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What is Full Search?

Still not getting the results you were expecting?

Try refining your results with options available on left hand side of your results screen. 

Boolean Operators

Use Boolean Logic (AND, OR, NOT) to combine search concepts.

By default, all terms in a Summon search are combined with AND:
teacher education will return results that contain both terms.

Quotation Marks (" ")
Put quotation marks around any words you want to search as a phrase:
"teacher education"

Use OR to expand your search:
"teacher education" OR "teacher training" will return results that contain either phrase.

Use NOT to exclude terms:
animal NOT dog will return results that do not include the term dog.

*AND, OR, and NOT must be in ALL CAPTIALS in your search.

Use the tilde character to find words within a defined proximity to other words:
"yeast bread"~10 will return results where the terms are 10 words apart or less.

The tilde can also be used at the end of a word to find similar words:
lead~ will also find wead, veade and tead.


Question mark (?) will match any one character

wom?n will find woman and women

Asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word

ch*ter will find charter, character, and chapter

temp* will find temptation, temple, and temporary

Note: Wildcards cannot be used as the first character of a search

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