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Important Information about Dates of Coverage

If dates of coverage are included in an entry for a newspaper, the source may or may not include all issues within the listed time period. Also, the dates of coverage were correct when they were added to the entry, but may have changed since they were recorded.

Missouri Historical Newspapers

The Library of Congress's web site, Chronicling America has a search engine that will identify what newspapers were available in a particular place and time for U.S. newspapers. Below is a list of Missouri newspapers.  To search the Newspaper Directory for other American newspapers go to the Chronicling America (The Library of Congress) website.

NewspaperEarliest IssueLatest Issue
The daily Missourian.
Columbia, Mo., 1916-1917
1916-08-02 1917-09-16
The Evening Missourian.
Columbia, Mo., 1917-1920
1917-09-17 1920-09-01
The Columbia evening Missourian.
Columbia, Mo., 1920-1923
1920-09-02 1922-12-30
Kansas City journal.
Kansas City, Mo., 1897-1928
1890-07-24 1899-12-10
The St. Louis Republic.
St. Louis, Mo., 1888-1919
1900-01-01 1906-01-02
The Jasper news.
Jasper, Mo., 1898-1924
1901-07-26 1922-12-28
The Holt County sentinel.
Oregon, Mo., 1865-1880
1865-06-30 1880-12-31
The Hayti herald.
Hayti, Mo., 1908-1922
1909-01-07 1922-02-24
University Missourian.
Columbia, Mo., 1908-1916
1908-09-14 1916-08-01
The Missouri herald.
Hayti, Mo., 1922-1990
1922-03-03 1922-12-29
The Montgomery tribune.
Montgomery City, Mo., 1892-1910
1900-09-28 1910-12-30
The St. Joseph observer.
St. Joseph, Mo., 1906-1932
1915-01-02 1922-12-30
Weekly graphic.
Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo., 1880-1949
1880-05-01 1896-12-25
The Sedalia weekly bazoo.
Sedalia, Mo., 187?-1904
1877-06-05 1893-12-26
The County paper.
Oregon, Mo., 1881-1883
1881-01-07 1883-07-27
The Holt County sentinel.
Oregon, Mo., 1883-1980
1883-08-17 1921-09-30
Kansas City daily journal.
Kansas City, Mo., 1892-1897
1895-01-01 1897-02-13
The Marshall republican.
Marshall, Saline County, Mo., 1899-1914
1900-01-05 1914-05-29

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