1966 to 2008.

Admissions (Collection #196 – 2 Boxes)

Admissions papers and information for students from 1986-2011, including “Transfer Guides” from 2002-2008.

Advising, Counseling and Testing (ACTS) (Collection #113 – 1 Box)

Advising, Counseling and Testing promotional papers and flyers, including the “Family/Guest Handbook” from 1998-2017, “Advising News & Notes” newsletter from 2016-2017, and “Southern Welcome” handouts from 2009-2013.

Advisor’s Handbook (Collection #62 – 1 Folder)

Handbook for faculty advisors from 1980 to 1983, including organizational charts, general education requirements and suggested order of study.

Afro-American Society (Collection #255 – 1 Folder)

Photographs and documents specifically relating to the 1975 and 1976 Afro-American Society. The Afro-American Society was a student organization at Missouri Southern State University from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Alma Mater (Collection #28 – 1 Folder)

Sheet music of the Alma Mater for Missouri Southern and a copy of the Alma Mater from 1939.

Alpha Chi (Collection #88 – 2 Boxes & 564KB)

Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, Induction Ceremony and Reception programs, meeting minute notes, inductee books and various other paperwork from 1990 through the present.

Alumni Association (Collection #56 – 2 Boxes)

Papers and promotional materials of the Alumni Association, including, “Southern,” the Alumni Association newsletter from 1969 to 2000.

American Association of University Professors, Missouri Southern Chapter (Collection #78 – 1 Box)

Newsletter and evaluation of the American Association of University Professors, Missouri Southern chapter from 1969 to 1976.

Announcements (Collection #50 – 1 Box)

Missouri Southern announcements and bulletins from 1970 to 1981 on-campus activities and college matters.

Apparel and Stickers, Missouri Southern and Joplin Junior College (Collection #5 – 2 Boxes)

Missouri Southern neckties, Missouri Southern College Engineer Sweatshirt, and various stickers from Joplin Junior College and Missouri Southern.

Around the Globe in 80 Days (Collection #151 – 1 Box)

“Around the Globe in 80 Days,” a series of Joplin Globe newspaper articles about Professor Becky Spracklen’s around the globe trip in 1991. The trip was jointly funded by Missouri Southern and the Joplin Globe.

Articulation Agreement 1975 (Collection #119 – 1 Folder)

A 1975 agreement to facilitate articulation between and among public institutions of higher education in Missouri, was the first time that all public colleges and universities had reached a substantial agreement regarding the transfer process.

Arts and Sciences, School of (Collection #112 – 1 Folder)

Brochures on various School of Arts and Sciences degree programs of the 1970s.

Artwork; Missouri Southern Cards, Postcards and Prints (Collection #21 – 1 Folder)

Drawings of Missouri Southern College on a Christmas card by Darral Dishman and of the Spiva Library on the Joplin Telephone directory in 1966, and a print of a drawing of Missouri Southern from an unknown date.

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Commissioning, Missouri Southern (Collection #146 – 1 Box)

Various papers from the Missouri Southern Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) from the 1970s through 1995, including programs from the Commissioning Ceremonies, photographs, newspaper clippings and a paper on the Missouri Southern Army ROTC’s history.

Association of Women Students (Collection #63 – 1 Box)

Various flyers, brochures, newspaper clippings and photographs from the Association of Women Students, 1974-1975.

Athletics, Missouri Southern (Collection #10 – 41 Boxes)

Guides, programs, photographs, slides, and papers from 1971 to the present on Missouri Southern Athletics.

Athletics Films, Missouri Southern (Collection #11 – 30 Boxes)

Film reels and VHS tapes of Missouri Southern games from 1965-2004.

Audit Report (Collection #200 – 1 Folder)

Report Number 2001-11, an audit report on Missouri Southern State College from February 22, 2001 by Claire McCaskill, State Auditor of Missouri.

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Baccalaureate Service Programs (Collection #106 – 1 Folder)

Programs from baccalaureate services at Joplin Junior College and Missouri Southern College from 1939 to 1966.

Bicentennial Certificate 1976 (Collection #186 – Missing)

A bicentennial certificate from 1976.

Beimdiek Student Recreation Center Groundbreaking (Collection #233 – 1 Box and 1 Shelf)

Papers, programs, and photographs from the groundbreaking of the Beimdiek Recreation Center on March 28, 2008 and the grand opening of the Center on October 16, 2009, including a shovel and hard hat from the ceremony.

Biology Department (Collection #108 – 1 Folder)

Biology Department newsletter “Biology Focus” from 2005-2006.

Blaine College Student Union Dedication (Collection #192 – 1 Folder)

A newspaper clipping from November 1, 1946, about the dedication of Joplin Junior College’s Blaine Hall in honor of Dean H.E. Blaine.

Blixt (Collection #208 – 1 Box)

A magazine of the Missouri Southern Art Department, from 2006-2017.

Board of Regents (Collection #198 – 6 Boxes)

VHS tapes of Board of Regents meetings from 1995-2007.

Bordertown (Collection #224 – 1 Box)

An annual literary magazine published by the Missouri Southern English Department, 2006-2018.

Bookstore (Collection #127 – 1 Folder)

Textbook rental sample receipts and reminder bookmarks from 2006.

Business Contest Awards Convocation (Collection #240 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the School of Business, Business Contest Awards Convocation from 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Business, School of (Collection #117 – 1 Box)

Flyers and booklets with information about the Missouri Southern School of Business from the 1970s-2005, a scrapbook with newspaper clippings from the 1970s, “Alumni Newsletter” from 2004, “Southern Business Exchange” magazine from 2005-2008, and the International Trade Center newsletter and information from the 1990s.

