Psychology: Reference Sources

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These books can be found, by the call number indicated, in our Reference collection located on the 3rd floor.

Reference Sources

Reference sources are usually items such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, almanacs or yearbooks that contain an overview of a topic or brief factual information that is generally subject specific.

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Accessing eBooks

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Why Use Reference Books?

Use reference books to:

  • Get an overview of your topic
  • Get ideas for a research paper
  • Find keywords to search with
  • Find important authors on your topic
  • Find important works on your topic

Reference works are a good place to start, but typically should not be cited in your research. The only exception is when reference works contain primary and secondary sources (like collections of documents and essays).

Call Numbers-Psychology

Want to browse the shelves? Here are the Library of Congress call numbers for Psychology:

BF1-990                           Psychology. General

BF38-64                           Philosophy.  Relation to other topics

BF173-175.5                     Psychoanalysis

BF176-176.5                     Psychological tests and testing

BF180-198.7                     Experimental psychology

BF203                               Gestalt psychology

BF207-209                         Psychotropic drugs and other substances

BF231-299                         Sensation.  Aesthesiology

BF309-499                         Consciousness.  Cognition

BF501-505                         Motivation

BF511-593                         Affection.  Feeling.  Emotion

BF608-635                          Will.  Volition.  Choice.  Control

BF636-637                         Applied psychology

BF638-648                              New Thought.  Menticulture, etc.

BF660-685                         Comparative psychology.  Animal and human psychology

BF692-692.5                      Psychology of sex.  Sexual behavior

BF697-697.5                      Differential psychology.  Individuality.  Self

BF698-698.9                      Personality

BF699-711                         Genetic psychology

BF712-724.85                    Developmental psychology

BF725-727                             Class psychology

BF795-839                         Temperament.  Character

BF839.8-885                       Physiognomy.  Phrenology

BF889-905                          Graphology.  Study of handwriting

BF908-940                             The hand.  Palmistry

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