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Ozark Playgrounds Association Collection: Home

Special Collections, SC#13, Ozark Playgrounds Association. Papers, photographs and newspaper clippings dealing with the Ozark Playgrounds Association from 1928 to 1977. The association promoted tourism in the Ozarks region.

Collection Information

Collection Number: SC#13

Ozark Playgrounds Association Collection

1800s, 1928-1977

Collection Size: 
1 Box

Scope and Content

Papers, photographs and newspaper clippings dealing with the Ozark Playground Association from 1928 to 1977. The association promoted tourism in the Ozarks region.


Ozark Playground Association

The Joplin Globe

Rogers Arkansas News

Arkansas Gazette

Acquisition Information

Donated by Marie Kolb in 1979 and 1981. "The Ozarks Playground Association" history paper donated by James F. Barrett in 2005.

Preview the Collection

Preview the Collection

Collection Inventory

Folder 1: Jim Barrett paper

  • “The Ozarks Playground Association” paper
  • Written note from Jim Barrett
  • “Ozark Playground Region Tri-Lake Souvenir” paper

Folder 2: Ozark Playgrounds Association booklets, pamphlets and maps

  • “Playground of the Ozarks” map
  • 1951 – “Buyers and Shoppers Guide For Ozark Playgrounds Tourists and Members” pamphlet
  • “There’s more to do in Ozark Playgrounds!” booklet
  • “Happy Days in the Playgrounds of the Ozarks” booklet
  • “The Answer to Every Question: Who? What? Why?” pamphlets about the Ozark Playgrounds Association
  • “Is the Tourist Making Good?” Facts presented by the Ozark Playground Association
  • “The Fourth Ozark Smile Girl Contest – Rules and Purposes” booklet
  • “Happy Days in the Playgrounds of the Ozarks” pamphlet
  • 1945 – “Ambassador Playgrounds of the Ozarks” card (2 copies)
  • Playgrounds of the Ozarks Area “Poster Stamps”
  • 1932 – “Come to Minnesota’s Northern Playground” pamphlet, with note to copy and rewrite

Folder 3: Joplin Photograph

  • “Birds Eye View of the City of Joplin 1877” photograph

Folder 4: Photographs

  • Marie Kolb, Secretary, Ozark Playground Association at 31st annual meeting April 18, 1951, Vinita, Oklahoma, Receiving gift from “Frankhoma” by Arthur J. Black, M.C. (3 photographs)
  • Lake photograph
  • Tom Ayers, Field Director, Ozark Playground Association
  • Ralph Coughenour – President OPA Rockaway Beach, O.M. Bishop, Neosho
  • “Play in the Ozarks” Publicity Display, Convention in Fort Smith
  • “1936 Ozark Smile Girl” photograph, Glenda Marie Smith
  • Fishing Photograph
  • Boat on Lake (2 photographs)
  • 1949 – Convention – Rockaway Beach” photograph, George A. Spiva, Frank Volker, Marie Kolb
  • Group photograph with movie camera
  • Marie Kolb photograph (5 copies in envelope)

Folder 5: Articles by Marie Kolb

  • “Ozark Playgrounds” written note
  • “An Ozark – Hillbilly Quiz” article (4 pages)
  • “The Ozarks: A Subject for Writers” newspaper article
  • July 1932 – “’Behind the Scenes’ In the Ozarks” article (2 pages)
  • April 1947 – “Sports Review” magazine
  • June 1953 – The Ozark Mountaineer Vol. 1, No. 12, “History of Ozark Playgrounds Association” article
  • 1954 – “Ozark Playgrounds Association” ad

Folder 6: Marie A. Kolb letters and papers

  • Sept. 2, 1926 – letter from Marie Kolb
  • Sept. 2, 1936 – letter from Ed
  • Photographs in envelope
  • “Marie A. Kolb” papers (3 pages)
  • “Bill of Sale” paper
  • Sept. 28, 1936 – letter to Marie A. Kolb
  • Paper about Biddie Alton
  • Written notes (3 pages)
  • “Questions for Miss Kolb” paper
  • “Questions” rough draft
  • “M.K. Ozark Playground Assn.” paper (2 pages)
  • 1930 – “Ozark Playground Association” paper (3 pages)
  • Oct. 10, 1939 – letter photocopies (2 copies)
  • Aug. 26, 1969 – letter to Miss Kolb from Robert Markman
  • Written notes (2 pages)
  • “Out of the Bureau Drawers” letter and birthday card (in envelope)

Folder 7: Flaming Fall Revue

  • Nov. 7-9, 1933 – “Ozarks Flaming Fall Revue: Map and Schedule” pamphlet
  • “Ozark Playgrounds Association Flaming Fall Revue Contest” paper
  • 1938 – “Ozark Playgrounds Association: Flaming Fall Revue Poetry and Essay Contest – A True Story” paper