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Campus Activities Board (Collection #86 – 1 Box)

Publications of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) about on-campus events from 1978-1998.

Campus Maps, Missouri Southern (Collection #6 – 1 Folder)

Maps of the current Missouri Southern campus from 1967 through the present day.

Career Services/Career Planning and Placement Office (Collection #33 – 2 Boxes)

Various papers and annual reports, including “Career Highlights,” from Career Services/Career Planning and Placement Office from 1960 to 2007.
Including 1995, Spring 1996, Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Fall 1997, Spring 1998, Fall 1998, Winter 1999, Fall 1999 .

Catalogs, Missouri Southern (Collection #29 – 3 Boxes)

Course catalogs, containing information about the Missouri Southern and its schools, from 1939 to present.

Center for Teaching and Learning (Collection #236 – 1 Folder)

“The Exchange,” the Center for Teaching and Learning newsletter from 1995-2000.

Chart, The (Collection #89 – 9 Boxes & 72 bound volumes)

The Chart is the student run college newspaper for Missouri Southern State University. It was proceeded by The Challenge, which was only published once in 1938. This collection primarily contains copies of The Chart, ranging from its first publication in 1939 through the present day.

Choir, Joplin Junior College (Collection #15 – 1 Folder)

Papers, programs, and photographs of the Joplin Junior College (JJC) Choir, their trip to Washington D.C., and letters from Senator Stuart Symington, along with photographs of other JJC Choir performances in the 1950s.

Class Reunions (Collection #91 – 1 Box)

Papers from various Joplin Junior College and Missouri Southern class reunions.

College Appreciation Day (Collection #4 – 1 Folder)

1965 College Appreciation Day, honoring Governor Warren E. Hearnes, Area Legislators and dedicating Hearnes Boulevard.

Commencement, Missouri Southern (Collection #81 – 5 Boxes)

Missouri Southern Commencement programs from 1954 to the present, cassette tapes of various commencement speeches from the 1980s and 1990s and VHS tapes of various commencements in the 1990s. Including 1940, 1954, 1962, 1971-1999, Graduation 1993, Graduation 1994, Graduation 1995, Graduation 1996, Graduation 1999.

Commencement in conjunction with H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Missouri Southern (Collection #145 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the January 23, 2005 and January 27, 2008 Commencement of students enrolled at Missouri Southern through H. Lavity Stoutt Community College in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Committee on Advising and Orientation (Collection #41 – 1 Folder)

Committee on Advising and Orientation papers from 1974, including objectives for freshman orientation course.

Committee on Sabbaticals (Collection #39 – 1 Box)

Committee on Sabbatical papers from 1974-1975 and 2015-2016, including reasons for sabbaticals and membership rosters for the committee.

Communication Department (Collection #222 – 1 Box)

Various papers of the Missouri Southern Department of Communication, including “Southern’s Special” magazine from 1984 and programs from the Southern Media Showcase Pioneer Broadcaster Award/Regional Media Hall of Fame Award from 1997-2010, 2014.

Classification and Compensation Plan for Non-Faculty Exempt Positions for Missouri Southern Final Report (Collection #131 – 1 Folder)

Evergreen report from October of 2009.

Computer Literacy Survey Committee (Collection #168 – 1 Folder)

A 1989 report from the Computer Literacy Survey Committee on the results of a computer literacy questionnaire.

Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning (Collection #205 – 1 Folder)

Promotional material, brochures, flyers, schedules of classes and other papers of the Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning program at Missouri Southern from the 1980s through 2009.

Core Curriculum Oversight and Assessment Advisory Committee (Collection #178 – 1 Folder)

Report of the committee to the Academic Policies Committee in 1993.

Corn, Coach Robert (Collection #152 – 1 Folder)

Flyer from basketball coach Robert Corn’s final home game on February 22, 2014 and program and piece of wood flooring from the basketball court from the Robert Corn Court Dedication on September 6, 2014.

Council on International Relations and United Nations Affairs, CIRUNA (Collection #12 – 1 Folder)

Papers of the Council on International Relations and United Nations Affairs, (a Missouri Southern political science and history club) CIRUNA, including information on the 1974 Model Security Council and a 1976 Bicentennial history of Missouri Southern.

Criminal Justice Department (Collection #121 – 1 Folder)

Papers, brochures, and flyers from Missouri Southern’s Criminal Justice department, 1992-2002, including initiation programs from 2002 from Alpha Phi Sigma, Lambda Epsilon Chapter, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Crossroads Magazine (Collection #164 – 2 Boxes)

Copies of Missouri Southern’s Crossroads magazine from 1993 to present.

Crossroads Yearbooks (Collection #94 – 48 Volumes (multiple copies of each))

Yearbooks from Joplin Junior College and Missouri Southern State College from 1938 to 1993, when it was discontinued. See also, Missouri Southern State College Presents

Crossroads Yearbook Photographs and Negatives (Collection #95 – 33 Boxes)

Photographs, negatives and page layouts from the Crossroads Yearbooks.

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Dean’s Office Files 1963-1966 (Collection #110 – 2 Boxes)

Correspondence and files accumulated by the Deans Office at Joplin Junior College and Missouri Southern College from 1963 to 1966.

