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Print at the Library: Home

Before Printing and Resolutions to Common Problems

Before Printing you will need to have money on your LION CARD. Your account is opened automatically with a balance of $0.00.

Deposits can be made in four ways:

- By kiosk machine:  Kiosk is located on the library's  3rd floor next to the circulation desk. The machine is the dark green box (Lion Card Value Port) at the bottom of the third floor plan. It accepts cash only in denominations of $1, $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills. Minimum amount is $1.00. No change will be given at this machine.

- In Person: at the Campus Card Service Center, during office hours, 8am - 5pm. 

Online depositsFirst login to LioNet, then select the link to "Manage My Lion Card" at the center area. Minimum amount is $5.00 and there will be a $0.25 service charge for each deposit. 

-Charge to your student account: in the Bursar's office during the first week of the semester. Each account is reviewed for available financial aid prior to the charge being allowed. 


1. If the printers are not listed on your computer,  you can try and restart your computer or move to a different workstation.

2. If the default printer is not set to black and white, be sure to change it if you do not want to print in color.

   For black and white printing, it is charged 10 cents per page; For color printing, 50 cents per page. 

3.  If the document did not print, make sure the document is not oversized and the text of the document is within the page margins. You may need to resize your document in Word. 

4. If the GoPrint window does not pop up, make sure you check the up arrow down at the bottom taskbar and expand it to find whether the GoPrint icon is there or not. If it is there, you need to click it and enter your information before you can print out your documents. 

5. If you print directly from a web browser, nothing happens after you click the Print button. You can try these before printing:

    - Download the document to your local computer, or

    - Copy and paste the web page to a new Word document, or

    - Screenshot the page and save it  to Paint


After Printing

Once you print, your document can be picked up at the printer on each floor. 

1st floor: Circulation Desk

2nd floor: Computer Area

3rd floor: Reference Desk

4th floor: Government Documents Desk

Spiva Library can not issue refunds on your Lion Card. Contact the Lion Card Office for any refunds or discrepancies regarding your Lion Bucks account.

Printing Guest Pay at Station Instructions

  1. Click on the "Print" button which appears above the article.
  2. A print box will appear on screen.
  3. choose black & white or color printer.
  4. Adjust number of copies (if more than 1).
  5. Select page(s) to be printed, if not printing the entire document.
  6. Click on "OK" button.
  7. The "Go-Print" box will appear on screen.
  8. Click on "I am a guest" button.
  9. Click on box next to the job to be printed.
  10. Enter Release user: ex. smith
  11. Enter Release code: (# on the front of the Visitor card).
  12. Click on "pay at station" button.
  13. Go to Release station near printer at reference desk.
  14. Click on button with your name (ex. smith).
  15. Select job(s) to be printed.
  16. Print job(s) will be highlighted in red.
  17. Click on "continue" button (bottom right corner of screen).
  18. Scan the card (listen for the "beep").
  19. Click on "pay & print" button (botton right corner of screen).

How to Print at the Library

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