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The following is a small sampling of ebooks available through Spiva Library's subscription ebook collections.  Browse more comprehensive lists via the links in the center column boxes.

Books below deal with the disciple of history.

History Call Numbers

Want to browse the shelves? Here are the Library of Congress call numbers for History:

D- World History (general)

DA- Great Britian

DAW - Central Europe

DB- Austia, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Czechoslovakia

DC- France, Andorra, Monaco

DD - Germany

DE - Greco- Roman World

DF - Greece

DG - Itlay, Malta

DH- Low Countries

DJ - Netherlands

DJK - Eastern Europe

DK - Russia, Soviet Union

DL - Northern Europe, Scandinavia

DP - Spain, Portugal

DQ - Switzerland 

DR - Balkan Peninsula

DS - Asia

DT - Africa

DU - Oceania

DX - Romanies

E 11-143   History of America

E 151-909 History of United States

F 1-975 United States Local History 

F 1001-1145.2 British America (including Canada)

F 1170 French America

F 1201-3799 Latin  American, Spanish America


Accessing eBooks Off Campus

To access the full-text of ebooks from off-campus you must be a current MSSU student, faculty or staff member with a username and PIN.  If you don't know or can't remember your Missouri Southern Username or PIN, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Interlibrary Loan Request for Books

If you need a book which Spiva Library does not own, we can request a copy from another library using a service called InterLibrary Loan.

Before you place a request for a book, be sure to check MOBIUS. Books available through MOBIUS libraries can be requested by MSSU students, faculty and staff from the MOBIUS page.

This service is available to all MSSU students, faculty, alumni, staff and community card holders.

InterLibrary Loan Policy

*a nominal service fee may
apply in some cases*

Google Books

Why use Google Books?

Google Books searches the full-text of books.  It is great for narrow topics because it lets you search within the text of books--you can see the table of contents, index or a portion of the contents of the book.  You can then locate the book in a nearby library.

Current in print copyrighted books are not full text. Out of print but still copyrighted books will show 20% of the book. Books in the public domain (pre 1923) are completely full text.


Google Book Search

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