Dedication Programs, Missouri Southern (Collection #101 – 1 Folder)

Programs from various building dedications on the Missouri Southern State College campus.

Defining the International Mission for Missouri Southern in the Twenty-First Century (Collection #130 – 1 Folder)

A joint report by Missouri Southern’s Faculty Senate and Administration from 2009 that reviewed the international mission of Missouri Southern and offered recommendations.

Dental Hygiene/ Dental Assisting (Collection #143 – 1 Box)

Papers and flyers from the Dental Hygiene/Dental Assisting program at Missouri Southern, including programs from the Dental Pinning Ceremony from 1985-2003.

Delta Kappa Gamma (Collection #103 – 2 Boxes)

Scrapbooks on the Delta Kappa Gamma National Honors Society for women from 1930s to the 1970s.

Division of Student Involvement (Collection #188 – 1 Folder)

Publications of the Division of Student Involvement, comprised of the departments of Campus Recreation and Wellness, Student Activities, Student Leadership/Registered Student Groups, Billingsly Student Center and Greek Life, from 2006-2007

Dugan, Howard Retirement Program (Collection #141 – 1 Folder)

A program from Howard Dugan's retirement reception in March 1990. Howard Dugan was the Director of the Physical Plant at Missouri Southern from 1971 through 1990.

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Education, School of (Collection #46 – 1 Box)

School of Education documents from 1969 to 1999, including education articles in “Forum” newsletter and education handbooks for student teachers.

English Department (Collection #118 – 1 Folder)

Papers and flyers from the Missouri Southern Department of English, including a 1980 self-study report.

Employee Appreciation Brunch/Luncheon (Collection #191 – 1 Folder)

Programs from and invitations to the employee appreciation brunch or luncheon from 1997 through 2014.

End Zone Facility (Collection #246 – 1 Folder)

The “End Zone Facility Commemorative Magazine” from 2015.

Evaluation Procedures, Missouri Southern (Collection #136 – 1 Folder)

Letters to and from the Missouri National Education Association and the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights on Missouri Southern’s evaluation procedures in 1982.

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Faculty Assistance Catalog (Collection #174 – 1 Folder)

A catalog for faculty of various offices and services at Missouri Southern, 1982-2007.

Faculty Development Committee (Collection #42 – 1 Box)

Faculty Development Committee papers from 1976. Faculty development grant follow-up reports from 1979 to 80.

Faculty Handbooks (Collection #31 – 3 Boxes)

Faculty Handbooks 1964 to 2015 (various editions), containing information on policies and procedures relating to Missouri Southern faculty.

Faculty Meeting Minutes (Collection #206 – 1 Box)

Faculty Meeting Minutes from 1959-1967 and an account of monthly dues submitted by faculty members to the faculty treasury from 1962-1964.

Faculty Members , Former (Collection #160 – 1 Folder)

Microfilm rolls with data on Missouri Southern faculty members from 1938 to 1979.

Faculty Newspaper Articles and Memorials, Missouri Southern (Collection #232 – 1 Box)

Newspaper articles about faculty members and programs from the memorial services of various former faculty members. Including Dr. Art Saltzman, John Richard Lantz, John Scott Ware, Dr. David Tate, Dr. Gail Kenneth Renner, S. Patrick Cassens.

Faculty Organization (Collection #32 – 1 Box)

The Faculty Organization constitution and meeting minutes from 1963 to 2011, including a paper defining the duties of the department heads.

Faculty Personnel Committee (Collection #8 – 3 Boxes)

Minutes and papers from Faculty Personnel Committee Meetings from 1968 to 1981, including the Faculty Personnel Committee Hearings in 1978.

Faculty Publications (Collection #211 – 2 Boxes)

Various faculty publications from 2008-2010.

Faculty Senate (Collection #22 – 5 Boxes)

Meeting minutes and papers from the Faculty Senate from 1971 to present.

Faculty Wives Women’s Club, Missouri Southern (Collection #144 – 1 Box)

Papers from 1971 to 1986 from the Missouri Southern State College Faculty Wives organization.

Fallout Shelter Sign (Collection #185 – Missing)

Fallout shelter sign from the 1960's.

Fieldhouse, Missouri Southern (Collection #150 – 1 Folder)

Missouri Southern State University Fieldhouse Announcement from August 28, 2014.

Financial Aid (Collection #213 – 1 Box)

Financial aid applications and other paperwork from the 1990s-2009, including the “Financial Aid Fact Book.”

Financial Report, Missouri Southern (Collection #102 – 1 Folder)

Financial report on Missouri Southern State College in 1976.

First Year Experience (Collection #125 – 1 Folder)

Papers and flyers of the First Year Experience program at Missouri Southern from 2005-2016, including the programs philosophy statement, self-study reports, and First-Year Student Convocations from 2010-2015.

Focus on Faculty (Collection #218 – 1 Box)

“Focus on Faculty” newsletter, focusing on faculty scholarly work, achievements, and awards, from 2013-2017.

Forensic Tournament, Missouri Southern (Collection #66 – 1 Folder)

Schedule for the November 14-15, 1975 Forensic Tournament, with times, judge’s names, participating schools and room locations.

Four-Year College Committee (Collection #13 – 1 Folder)

Papers from 1963 to 1964 on establishing the four-year college in Joplin, Missouri.

Friends of the College Breakfast (Collection #111 – 1 Folder)

Program from the 1967 Friends of the College Breakfast.