Folder 8: Joplin, Missouri booklets

  • “History and Development” booklet
  • Sept. 29, 1940 – “The 50th Anniversary” booklet

Folder 9: Miscellaneous documents

  • Miniatures
    • “New York Times” miniature newspaper
    • Jan. 4, 1883 – “Life: issued every Thursday” booklet
    • Aug. 4, 1895 – “Young Peoples Weekly” miniature newspaper
    • April 1, 1940 – “Life” miniature magazine
    • Jan. 4, 1883 – “Life: Issued every Thursday” booklet
  • “Hardscrabble Country Club” score card
  • “The Chamber of Commerce ‘Workshop’” newspaper clipping
  • Oct. 28-29, 1939 – “Annual Pilgrimage of the Ozark Writers & Authors Guild” program
  • 1933-1934 – “The Theatre Division of The Fine Arts League presents ‘Hell Bent For Heaven’ A Pulitzer Prize Play” program
  • May 23, 1941 – “The Mears Newz” pamphlet
  • March 26, 1954 – “Programme” Memorial Hall, Joplin, Sponsored by Over 50 Club Building Fund, Old Fiddlers Contest, Square Dance
  • “Grace Moore” flyer, Memorial Hall, Joplin, Missouri
  •  “The Caxton Printers” paper
  • “The American Tobacco Company” paper
  • “OPA Honors ‘Ollie’ Oliver At Meeting in Springdale” newspaper clipping
  • Aug. 23, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “208 Advisory Group Plans Water Pollution Meeting” newspaper clipping
  • Jan. 4, 1800 – “Ulster County Gazette,” Supplement to the Neosho Daily News, newspaper reproduction

Folder 10: Newspaper Clippings

  • “Look to the Hills for Best Flower Show” newspaper clipping
  • “Is This ‘Blackberry Winter’? We Don’t Know; Experts Are Disagreed” newspaper clipping
  • “Harold Bell Wright Writes Mrs. Spurlock About Her Book” newspaper clipping
  • “Flower Show in the Ozarks” newspaper clipping
  • “Noted Negro Scientist to Visit Birthplace Near Diamond, MO.” newspaper clipping
  • “Would Mark Historic Spots in Barry County” newspaper clipping
  • “Two Joplin Women Win National Fame” newspaper clipping
  • “Dawt Mill” magazine clipping
  • “Grace Moore Arrives for Joplin Concert” newspaper clipping
  • “Such a Summer” newspaper clipping
  • “Glorious Voice of Grace Moore Delights Large Audience at Hall” newspaper clipping
  • “Before the War” newspaper clipping
  • “Singer Escapes Mishap” newspaper clipping
  • Jan. 8, 1937 – “Formation of Ozarks Told” newspaper clipping
  • Nov. 4, 1937 – “Grace Moore Calm As Tire Blows Out On Speeding Car” newspaper clipping
  • Nov. 22, 1937 – Joplin News, “Grace Moore Arrives for Concert Here; Finds Happiness in Others’ Enjoyment
  • Nov. 23, 1937 – Joplin Globe, “Grace Moore, Noted Singer, Will Appear in Concert Here Tonight” newspaper clipping
  • June 2, 1939 – Photograph
  • June 6, 1940 – “Three More Noted Writers in County” newspaper clipping
  • Feb. 16, 1968 – Joplin Globe, “Ozark Playgrounds Group Commended by Legislature” newspaper clipping
  • June 13, 1971 – “Angling in the Archives” newspaper clipping
  • Jan. 27, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “Pottering Around” newspaper clipping
  • June 30, 1977 – Pottering Around” newspaper clipping
  • July 30, 1978 – “He Didn’t Own A Home Radio When He Was Made President of WMBH” newspaper clipping

