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Library Policies

Bicycle and Skateboard Policy

Bicycles and Skateboards

Bicycle policy

Bicycles are not permitted inside the Library. Skateboards, hoverboards, and rollerblades are permitted inside the Library. However, skateboarding, hoverboard riding, and rollerblading are not permitted inside the Library and around its perimeter. If a bicycle is found inside the Library, every effort will be made to find the owner. If a skateboard, hoverboard, or rollerblades are left unattended, every effort will be made to find the owner, and Library personnel may move the unattended item to the Lost and Found located in the Reference Workroom. If the bicycle owner is located, they will be asked to move their property outside. Bicycle racks are located near each of the entrances. If the bicycle owner cannot be located, the MSSU Police Department will be called to remove the property. The owners of skateboards, hoverboards, and rollerblades should ensure, to help prevent injury, that their item is stowed away with their personal belongings to prevent themselves and/or other library patrons from intentionally or unintentionally stepping on it and falling. Library personnel reserve the right to ask skateboard, hoverboard, and rollerblade owners to properly stow their items to prevent injury.

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