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General Education Program Proposal, Missouri Southern (Collection #124 – 1 Folder)

Missouri Southern State College proposed general education program from the Spring of 1988.

George A. Spiva Library/Joplin Junior College Library (Collection #51 – 7 Boxes)

Library reports, statistics, equipment, financial information and library specifications, including President's Office memos from 1959 to 2011 relating to the college and library matters.

Glenn D. Dolence Leadership/Service Recognition Assembly (Collection #182 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the Student Services and Omicron Delta Kappa Glenn D. Dolence Leadership Service Award from 1992-2004.

Gockel, Harry Collection (Collection #26 – 1 Folder)

Newspaper articles and photographs from 1964 to 1984 of Harry Gockel, a retired Geography faculty member, including a memoriam and tribute to him.

Golden Lion Awards (Collection #60 – 1 Folder)

Program from the 2014 Beimdiek Insurance – Missouri Southern State University Golden Lion Awards.

Graduate Program (Collection #169 – 1 Folder)

A brochure about the graduate program at Missouri Southern, date unknown.

Guidelines for Assisting Students with Disabilities (Collection #172 – 1 Folder)

A booklet from 1994 with guidelines for assisting students with disabilities.

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Headlee, Cleetis Collection (Collection #229 – 1 Box)

The papers of Missouri Southern English and Journalism faculty emeritus, Cleetis Headlee who worked at Missouri Southern from 1946-1964

Health Sciences, School of (Collection #148 – Folder)

Brochures on School of Health Sciences degree programs of the 1970s.

Highlights (Collection #53 – 1 Folder)

Numbered papers on the highlights of the Missouri Southern school year from 1969 to 1971.

History of Missouri Southern (Collection #75 – 1 Box)

History of MSSU DVD and various articles and papers on Missouri Southern’s history.

Homecoming (Collection #120 – 1 Folder)

Homecoming invitations and flyers from 1984 through 2016.

Honors Program (Collection #74 – 1 Box)

Policy Statement of the Honors Program at Missouri Southern State College in 1986. Honors Committee makeup, philosophy, eligibility, curriculum, and faculty selection.

HR Connection (Collection #245 – 1 Folder)

The “HR Connection” newsletter from 2015-2016

Hughes, Fred Collection (Collection #98 – 2 Boxes)

Papers on the history of Missouri Southern State College from the formation of a Four-Year College Committee in 1964 to the selection of Dr. Julio León as College President in 1983. Mr. Hughes was the first President of the Board of Regents and Trustees of Missouri Southern State College.

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Inauguration of Dr. Bruce W. Speck, Missouri Southern (Collection #235 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the inauguration of Dr. Bruce W. Speck as the fourth President of Missouri Southern on September 19, 2008.

Industrial Arts Fair (Collection #149 – 1 Folder)

Programs from Missouri Southern’s Industrial Arts Fair from 1985-1988.

Instructional Innovation Program (Collection #43 – 1 Folder)

Papers, giving the description of the Instructional Innovations Program proposal at Missouri Southern State College.

Institute of International Studies (Collection #93 – 6 Boxes)

Papers and flyers from various themed semesters from 1997 to 2012, along with information about the Institute of International Studies, including the newsletter “The Voyager”.
Including 1996 no. 1, 1996 no. 2, 1996 no. 3, 1996 no. 4, 1997 no. 1, 1997 - 1998.

Institutional Effectiveness/Center for Assessment and Institutional Research (Collection #217 – 1 Box)

Various papers of the Missouri Southern Office of Institutional Effectiveness/Center for Assessment and Institutional Research from 1988-2017, including student body profiles, “Assessment News” newsletter from 1990-2000 and the newsletter “DataBytes” from 2017.

Institutional Reports (Collection #70 – 2 Boxes)

Reports for the Accreditation of Teacher Education from 1973 to 1984. Gives scope of Missouri Southern State College's request for accreditation, eligibility for it and history of accreditation goals of Missouri Southern State College, historical development, description of the college.

International Crossroads (Collection #190 – 1 Box)

A magazine related to the Missouri Southern’s international mission published from 1998 through 2006.

International Film Society (Collection #195 – 1 Box)

Papers from the 1960's to 2016 from the Missouri Southern Film Society, including flyers from the Harrison and June Kash International Film Festival from 1985-2016.

International Language Resource Center (Collection #238 – 1 Folder)

“International Language Resource Center Newsletter” from 1996-1997 and the “International Language Resource Center Resource Catalog” from October of 2000

International Piano Competition, Missouri Southern (Collection #99 – 3 Boxes)

Photographs, programs, flyers and other promotional material from the Missouri Southern International Piano Competition from 1988-2009.

International Task Force Sub-Committee on Curriculum (Collection #189 – 1 Folder)

The final report of the Sub-Committee on Curriculum of the International Task Force at Missouri Southern from May 5, 1995.

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Jasper County Junior College Plans (Collection #38 – 1 Box)

Junior College planning surveys from 1963 to 1965. These plans were used for reference in making decisions, planning and developing the current Missouri Southern campus on what was previously the Wallower Estate.

Jeans Lectures in History (Collection #153 – 1 Folder)

DVDs of various Jeans Lectures in History given at Missouri Southern from 1998-2014.

Joplin Junior College Application for Admission (Collection #65 – 1 Folder)

An undated application form for admission to Joplin Junior College.

Joplin Junior College Papers (Collection #7 – 1 Folder)

Papers, floor plans, and manuals related to the Joplin Junior College.

