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Jack Oakes

Department Head

Program Mission:

The Computer Information Science (CIS) department provides opportunities for a broad undergraduate education in the many aspects of computer hardware and software. The program offers courses of instruction that develop a thorough understanding of current methods used in the design and implementation of computer based solutions.

Fundamental Values:

Pursuant to the department's educational mission, the faculty:

  • Maintains the currency of the curriculum through ongoing research and consultation with industry representatives.

  • Engages in professional development that allows its members to remain current in their fields

  • and to provide technological leadership to the university community.

  • Is committed to the success of its students, both during and after college.

Program Goals:

The Computer Information Science program will produce graduates who:

  • Understand and can utilize core information technologies.

  • Can analyze, design, and implement effective technology based solutions.

  • Have requisite communication and quantitative skills.

  • Work effectively as team members.

  • Are prepared to be successful in a multicultural-global society.

  • Are committed to lifelong personal and professional development.

  • Conduct themselves in an honorable and ethical manner.


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