Folder 11: Newspaper Clippings

  • “As business records bulge, archival services blossom” newspaper clipping
  • “Nation’s Notables Are ‘Panned’ by Will Rogers – Sage of Claremore Keeps Large Crowd in Uproar” newspaper clipping
  • “Miss Elaine Arendale of Springdale, Arkansas, Ozark Smile Girl and Mayor Arthur C. Maher and Ozark Playground officials” newspaper clipping
  • “Columbia Chain Broadcast Will Feature Joplin” newspaper clipping
  • “Gracious Living in the Ozark Playgrounds: Many Who Come to Play, Stay to Build” by Marie Kolb, Executive Secretary, Ozark Playgrounds Association, newspaper clipping
  • May 12, 1934 – “Art Exhibit Opens Monday at Library” newspaper clipping
  • July 10, 1939 – Rogers Ark. News – “Ediscope” newspaper clipping
  • Sept. 25, 1940 – The Joplin Globe, “Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood” newspaper clipping
  • April 14, 1945 – The Joplin Globe, “With Our Service Forces – 26 war casualties include 4 of Joplin; Allied Armies Push forward in Italy” newspaper clipping
  • June 8, 1947 – The New York Times, “The Rugged Ozarks” newspaper clipping
  • Sept. 15, 1950 – “May Will Leave Prison Next Monday” newspaper clipping
  • Nov. 23, 1969 – The Joplin Globe, “OPA Plans” newspaper clipping
  • Dec. 2, 1973 – The Joplin Globe, “Angling in the…: News of Half Century” newspaper clipping
  • June 23. 1974 – The Joplin Globe, “Kewpie Doll Collecting Grows in Popularity” newspaper clipping
  • May 29, 1975 – The Joplin Globe, “Joplin Deaths: G. Tom Ayes, Former OPA Director, Dies” newspaper clipping
  • Nov. 21, 1976 – “Angling in the Archives” newspaper clipping
  • Jan. 4, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “Maynard Durham (was field Rep. for several years)” newspaper clipping
  • March 13, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “Angling in the Archives” newspaper clipping
  • March 23, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “Southern at Mizzou For Twin-Bill Today; Life of Monte Ne’s Creator One of Fame and Frustration” newspaper clipping
  • March 24, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “By Texas Couple…Monte Ne Restoration Planned” newspaper clipping
  • April 2, 1977 – “Prominent Miami Civic Leader Dies After Long Illness” newspaper clipping
  • April 23, 1977 – “State Historian Recommends Connor Remains on Register” newspaper clipping
  • July 11, 1977 – The Joplin Globe, “Annual Renewal of Jesse James Days Scheduled July 14-19” newspaper clipping
  • “Ideas for Feature Stories, Ozarks” Envelope
    • Written notes (13 pages)
    • “Spurlock Book” newspaper clipping
    • “Mrs. Pearl Spurlock Booster for Region” newspaper clipping
    • “Butterflies Her Hobby” newspaper clipping
    • “At The Churches” newspaper clipping
    • “Miss Shepherd’s Work is Shown in Magazine” newspaper clipping
    • “To Preserve Early History of Section” newspaper clipping
    • “Reservoir Breaks” newspaper clipping
    • “Historic Marker Suggested for Tragic ‘Trail of Tears’ When Indians Left State” newspaper clipping
    • “Bottle Collector Attracts Attention by Unusual Display” newspaper clipping
    • “Mary Barnsley is Magazine Writer” newspaper clipping
    • “Rosa Z. Marinoni in 1933 Line Book” newspaper clipping
    • “Visitors at the Chicago World’s Fair from Neosho and Newton County” newspaper clipping
    • “New Ozark Novel” Newspaper clipping
    • “Landscape Painter Would Come Here; Writes To Field” newspaper clipping
    • “Bouquet for Walter Williams” newspaper clipping
    • “Local Poet To Write New Book’s Preface” newspaper clipping
    • “Installation of new officers” newspaper clipping
    • “Voice of the People” newspaper clipping
    • “Sad Stories from the Ozarks” newspaper clipping
    • “Fair Sidelights” newspaper clipping
    • “Marinoni Returns From Summer in East” newspaper clipping
    • “Other Points” newspaper clipping
    • “So Hollywood is Shown” newspaper clipping
    • “Humansville Good Town to be from” newspaper clipping
    • “Mrs. Frances Jacobi Heads Writers’ Guild” newspaper clipping
    • “Halsell Name On Memorial Commission” newspaper clipping
    • “Ozark Moon Writer Brings Out Volume Of Reprint Verse” newspaper clipping
    • “Shorter Railroad?” newspaper clipping
    • “Local Writer Author of Liberty ‘Shorts’” newspaper clipping
    • “Noted Arkansas Flier Visiting in Chicago” newspaper clipping