Joplin Junior College Sitting Wall & War Years Memorial (Collection #187 – 1 Box)

A scrapbook from 1937 through 1997 about the sitting wall at Joplin Junior College that was transferred to the Missouri Southern campus.

Joplin Rotary Club's “Operation Greenleaves” (Collection #179 – 1 Folder)

Photographs, correspondence and other papers relating to the Joplin Rotary Club’s “Operation Greenleaves,” an initiative to plant trees at Missouri Southern in 1970.

Joplin Teachers Association (Collection #57 – 1 Folder)

Papers from 1954 containing the constitution and bylaws of the Joplin Teachers Association.

Julio S. León Health Sciences Center (Collection #147 – 1 Folder)

Informational brochures about the Julio S. León Health Sciences Center and programs from the August 27, 2014 dedication ceremony of the Center.

Junior College District of Jasper County Dedication (Collection #3 – 1 Folder)

1965 Junior College District of Jasper County Dedication Program.

Junior College Proposal Committee (Collection #9 – 1 Folder)

Papers from Dorothea B. Hoover on the proposal of Joplin Junior College from 1937 to 1964.

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KGCS-TV/MSTV (Collection #59 – 1 Box)

Various information, programs and photographs from MSTV/KGCS-TV from 1984 to 2014.

Kinesiology/Physical Education (Collection #54 – 1 Folder)

A handbook of physical education and intramural sports for men and women and various brochures from the Physical Education and Kinesiology programs from the 1970s.

KXMS (Collection #194 – 1 Box)

Newsletters from 88.7 KXMS/Fine Arts Radio International from 2001-2007 and other KXMS/Klassix Society promotional material from 1986-2010.

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Laas, Dr. Virginia Collection (Collection #219 – 3 Boxes)

The papers of History faculty emeritus, Dr. Virginia Laas, ranging from 1988-2010, including microfilm reels on topics of research.

Lantern Society, Southern (Collection #71 – 1 Folder)

Program for the first Southern Lantern Society dinner on April 12, 1985. A brief history of Dr. León, the Lantern Society's purpose, benefits, memberships, and committees.

Law Enforcement Academy (Collection #223 – 1 Folder)

Law Enforcement Program brochure and Police Academy Training Announcements from the 1980s and Law Enforcement Academy Graduation programs from 2002-2003.

León, Dr. Julio(Collection #105 – 1 Box)

Photographs, newspaper articles, programs and various other papers relating to Dr. Julio León, the President of Missouri Southern from 1982-2007.

Library Committee (Collection #203 – 2 Boxes)

Papers of the Library Committee from 1982-2014, including budgets, surveys from the early 1980's, and meeting minutes.

Lion Cub Academy/Child Development Center (Collection #237 – 1 Folder)

“Child Development Center Newsletter” from 1998-1999.

Lion Icon Groundbreaking (Collection #221 – 1 Folder)

Design proposals for the lion icon and a news release about the groundbreaking of the Lion Icon in front of Billingsly Student Center.

Lion Pride Band (Collection #165 – 1 Folder)

Papers and promotional materials from Missouri Southern’s Lion Pride Band from the 1980s through 2015, including a video of the Lion Pride Drumline, previously Royal Thunder.

Lion Tracks (Collection #34 – 1 Box)

Student directories from 1947 to 1975. The directories list college employees and give students’ addresses and telephone numbers.

Lion Week Proclamation, Missouri Southern (Collection #231 – 1 Folder)

A proclamation from the mayor of the City of Joplin in 1972, Lena G. Beal, proclaiming November 13-19, 1972 as “MSSC Lion Week” in honor of the Lions’ football team.

Lionbacker Booster Club (Collection #107 – 1 Folder)

Various papers, brochures, and postcards from the Missouri Southern Lionbacker Athletics Booster Club, including copies of “The Lionbacker Monthly News” newsletter from 1989-2000.

Lion’s Guide (Collection #68 – 1 Box)

Introduction handbook for Missouri Southern State College Orientation students 1984 to 1985.

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McCormick, Martha Collection (Collection #17 – 2 Boxes)

Correspondence between Martha McCormick with past members of her college classes, 1957.

Memorial Gifts Brochure (Collection #199 – 1 Folder)

A brochure from the 1970's about memorial gifts for remembrance and honor at Missouri Southern.

Mission Hills Estate (Collection #24 – 1 Box)

Pamphlets and album on the Mission Hills Farm, including information about the property, photographs and plan drawings. Newspaper articles on the new college, pamphlets “Introducing the New Jasper County Junior College.” [Mission Hills is where Missouri Southern is currently located.]

Mission Statement Posters, Missouri Southern (Collection #161 – 1 Folder)

Posters of Missouri Southern State College and Missouri Southern State University mission statements; dates unknown.

Missouri Multicultural Network (Collection #126 – 1 Folder)

A poster and brochures from the Missouri Multicultural Network, a project of Missouri Southern’s Institute of International Studies, from the 1980s or 1990s.

Missouri Southern Foundation (Collection #197 – 1 Box)

Papers from the Missouri Southern Foundation from1982-2014, including a report from 2001-2002, annual reports, and papers of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee.

Missouri Southern Magazine Articles (Collection #27 – 1 Folder)

Magazine articles from 1969 to 1970 about Missouri Southern, including “Harbinger Magazine” (August 1970) and “Missouri Highways” (Winter 1969).

