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EDU 630: Assessment of Student Learning (Augspurger): Week 8

This course is an overview of the current research, theory, and practice related to assessment and student learning.

Week 8 Overview

Welcome to Week 8! Whether you are on the Curriculum and Instruction degree path or the Administration degree path, each of you will work alongside teachers and staff in a coaching or mentoring role. Having a good understanding of the systems process to build instructional capacity through professional development, strategy implementation, data tracking with decision making, and provide quality feedback for validation and self-reflection within the context of a walk-through is essential.

During the week, you will read through the Week 8 Reading Resources and then complete the Assessment Walk-Through Assignment . This
assignment will give you experience providing feedback on the assessment process.

If you are currently pursuing the Administration degree, this is a process that can be replicated and applied at the actual building level under Domain 2 and counted as a Log Activity.

Chapter 7: Supervising Teaching, Learning, and People

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