SOC 311: Social Stratification (Dr. Wells-Lewis): Lower/Working Class/Poor

Resources examining the array of social structures within the United States

Waging a Living

Story vividly depicts the challenges confronting low-wage workers in America.

Working Poor

The Dartmouth Centers Forum at Dartmouth College presents David Shipler. Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Former Foreign Correspondent for the New York Times "The Working Poor: Invisible in America" October 18, 2007

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Domestic Poverty - Is a new approach needed to help the poorest Americans?

Mantel, B. (2014, January 24). Minimum wage. CQ Researcher, 24, 73-96

Lemons, Jane Fullerton (2015, July 17). Fighting Urban Poverty. CQ Researcher, 25, 601-624.

PRESS, EYAL. "The New Suburban Poverty." Nation 284.16 (23 Apr. 2007): 18-24. 

What Does Recession Mean for Young People. 2009 Report from the Economic Policy Institute.




The New Faces of American Poverty

Measuring Poverty: A New Approach

Measuring Poverty:  A New Approach

This free executive summary is provided by the National Academies as part of their mission to educate the world on issues of science, engineering, and health.

You may browse and search the full, authoritative version for free.

Constance F. Citro and Robert T. Michael, Editors; Panel on Poverty and Family Assistance: Concepts, Information Needs, and Measurement Methods, National Research Council

ISBN: 978-0-309-05128-6, 536 pages

Measuring Poverty: A New Approach

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Social Classes. Social stratification
Social Classes -- United States. Working Class.

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