Missouri Southern Sponsored Events/Events Held at Missouri Southern by the Community (Collection #243 – 1 Folder)

Programs from various groups who held events at Missouri Southern, including the Southwest Missouri High School Music Festival of 1966 and the City of Joplin Welcomes City of Bethlehem as a Sister City event in 2005.

Missouri Southern State College Presents (1972 Crossroads Yearbook replacement) (Collection #96 – 1 Folder)

A 1972 Publication to compensate for the absence of the Missouri Southern Crossroads yearbook that year. It gives a brief history of the college and has photographs of past college presidents. See also, Crossroads Yearbooks

Missouri Southern State University Excellence in First-Year Student Success: Foundations of Excellence in the First College Year (Collection #177 – 1 Folder)

A self-study report by Missouri Southern from September of 2006.

Modern Foreign Language Field Day (Collection #204 – 1 Box)

Modern Foreign Language Field Day/Foreign Language Field Day papers from the 1980s through 1995, including programs, sample award ribbons, stickers, schedules and other papers.

Multi-Purpose Arena Building Plans (Collection #135 – 1 Box)

Photographs of plans for the Multi-Purpose Arena from 1980 and a design approach to the arena from 1991.

Music Department (Collection #180 – 1 Box)

Papers from the Music department from 1952 to 2013, including programs from individual recitals, programs and promotional material from the Choral Society and Symphony Orchestra, programs and “Allegro” newsletter from the Suzuki Program and programs from the President’s Gala Concert.

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National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (Collection #77 – 1 Box)

Papers dealing with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education in 1972 at Missouri Southern State College. Included in this collection is an outline of the duties and membership of the council on teacher education.

National Education Association, Missouri Southern (Collection #67 – 1 Box)

Missouri Southern National Education Association Papers from the local chapter from 1975 to 1985.

Newspaper Articles, Missouri Southern (Collection #14 – 30 Boxes)

Newspaper articles on Missouri Southern from 1938 to 2012 from the Joplin Globe and various other regional newspapers.

Nursing Department (Collection #176 – 1 Box)

A self-study report from 1988 about the BS in Nursing Completion Program, programs from the 1968-2014 Nursing Pinning Ceremonies, Nursing Handbooks from 1989-1991 and various other nursing promotional materials.

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Operating Budget, Missouri Southern (Collection #58 – 4 Boxes)

Missouri Southern budgets from 1982 to present. Including 1967 - 2002, 2000 and 2002, 2009, 2010.

Organization Chart, 1980 (Collection #128 – 1 Folder)

A chart showing the organization of academic schools and departments at Missouri Southern in 1980.

Orientation (Collection #114 – 1 Folder)

Missouri Southern orientation brochures, flyers, invitations and the “Orientation Newsletter” from 1989-2000.

Outstanding Faculty (Collection #138 – 1 Folder)

Missouri Southern’s “Outstanding Faculty” publication, each highlighting a different member of the faculty, from 1981-1986.

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Paper Lion (Collection #55 – 1 Folder)

One copy, Volume 1 Number 4, of the unofficial, student created, newsletter for Missouri Southern students from 1969.

Parking and Traffic Regulations (Collection #173 – 1 Folder)

Booklets from 1994 and 2001 about parking and traffic regulations at Missouri Southern.

Patron Scholarship Banquet (Collection #171 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the Patron Scholarship Banquet from 1987-1998.

Phi Eta Sigma (Collection #227 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Missouri Southern chapter, induction ceremonies from 2000-2008.

Phi Sigma Iota (Collection #109 – 1 Folder)

Programs from the Phi Sigma Iota International Honor Society, Beta Rho Chapter, Initiation Ceremonies in 1995 and 1996.

Phi Theta Kappa (Collection #156 – 2 Boxes)

Papers from the 1950s to the 1970s about the Phi Theta Kappa International Foreign Language Honor Society Fraternity at Missouri Southern, including records of members of the fraternity in the 1950s.

Phonathon (Collection #104 – 1 Box)

Various flyers, memos, and paperwork from the Missouri Southern Phonathon, from 1983-1987.

Photographs, Missouri Southern (Collection #1 – 29 Boxes)

Photographs and negatives from the founding of Missouri Southern in 1937 through the present day.

Physical Education Department (Collection #166 – 1 Folder)

Papers and newspaper clippings on the Missouri Southern State College Physical Education Department from 1969 to 1973.

Physical Plant (Collection #214 – 1 Box)

Missouri Southern Physical Plant papers from the 2000s.

Policy Handbook, Missouri Southern (Collection #123 – 2 Boxes)

Missouri Southern Policy Handbooks from 1983 to 1990.

Presidential Search Committee (Collection #20 – 1 Box)

Papers from 1978 to 1979 on the Missouri Southern State College search for a college president.

President’s Annual Report (Collection #37 – 1 Box)

Reports from the president of the college from 1964 to 1977, summarizing the activities of the college during the fiscal year.

President’s Office (Collection #212 – 5 Boxes)

Papers and information of the President’s Office from the 1960s-2001.

Printing Plates, Joplin Junior College (Collection #19 – 1 Box)

Undated printing plates of Joplin Junior College at 4th and Byers, and of past Joplin Junior College Deans.

Project Stay (Collection #129 – 1 Folder)

Project Stay brochures and flyers from the 2000s.

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Recreation and Wellness, Missouri Southern (Collection #87 – 1 Box)

“Active Living” and “Your Healthstyle” newsletters and various other brochures and flyers from the Missouri Southern Recreation/Wellness Department.

