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MSSU LibGuides Policy Manual

LibGuide Policy Manual Introduction

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Missouri Southern State University

George A. Spiva Library

LibGuides Policy Manual


This guide provides standards, best practices, and guidelines for authors to follow when creating and updating guides, and will help create usable, readable and well-designed guides for the George A. Spiva Library. Guides should only be created if they have a specific curricular support purpose or meet other research or internal need. Check the Publishing Checklist to learn the minimum requirements necessary to create a guide.




The George A. Spiva Library develops and maintains LibGuide webpages to support the research and learning needs of the Missouri Southern State University faculty, staff, and students, as well as for internal library staff purposes. These guides are built on Springshare’s LibGuides Content Management System. All guides should comply with the URM Style and Content Guide to ensure a consistent look and feel across the Library’s web presence. This Policy, and any documents incorporated by systems, establishes shared expectations for the purpose, content, design, publishing, administration, and other elements to ensure positive impact for library information literacy to the entire MSSU campus community.


LibGuides are tools developed to deliver research and curricular support and learning objects to the MSSU community. LibGuides should have standard ADA online compliance and contain many different learning styles of visualization.


Libguides are maintained by the Systems Librarian. If there is an issue with a guide, the Systems Librarian will contact the creator of the guide to discuss any issues. 


All published and private guides are reviewed once a year to check for standards and updates. 

IV.New Guides

Guides should have a specific curricular support purpose or meet other research or internal need. Guide authors should consider whether their content is better suited for the main library website. If the content seems better suited to the website, contact the Systems Librarian. 


Authored and Updated: 

Kayla Reed

Systems Librarina


This site is maintained by the librarians of George A. Spiva Library.
If you have a question or comment about the Library's LibGuides, please contact the site administrator.