    • “Head of Hillcrofters” newspaper clipping
    • “Mrs. Marinoni Will Be Guest of Honor” newspaper clipping
    • “Marie Morris Rushing Has Poems Published, is ‘Moon’ Writer” newspaper clipping
    • “May Kennedy McCord Will Be Guest Speaker at W.R.B. League” newspaper clipping
    • “Chas. Morrow Wilson On the ‘Post’ Staff; Guest Here Few Days” newspaper clipping
    • “Ozark Writer to Hold Meeting” newspaper clipping
    • “Side Show” newspaper clipping
    • “Worlds Fairs’ Canes Will Be Made Here” newspaper clipping
    •  Rogers, “Casual Acquaintance Interests Nebraskan in Arkansas Ozarks” newspaper clipping
    • “Joplin Gets Pitcher From Arkansas Loop” newspaper clipping
    • “Writers of Ozarks Get Works Published” newspaper clipping
    • “Native of Lawrence County Gains World Recognition as Scientist” newspaper clipping
    • “Colorful Garb Predicted for Men” newspaper clipping
    • “Mrs. Kite To Lecture at Stephens College Next Week” newspaper clipping
    • “Locally Designed Linen ‘To Sail 7 Seas,’ Shown Here” newspaper clipping
    • “Book is Published By Mrs. Louise Thaden” newspaper clipping
    • “Charles J. Finger Honored Friday” newspaper clipping
    • “Chars. M. Wilson Here for Month; Writing Yell Life” newspaper clipping
    • “An Ozarks Columnist” newspaper clipping
    • “State Penal Board” newspaper clipping
    • “Mr. and Mrs. Fred Starr Announce Engagement of Mr. Starr’s Daughter” newspaper clipping
    • “’Personalities’ to be New Kuou Feature” newspaper clipping
    • “Mrs. Marinoni To Speak Here” newspaper clipping
    • “Baskets of Avoca Woman to go to London” newspaper clipping
    • “Dean Gray Defends Ozark Farm Lands” newspaper clipping
    • “To Study the Ozarks” newspaper clipping
    • “Book by Mrs. Marinoni, Who Will Speak Here Soon, Now in Library” newspaper clipping
    • “Novelist Catherine Brody Off for New York Today” newspaper clipping
    • “Missouri Literature at Ozarks Festival” newspaper clipping
    •  “The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University” booklet
    • 1950 Construction  Put at 30 Billion” newspaper clipping
    • Aug. 30, 1926 – written notes (5 pages)
    • Oct. 4, 1932 – “Huntsville Women Observes 100th Birthday Today” newspaper clipping
    • Feb. 7, 1934 – “Edward Stone Designs $60,000 House” newspaper clipping
    • 1935 – “May Kennedy McCord is an Authority on Ozarkian Folklore and Folk Music” newspaper clipping
    • June 18, 1934 – “Highways and Natural Beauty” newspaper clipping
    • Jan. 3, 1935 – “Mrs. Ada Check Succumbs to Pneumonia attack” newspaper clipping
    • March 24, 1935 – “Radio Poet Plans Bar D Publication; Visits Fayetteville” newspaper clipping
    • Aug. 5, 1935 – “France Takes Its Food Seriously” newspaper clipping
    • 1936 – “Springdale Girl ‘Bosses’ Ads For World’s Big Store” newspaper clipping
    • Sept. 13, 1936 – “Word Wisdom” newspaper clipping
    • Nov. 18, 1936 – “Tulsa Games Will Not Be Transferred” newspaper clipping
    • June 29, 1938 – “Ozark Scene, Hillbilly Dolls At Hot Springs for Nat’l Frat Meet” newspaper clipping
    • Nov. 4, 1938 – The Winslow American, “’The Wimmin Folks’ of Boston Mountain Range of the Arkansas Ozarks” newspaper clipping
    • Dec. 15, 1938 – Fayetteville, “J. Duard Marshall Has Art Exhibition in Kansas City” newspaper clipping
    • 1939 – “Plain Tales from the Ozarks” newspaper clipping
    • Feb. 4, 1939 – “Vance Randolph Studies Advertiser File ‘Ballads’” newspaper clipping
    • Feb. 30, 1939 – Fayetteville, “Book of Poems by Mary A. Davis To Be Published” newspaper clipping
    • May 10, 1939 – Joplin Globe, “Carl R. Gray, 71, is Fatally Stricken” newspaper clipping
    • Aug. 1, 1939 – “Noted Negro Scientist to Visit Birthplace Near Diamond, MO.” newspaper clipping
    • Oct. 29, 1939 – Arkansas Gazelle, “Rhodes Scholars From Arkansas” newspaper clipping
    • Dec. 10, 1939 – Arkansas Gazelle, “Interesting Arkansas People” newspaper clipping
    • Dec. 10, 1939 – Arkansas Gazelle, “On a Controversial Subject” newspaper clipping
    • July 14, 1940 – The Joplin Globe, “Ozark becomes Home of Louis Zara, Noted Novelist, Three Young Songs Having the ‘Time of Their Lives’” newspaper clipping
Back of Box – Scrapbook pages
  • "Miss Elaine Arendale" newspaper clipping, May 19, 1935 & photograph
  • 1930 Smile Girl Good Will Tour photographs

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