Regional Economic Development Center (Collection #242 – 1 Folder)

Brochures and flyers from the Regional Economic Development Center, including a brochure about the Four-State Regional Environmental Conference, from 2005-2008.

Registrar’s Office (Collection #49 – 4 Box)

Reports from the Registrar’s office from 1963 to 1973, including enrollment figures, instructor class work, student records and committee assignments.

Renner, Gail In Pursuit of Excellence Collection (Collection #167 – 4 Boxes)

Photographs, papers, and manuscripts from Gail Renner from his research on the history of Missouri Southern and used for his book In Pursuit of Excellence.

Report on Curriculum Development for State Advisory Committee (Collection #159 – 1 Folder)

A report on curriculum done for the State Advisory Committee of Missouri by Missouri Southern State College in 1966.

Residence Halls (Collection #210 – 1 Box)

Papers and various promotional materials of Missouri Southern Residence Life from 1985-2009, including “Residence Hall Living,” from 1985-1995.

Resolutions, Missouri Southern (Collection #134 – 1 Box)

Resolutions for naming Norval Matthews Hall, Leon C. Billingsly Student Center, and the Gene Taylor Education and Psychology Building.

Rod Smith (Collection #133 – 1 Folder)

Photographs of Rod Smith, newspaper clippings about him, and papers and programs from the Rod Smith Jersey Retirement Ceremony in 1999.

Roster of Employees (Collection #52 – 2 Boxes)

Employee and committee rosters from 1984 to 2011.

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Sabbatical Reports (Collection #181 – 1 Folder)

A sabbatical report from 1996 by Dr. Virginia Laas.

Safari Club (Collection #170 – 1 Folder)

Brochures from 1994-1996 about the Safari Club, a club for area youth sponsored by the Missouri Southern Alumni Association and the Joplin Family Y.

Schedule of Classes/Class Schedules/Schedule Book (Collection #36 – 6 Boxes)

Missouri Southern class schedules 1968 to 2016 (various editions) including course numbers, course titles, credit hours, days, room number, and instructor’s name.

Scholarship Honors Banquet, Missouri Southern (Collection #100 – 1 Folder)

Programs from Missouri Southern State College Scholarship Honors Banquet, from 1977-1979.

Self-Studies for Accreditation (Collection #30 – 5 Boxes)

Institutional self-study reports on growth and progress of the college for North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools from 1964 to 1998.

Self-Study, Joplin Junior College (Collection #25 – 1 Folder)

Papers on Joplin Junior College’s self-study for the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools from 1949 to 1964.

September 11th Memorial Service (Collection #207 – 1 Box)

Programs and various other papers from “A Time to Remember: September 11 Memorial Service” held on September 11, 2004-2006 at Missouri Southern.

Small Business & Technology Development Center/Missouri Small Business Development Center (Collection #225 – 1 Box)

Papers and promotional material of the Missouri Small Business Development Center from 1994 to 2008, including the “SBDC Update” newsletter.

Social Science Club (Collection #158 – 1 Box)

A scrapbook about the Missouri Southern State College Social Science Club from 1977 to 1987 and various papers from 1995.

Social Sciences Department (Collection #97 – 1 Box)

Social Sciences Department meeting minutes from 1989, “Update from the Mansion” newsletter from 1987, and various brochures and flyers from programs within the department from the 1980s through the 2000s.

Southern (Collection #73 – 1 Box)

Informational flyers on various degrees at Missouri Southern, to publicize the degree programs, 1988 to 2009.

Southern Accents (Collection #85 – 1 Box)

Newsletter for Missouri Southern faculty and staff, of events and activities of interest to University personnel, 1985-2012. This newsletter was replaced by the MOSO Minute in 2017.

Southern Arts Festival (Collection #139 – 1 Folder)

Various schedules, posters, flyers, and programs from the Southern Arts Festival in 1991.

Southern Bookends/Southern Footnotes (Collection #234 – 1 Folder)

The George A. Spiva Library newsletter “Southern Bookends” (“Southern Footnotes” prior to 2007) from 1985-2016.

Southern Business and Economic Review (Collection #45 – 1 Box)

Business department publication from 1981 to 2006 (with a few missing issues). Articles and opinions on business and economics by Missouri Southern School of Business.

Southern Perspective Interviews (Collection #230 – 1 Box)

‘Southern Perspective’ video interviews from 1984-1985 with former and current Missouri Southern faculty, staff, and regents.

Southern View (Collection #183 – 1 Box)

A Missouri Southern newsletter with general information and news for students and alumni, 1997-2008.

Southern’s Plus (Collection #79 – 1 Box)

Newspaper put out by students from the Southern's Plus Summer Enrichment Program, 1987-1995.

Southwest Baptist College Certificate (Collection #61 - 1 Folder)

A certificate of appreciation and medallions presented by Southwest Baptist College in Bolivar, Missouri to Missouri Southern in 1972.

Special Events Committee (Collection #18 – 1 Box)

Papers of the Special Events Committee at Missouri Southern State College, from 1970 to 1982.

Staff Senate (Collection #216 – 2 Boxes)

Staff Senate papers, including ballots and election results, from 2007-2013.

Statistical Analysis of Enrollment (Collection #48 – 1 Folder)

A paper on the statistical analysis of enrollment at Joplin Junior College (JJC) from 1948 to 1964 by the office of Institutional Research at JJC.

Status of Internationalization, The (Collection #220 – 1 Folder)

“The Status of Internationalization at Missouri Southern State College: A Self-Assessment for the American Council on Education’s Promising Practices Project,” a report from August 2001.

Strategic Development Plan (Collection #202 – 1 Box)

Six books from 1985-1990 containing the strategic development plan for Missouri Southern as well as changes to that plan.

Strategic Issues for the 21st Century, 1996-1997, Missouri Southern (Collection #209 – 1 Folder)

Report about strategic issues and the long-range plan of Missouri Southern from 1996-1997.

Student Affairs/Student Services/Student Life (Collection# 84 – 1 Box)

News and notes from Student Affairs/Student Services from 1988 to 1991.

Student Body Profile (Collection #40 – 1 Folder)

Missouri Southern College student body profile done by the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at Missouri Southern in 1967.

Student Employment, Office of (Collection #122 – 1 Folder)

Brochures from the MSSC Student Employment Service and the “Missouri Southern State University Student Employment Manual” from an unknown date.

Student Handbooks (Collection #35 – 2 Boxes)

Student handbooks from 1947 to 2011 (random copies) containing general information about the college, its services, policies, and regulations.

Student National Education Association, Ada Coffey Chapter (Collection #16 – 1 Box)

Scrapbooks of Missouri Southern’s Student National Education Association, Ada Coffey Chapter, from 1958 to 1972.

Student Recreation Center Study, Missouri Southern (Collection #142 – 1 Folder)

“Missouri Southern State University Student Recreation Center Study: Final Report” from June of 2004.

Student Retention, Office of (Collection #115 – 1 Folder)

Memos from the Office of Student Retention and copies of the “Missouri Southern Retention Update” from 1991-1992.

Student Senate Meeting Minutes (Collection #23 – 1 Box)

Meeting minutes and papers from the Student Senate from 1977 to 1979.

Student Success Center/Learning Center (Collection #215 – 1 Box)

Student Success Center/Learning Center promotional papers from 1989-2010.

Student Theses and Papers (Collection #226 – 1 Folder & 1.89GB)

Missouri Southern student honors theses and dissertations from Spring 2010-Spring 2018.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) (Collection #64 – 1 Folder)

A quiz gave by Missouri Southern Students in Free Enterprise in 1979, "What You Should Know About Our Economic System.”

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Teaching and Learning Committee (Collection #137 – 1 Folder)

Teaching and Learning Committee meeting minutes from 2006-2007 and 2010.

Theatre Department (Collection #92 – 4 Boxes)

Programs, photographs and various other papers from the Missouri Southern Theatre Department, 1950's through 2012.

Theatre Playhouse Project, Missouri Southern (Collection #163 – 1 Box)

Architectural drawings for the Theatre Playhouse Project in 1999.

There’s No Place Like Home: The Campaign for a New Baseball Stadium (Collection #244 – 1 Folder)

Programs, flyers and other promotional material from the “There’s No Place Like Home: The Campaign for a New Baseball Stadium” at Missouri Southern.

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University Relations and Marketing (URM)/Public Information Office (Collection #69 – 48 Boxes)

News Releases and information about Missouri Southern from 1978 to 2013 from URM/the Public Information Office. VHS tapes of Missouri Southern ads from 1982 to 2006.

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Veteran Services Office/Office of Veterans Affairs (Collection #116 – 1 Folder)

“Handbook for Veterans,” printed by the Office of Veterans Affairs in 1985.

Veterans Memorial (Collection #157 – 1 Box)

The original dedication of the Veterans Memorial at Missouri Southern on November 11, 1988 and program from the rededication of the memorial on November 13, 2012.

Viewbook, Missouri Southern (Collection #175 – 1 Folder)

Promotional booklets about Missouri Southern published by the Missouri Southern Admissions Office in the early 2000s.

Villa Española /Southern’s Spanish Village (Collection #228 – 1 Box)

A Spanish language camp held at Missouri Southern for elementary and middle school students. Photographs, flyers, schedules and other papers from 1996-2010

VIVID: The Fine Arts Magazine (Collection #162 – 1 Folder)

Issues of “VIVID: The Fine Arts Magazine” from 2016-2017.

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Webster, State Senator Richard Collection (Collection #140 – 1 Folder)

A program from the Memorial Service held at Missouri Southern for Missouri State Senator Richard Webster in 1990 and an invitation to the inaugural Richard M. Webster Medallion ceremony in 2016.

Westmoreland, General William (Collection #155 – 1 Folder)

An audio reel of General William Westmoreland from his visit to Missouri Southern State College on May 2, 1980.

Winged Lion (Collection #47 – 1 Box)

Missouri Southern’s creative arts magazine from 1972 through 2005, a student publication with creative expression of art and literary works.

Women's Club, Missouri Southern (Collection #72 – 1 Folder)

Handbook for women's club members 1982 to 1983. This collection includes a membership list, past women club presidents, papers on committees, interest groups, and activities schedules.

Writing Program (Collection #184 – 1 Folder)

An assessment of the Writing Program from 1993-1994 and the Writing Program newsletter, “Protocol” or “Writing Across the Curriculum,” from 1989-2010.

Wuch, Ed Collection (Collection #201 – 1 Box)

The papers of former Missouri Southern coach, Ed Wuch, including newspaper clippings and photographs of Missouri Southern Baseball and Football teams from the 1970s.

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Young Authors’ Conference (Collection #241 – 1 Folder)

Programs and promotional papers from the Young Authors’ Conference from 1992-2006.

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